Swaragini – Nafrat ki dastaan ( prologue )

Before i start i want to tell something.I am writing this ff being inspired by eva’s somjhota and risto ki dastaan.I know it will be nothing in a comparison to her writing..but after reading her this 3 ffs,i had a desire to write this plot.I am sorry eva for taking ur name…Forgive me for this disturbance .And i want to tell u that i like ur unpredictable writings.
Well let’s start with a prologue

In a lavish room,a man around 24 is crying vigorously sitting in the floor,leaning against the wall.He was holding a pic of a girl in his hand.
“Why did u do this to me??I loved u truly and u cheated me!!U r giving me punishment for the sin i never did.”

A girl entered into the room with a cup of tea.She had tears in her eyes seeing the picture in her husband’s hand.She wiped the tears and said,”Mom has sent tea for u”
The man looked at her with red eyes.He felt anger boiling in him.He went near her.She was trembling seeing his red eyes.He took the tea from her hand and poured it all on her hands.She screamed in pain as her hands got burnt.
“Scream as loud as u can…when ur sister will hear ur scream,she will feel the pain of my heart!”he pushed her saying this and went away.
She fell on the floor lifeless and cried looking at her burnt hands.
“I always thought u mother more than a sister.But u have played with my life,with my emotions.From now it will be hate in my heart for u.Forget the respect u had achieved from me”she said with a determined voice.

* *** *** *** *** *
In a hospital bed,a girl of 23 years is shown holding an unconscious lady’s hand.She wiped her tears and said to that lady,”My revenge is completed ma.For whom,u are in coma for 12 years,i destroyed their happiness.I didn’t fell weak in love,ur daughter didn’t fell weak.”
Another lady around 42 years came and holds her shoulder.She turned and threw herself into her arms.
“Why i feel that i didn’t do right?Why i am not happy maasi?”the girl asks the lady in between sobbing.
“U should feel happy,today ur revenge is fulfilled.They will pay for all ur tears.”the lady said patting her back.
“Yes i will not cry.Today my mother got justice.”The girl says wiping her tears.
The lady smirks evilly and says in mind,”Not ur mother beta,today i have got justice for all the betrayal.I will not let anyone live in peace.”
There is a clear sign of fire and determination in the lady’s eyes.

* *** *** *** *

In an office room a man around 25 years was sitting on chair with a tensed face.One of his employees enters into the room.
“Any information about her?”The man asked with hope.
“No sir,we r still searching her” the employee replied.
“Don’t ever show ur face to me without her information.Now get out.”the man told in anger.
The employee went out.
The man than took out a photo of a girl and speak with that,”I know u can’t do this.I have seen innocence in ur eyes.U can’t cheat anyone.U must have a big reason behind this”saying this he hugged the photo.
* *** *** *** *** *

The story will be a complicated one…don’t get confused.I will post first part within two days.Support me to continue or criticise me fo my mistake of starting the story.And once again sorry eva(Holding ears).(I will not write this if u say soo)

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  1. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Very nice continue to write!

  2. Awesome 🙂 waiting for 1st epi

  3. nyc epi

  4. Well.dear…this is similar to my samjhota 3 track..as in the hospital thingi..but I think other things r different….u r the one who started it..u continue..I’ll change my storyline..and keep writing..u r going to be better than me…..??

    1. Kk..no worries..i thought about my new track..u continue..my one is now totally changed..and different..hehehe..I’m actually unpredictable..?

      1. i am soo sorry…may be i didn’t notice the hospital scene on the prologue…was there the hospital thing in prologue??I am really very soryyy…r u angry with me?

      2. Eva pls start another ff…i love all ur ff.pls start samjhota..s3

      3. Eeee calm down..i did not give that hospital part in my teaser…and I’m not angry..i have another track..I’ll write on that..and Jas…i will start S3 soon ??

  5. nice, plz want to see ragini as lead, so many ff’s are their for swara, hope you consider my request

    1. both will be lead..as it is about swaragini

  6. Awesome… I’m waiting to know who is who…

    1. u will know soon…i am not able to keep suspense for long time as eva…i am very bad at that.

  7. I hope the first one is ragsan.. In nxt swara who cheats sanskar.. And last one is laksh

    1. let’s see…may be u r right…may b not

  8. Awesome plz continue

  9. Super…start asap

  10. Sooorrrryyyyy gud chaitali …… plz don’t stop writing ….. I’ll surely follow now onwards….. I even hope Eva wouldn’t mind at ur ff

  11. Nd make swara as main lead pls…

  12. Awesome

  13. plz swasan plz pure tellyupdates pe ragsan padhke thak gayi hu …hum log padhe to padhe kya

  14. Nice hope it’s swasan

  15. Nice and continue….

  16. It was good….

  17. It’s wonderful….

  18. Its v v interesting . Please write asap.

  19. woowwwww please do cont

  20. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Please continue dear…

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