Hllo everyone… as I was somewhat busy that’s why yesterday’s episode is short… so let’s go to story..
Sarla: tu meri pragya… meri lallu… tu… ( cries)
Pragya: haa maa.. I am your lallu.. maa… you don’t change.. still the same.. look you are crying like a opened tap… but one thing I become fat…
Sarla: pragya… u too change in behaviour.. but your brain and Mind are same.. they both hug and kissed..
Abhi: hllo.. mother and daughter.. as you both understand everything.. but look at everyone… aliya this is your sister pragya… purab do you remember her…
Bulbul: hllo what’s really happening here….. how pragya is their sister…
Purab is crying a lot… and goes..
Abhinav: I will clarify your doubts….
You all don’t knew how sarla reached here… as what happened in their life… as one day when me and preethu… we’re in returning journey from Amritasar… we saw a car crash… as we enter out…we saw sarla and purab .. at that time she is pregnant too.. we make her admit in hospital.. when she came to conscious.. we came to knew that there is someone more… pragya and dadi… but.. we can’t find them.. as they have no one.. so we brought her here and she become my sister… now look I got someone more in my family.. my angel pragya.. he puts hand on pragyas hand.. now you too in this family… abhi looks at her and smiles..

Aliya hugs pragya…
Aliya: now I got a di.. my di… after this much years… I got a sis.. she cries..
Pragya: I too got a cute sister.. alu..
Aliya: u too..
Pragya: no aliya…
Abhi signals pragya…
Pragya goes out sees purab.. she put her hands on his shoulder… purab turns and hug pragya…
Sorry pragya… sorry… I am not good brother… as brother loves his sister and wish to marry her… I am not a good person.. from the moment I see you I have some attraction towards.. I felt that that’s something special as I don’t feel for anyone… so I did a wrong… I am very bad… I can’t understand that you are my sister that’s why I attracted towards you..
Pragya: wiping his tears… purab… my Bhai… is any Bhai… cries in front of his sister.. it’s not your problem na… you are sasbse best bhai…
Purab: is it? Pakka… are you telling this just to make me good is it true na..
Pragya: haa.. baba.. your are duniya ki best Bhai…
Abhi: sorry purab.. you are the second best. As first place is for me…
Pragya: you… no my purab is the best…
Purab: Bhai… look now I have more strength as sister is with me..
Abhi: ohoo.. so you both brother and sister reached at this extend..
Pragya: haa.. what will you do?
Abhi; do you want to see that…
Purab: you both start your fight…
Abhi: fighting.. that too with this chashmish..
Aliya: Bhai… don’t talk anything against my di..
Abhi: so all turned to her side and me alone..
Sarla; beta I am with you.. abhi smiles and make pragya iriked
Preethu: I am with pragya…
abhi: preethu.. this is cheating…
Preethu: haa.. as you need your sarla maa na..
Abhi: jealousy…
Pragya: uncle then what about you…
Abhi : tell bappa your are with me..
Purab: bappa tell… u are with me..
Bulbul: bappa you are with my bhai na..
Abhinav: which means… I am in trouble now… right.. all laughs..
Pragya: maa… we need to inform dadi na..
Abhi: dadi… ya.. let’s do one thing we will give some surprise right…
Pragya: what surprise kadoos? All in loud voice kadoos.. pragya get trapped…
Pragya : vo actually abhishek ki naam.. kadoos is it good na..?

Abhi looks at her in iriked expression..
Purab: kadoos Bhai… purab gives hifi with pragya…
Abhi: don’t laugh… as what I tried to tell is lets go to meet dadi all together..
Purab: ya that’s good.. all reached near pragyas house…
Pragya knocks door…
Dadi opened..
Dadi:pragya… abhi.. thanks beta for dropping her.. and my blessings too… as for your birthday.. they sits..
Abhi: thanks dadi..
Dadi sees sarla…
Dadi: sarla… they all looked..
Pragya: what happened dadi…
Dadi: look sarla…
Pragya: Where… she is just in front of us.. look abhi..
Abhi: where dadi..
Pragya: dadi.. I think you have think a lot about her so it happens…
Dadi: look she is smiling…
Pragya: where…?
Sarla: bas pragya… bas…she hugs dadi…
They explained everything…
Purab and aliya hugs dadi… dadi kissed them…
Dadi : thanks abhinav and preethu… I can’t express my gratitude for saving and protecting them..
Abhinav: maa.. are you thanking me.. all enjoyed the night well..
Abhi looks at pragya: I wish fuggi… you may always be happy like this..
Pragya comes near him.. me too..
Abhi: how do you knew as I am thinking you?
Pragya; I knew it as..
Abhi: as…
Purab: hllo what’s secret going there..
Abhi: look now your duniya ki best brother is going to make trouble for our romance…
Pragya smiles..
Pragya: I will get something for everyone… abhi follows pragya as he knew all are busy in talk..
Abhi hugs her from back.. pragya turns.. kadoos what are you doing here?
Abhi: as my jaan is alone here.. so I think..
Pragya: so you think..
Abhi: I think to give a company for you..
Pragya: as much care for me..
Abhi: ya… that’s abhi… suddenly pragya kissed him on cheeks.. abhi get stunned… ( kaise ishq plays)
Abhi: fuggi what is this? As you suddenly kissed me.. I can’t really enjoyed it.. please one more…
Pragya: chee..
Abhi: what chee? It’s you kissed me.. as I asked one.. chee right..
Pragya: haa.. I kissed you to express my happiness.. you knew now I am the duniya ki happiest person.. you knew abhishek I got all the happiness back.. my family.. you.. now I don’t need anyone.. if I dead at this moment.. then also I will be happy..
Abhi shuts her mouth..
Abhi: fuggi.. don’t ever think about leaving me alone…
Abhi hugs her.. ( tu meri jaan hein plays)
Purab comes there..

Purab: coughs.. abhi and pragya gets away..
Abhi:purab mein bas water.. water.. just to get some water…
Purab: bhaiyya.. just stop this.. as I knew that you and meri sister is in some relation…
Pragya: no purab… nothing like that.. as you think..
Purab: pragya… as I was already in watching you and bhaiyya.. and I came up to some conclusion… now I get ready to a conclusion too.abhi and pragya get shocked. I am really happy for you both.. abhi and pragya smiles.. they hugs each other…
Abhi: purab.. but..
Purab: Haa.. I understand… I will not tell anyone…
Abhi: that’s my Bhai…
Purab:haa… stop buttering me.. I knew why you are.. haa.. I don’t like you.. there will be someone better than you for my bhahan… but as she loves you then..
Abhi: ohoo purab… he started to beat him.. they runs pragya smiles..
Pragya: I wish my life will always be like that.. but we don’t knew the play of kismath na…
Dadi: so in this night we all stay here..
Aliya: that’s good..
Dadi: abhi.. purab… you both can have that room.. abhinav preethu… you can take that.. me and sarla will in my room.. you all in pragyas..
Sarla: now all just go and sleep..
All went…
Bulbul and aliya are on two sides of pragya…
Abhis room is shown.. he can’t sleep.. as he wish to spend some time with pragya..
Abhi: may be she too … thinks.. so let’s go to her room that’s right..
Abhi check purab.. he has already slept.. abhi by covering on a blanket.. slowly move to pragyas room.. he slowly opens door.. he starts to walk like a cat by making that sound walks through living hall
Abhi; oh god.. I can’t see anything.. to see her.. I must do all this.. he slowly reached pragyas room… but abhi don’t knew that purab is also following his in the same way…
Abhi opens the door and reached near bed..
Abhi: oh god.. how I knew which is pragya.. I thought she didn’t slept look that chashmish.. by looking everyone.. I think this may be pragya.. he went near bulbul thinking pragya..
Abhi: fuggi.. fuggi.. just get up.. fuggi..
Bulbul gets up.. by hearing voice
Bulbul; Bhai..
Abhi: fuggi.. I just come out.. I wish to spend sometime with you..
Bulbul: what.. time with pragya which means that idiot purab ki douBt is correct.. something is happening between pragya and Bhai.. suddenly lights on..
Episode ends..

Hope you all liked it.. see you with next episode to see what happened after that lights get on.. thanks for all support and love

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