Hllo sweeties..I am back with story ( HARITHA) I am really happy to when I saw your comments.. you all don’t how much that value for me.. thank you so much.. for your love and support… in this story.. abhi is not a rock star and pragya is not a professor.. they are really different characters… then we need to knew who are they? For this lets move on to our story..
The story begins from krishnapuram village.. this is not to be called as village.. because it’s highly developed one.. they have all hitec facilities with them.. for this development there is a reason there is a man behind all this.. he is not head of the village.. one of the most important.. respectable person.. abhinav mehra..there is big house in this village where everybody goes for help its mehra mansion.. house of abhinav mehra. His wife is aperson who is lovely.. kind hearted named.. preethi mehra.. there is an another important characters in their life.. one Is dadi.. who is the real head of this family… and two other but the most important person’s.. they are children of abhinav… one boy and another a girl.. the boy who is considered his father has his lord… obey his orders.. who loves his family more than anything.. his name is Abhishek mehra…he loves his pyaari naughty sister bulbul mehra…

. this family is not ended by this character’s… there so many other characters related to them.. one is sarla Arora… who is working as a servant in this house.. but the people in this house is not considering as a servant.. for them she is a relative… she has 3 children.. they are purab arora.. and aliya arora.. in this family there is one more character tanu.. who is abhinavs sisters daughter.. she lost her parents at childhood…
It was a morning…
Sarla and preethi are in kitchen.. busy with preparation…
Preethi: sarlaji , please wake up abhi.. I have called him more than 3 times… he will only gets up if you call him..
Sarla: k preethu… is bhaiya( father of abhi) ready?
Preethi: tumara bhaiya has already go to town…
Sarla came with coffee to abhis room..

Abhi is still at bed.. wrapping a blanket around him.. she goes and opened the Window…
Abhi: maa.. have u reached? I am really waiting for you.. he touches her hand.. and opened his eyes looking at her.. she smiles..
Sarla: abhi… how much times preethu have called you..
Abhi: sarlaa.. from my childhood.. I was used with it… I can’t change it.. and my preethu.. she has no problem with it..
Sarla: what preethu? And twisted his ears..
Abhi: sorry preethumaa..

Sarla place one more coffee there and goes… he take that coffee and moves… he enters a room.. someone is sleeping on bed.. we can’t find who is that? Abhi sits in bed..
Abhi: meri lallu.. bulbul.. wake up.. bulbul… he takes dresses for her.. bulbul gets up… I have kept your clothes.. get ready and came out for breakfast… he starts to leave… he sees she is still at bed.. he calls her.. no responses.. he lifted the blanket.. no one is there. Only pillows.. bulbul laughs from his back..
Bulbul; sorry Bhai… I make u fool na…
abhi get angered and he tried to catch her… they both ran in the house..
Bulbul hides in her màas back..
Preethu; abhi what are you doing son?
Bulbul; ask maa this Bhai always behave as child..
Abhi: you… he tried to catch her.. she ran..
Preethu: this Bhai aaur bhahan is always like this…
They continue their hide and seek.. as bulbul enters into entrance.. abhi turns to enter there meanwhile he collides with someone.. they both falls down one above the other her dupatta falls on them.. ( sayarra tu sayyara plays) they both have an eyelock..she gets up..
Pragya gets up..
Pragya: you here..
Abhi: chashmish you..

Pragya: so you collide me intentionally… actually what’s your problem Mr.? Why are you always following me and irritates me..
Abhi: it’s really you who follow me.. look now you reached my house.
Pragya: if I get to knew this is yours I will not come..
Suddenly bulbul..
Pragya tu yaham.. it’s really a great surprise… they hug each other..
Bulbul: wait a minute.. how you come here? And do you knew my Bhai..
Pragya: look at abhi in anger.. ya I knew him very well ( fb shown…
As pragya along with her dadi came to this village with luggages.. they are standing in railway station.. suddenly a man came and hold knife on her neck..goons are there around him to catch.. she get shocked
The man: don’t try to catch me.. I will kill her… suddenly a man in bullet comes there.. and get down..
It’s nine other than our abhi
Abhi: k.. you can kill her.. pragya get angered.. abhi is coming towards her..
The man: don’t come I will
Abhi: I told you na you can do anything… as abhi just tried to catch him.. the man pushed pragya towards abhi and run.. abhi holds her.. they look each other..

Aasmaan tera mera hua
Khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan
Aasmaan tera mera hua
Saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara..
Scene shifted towards next.. when pragya was walking through road suddenly some one comes running..
Abhi runs following him and starts fight.. when that person started to move to pragya sides.. he grabs pragya and by using her he continues fight.. she look shocked and abhi runs.. as he miss him..
Scene shifted to next one.. when pragya sees abhi in road.fb ends.. as bulbul calls pragya
Pragya are you listening me..
Suddenly preethu comes..
Bulbul: maa this is pragya .. I have told you na..
Pragya : haa bulbul I am hearing.. Told you na.. my collegemate.. who gives me a real company there..
Pragya takes preethus blessing..
Preethu: bulbul why are you make her stand there..
Bulbul: uff.. I forget about it by seeing you.. pragya come..
Pragya: bulbul…
Pragya sits on sofa..
Bulbul: pragya how do you find me… why are you remain silent..
Pragya: uff… my good luck.. you give me time to spoke na.. thank bappa… bulbul smilies
Bulbul: k then tell me..
Pragya: I don’t knew this is yours house.. I came here to meet Mr. Abhinav mehra…
Bulbul: it’s my baba…
Purab and aliya came there.. they hides near the door and spies on what is happening there..
Purab; Alu.. who is that pretty girl?
Aliya: purab.. I have told more than 1000 times not to call me alu…
Purab: actually alu.. sorry aliya… that’s name really suits you more..
Aliya beat purab.
Purab: hey tell who is that angel.. look her chashma.. her eyes.. which is glittering.. look at her hairs which is dancing… look that cute smile… look that lips.. look her eyes is talking na..
Aliya; oh purab.. you starts your work bhai..
Purab: hey don’t make noise…
Pragya: bulbul..what are you doing now?
Bulbul: me.. just sitting in house… what about you?
Pragya; bulbul I have completed LLB
bulbul: what are you advocate?

Pragya: haa… I want to meet your dad…
Bulbul: sorry pragya he is at factory…
Pragya: but it’s very important…
Purab: so she is pragya an advocate.. so she will suit to my status na..
Aliya: your status.. actually I have a doubt..
Purab: k you can ask me.. what ever my sis.
Aliya: what’s your status.. just simply going by flirting girls.. and roaming around bhayya…
Purab: hey.. don’t underestimate the power of purab arora… he look towards pragya and smiles… pragya purab arora… our child can give name.. prarab.. or..
Aliya: purab.. you go to that much extend..
Purab: hey don’t disturb me. I just want to make a name to my and pragz child..
Someone calls him from back.. he suddenly turned and in shock.. bhaiyya..
Abhi: purab what’s going on here..
Purab: kuch nahim Bhai..
Aliya: family planning
Abhi : what?
Purab: actually aliya has some doubt in her studies I am just clearing that..
Abhi: u.. clearing her doubt.. when you started all this..
Purab: when I see her.. looking at pragya
Preethu:bulbul.. I think your dad Is busy today.. if it’s that much important then we can do one thing.. she calls abhi…
Abhi: haa preethu… abhi will you drop her in our factory and make arrangements to see your baba…
Purab: aunty don’t disturb abhi… he must have some important works.. I am free today I will drop pragya..
Preethu: k.. pragya.. you can go with him.. she gets up..
Bulbul:pragya are you going?

Pragya: don’t worry bulbul.. I can meet next time.
Bulbul: when?
Pragya: tomorrow.. actually me and dadi shifted to this place.. we have reached here before one month.. I am thinking about you when I reached here.. I thought to call you buy busy with doing arrangements..
Purab interrupts.
Pragya.. if you both talk like this then it’s get late…
Bulbul: pragya k then you go.. we will meet tomorrow…
Pragya goes to entrance.. purab signs aliya… they both goes in bike..
When pragya sits back of his bike.and when she touches his shoulder.. purab feels melted..
Aliya is watching all this and smiles..
They goes..
They both reached at factory…
Purab: pragya you just wait here.. I will check uncle is there or not…
Pragya sits there..
Purab comes.. purab: pragya.. uncle is on cabin. You can go and meet him.. I will wait for you till then.
Pragya: thanks purab.. actually I don’t knew this place that’s why I am troubling you..
Purab: no need of thanks. It’s my pleasure
Pragya goes…
Pragya : may I come in sir..
Abhinav is looking some files..
Abhinav: come in..

Pragya: sir I am pragya mehta..
Abhinav: no need to call me sir.. you can call me as uncle..
Pragya: actually uncle… I came here to meet you.. as I am working as an advocate in takurs company.. as I go through some files..
I am really shocked.. I don’t knew what to do.. as this is a problem for this village..from people’s of this village I came to knew about you.. she hand over the file…
Abhinav looks it and shocked..
Abhinav: is this all true..
Pragya:yes uncle..
Scene shifted towards abhis home..
Aliya bulbul and abhi is sitting in living room
Aliya: today you are looking so happy.. is that reason is pragya….??
Bulbul: definitely.. you don’t knew our friendship that 3 years of my college.. I enjoyed a lot.. that’s most beautiful moments of my life.. because I have no restrictions there.. you knew pragya.. she is really unpredictable…
Abhi: haa.. she is..
Bulbul: what?
Abhi : nothing..
Aliya: do you knew what is purabs stage after seeing her.. he has decided name for their child..
Bulbul: ohoo is he goes to that much… Bhai abhi is thinking something fb shows….
One day when abhi goes to gurudwara he sees a girl.. he couldn’t find her face… he hears what he talks to god..
Girl: oh god.. why are you keeping problem in front of you.. the day I landed here starts my issues.. it’s all because of him.. I really hate him.. what kind of man he is.. always fight.. is he is goon? I don’t knew.. god don’t make chance for meeting him again.. she prays and turned he sees abhi.. standing at her back.. ( in smiling face)
Pragya : you here… is anyone following you.. please don’t trouble me.. I don’t like such persons she leaves he didn’t replied…
But when she went out..
Abhi: chashmish… Hey you stop there… she stops..
Screen freezes in abhis and pragyas face..
Episode ends…

Hope you all like this… this episode is dedicated to my birthday girl ELINOR.. ?? MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY MY SWEET FRIEND.. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND FULL FILL YOUR WISH.. ????…

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      Hai varsha.. thanks for your comment… I am really happy.. I think she will be seem your wishes..

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      Thanks darlu.. chemistry pragya and purab Sound new.. I knew we can’t imagine such a pair… wait and watch what’s all going to happen

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    Sorry in advance for all the late comments you’ll be getting from me in a lil bit lol

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