Nafrat aur ishq ki anokhi dastan (Episode 1)

Episode . 1

It was a ravishing banglow… Banglow was fully decorated.. It was looking vry beautiful… In a beautiful decorated board it was written HAPPY 1st ANIVERSARY… Guests were ariving in the banglow one by one… A lady was on the gate to wlcm the guest.. She was wearing a traditional saari….she was looking so happy.. Y nt aftrall its her one n only son SANSKAR MAHESHWARI’S Aniversary party… Yeah the lady was non other thn SUJATA MAHESHWARI… Aftr her husband’s death he become her whole world.. The more she luvs her son she luvs her daughter in -law double.. Her daughter in -law is her best friend.. They used to share each n evry little things with e.o.. It seems all the guests were arrived.. She instructs something to guards n went inside the banglow where all the guests were waiting for the couple.. Their wait becomes over whn the light of the banglow goes off n a spot light entrs on the stairs… Their were the most beautiful couple holding each others hand.. The smile on their lips was making their pair more perfect.. She was wearing a beautiful red coloured backless gown..She was looking damm gorgeous in the gown.. He was wearing a red shirt n a black colour coat.. He was looking soo handsome.. His smile was making his look more perfect.. Any grl will flat on him.. Bt wht to do.. She is the lucky grl who stole heart of the bussiness tycoon SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.. They were coming down frm the stairs hand in hand… Whn they finally came in the hall all the guests strts wishing thm one by one… One of the guest came near to thm n hold the grls palm n gently kissed on her palm.. Sanskar fumes in jealousy seeing it.. Soon a grl too comes near them behind of tht boy.. She too wished thm..

Grl : (hugs sanskar’s wife) Happy aniversary mr. n mrs.maheshwari.. (looks at the boy who kissed on sanskar’s lady luv) Lucky bhai dnt continue ur flirting here.. Yes the boy was non other thn LAKSH…

Laksh : (places his hand on his luvlly sisys shoulder) Ragz wht non sense.. Hw can i stop flirting.. Can u live without water.. So gow can i live without flirting.. (winks at sanskar’s wife she smiles looking at him which was unnoticed by sanskar)

Sanskar was really pissed of laksh antics.. Cz he knws tht laksh luvs his wife madly..

Sanskar : (irritated) Guys can u pls stop this all.. (looks at ragini) i need to talk to u..

Ragini : (smiles) sure mr.maheswari

Sanskar : (to his wife) M coming mrs.maheshwari.. (to ragini) come to my study within 5 mins…

Aftr telling ragini to come he leaves to his study… Ragini too leaves behind him leaving laksh n sanskar’s wife Alone..

Laksh : (holds her hand) Dnt worry everything will b k..

mrs maheswari : (worried) I hope so lucky..

Laksh : yeah.. Evrythng will go according to our plan (smirks)

mrs. maheswari : (nervous) I hope so..


Ragini : (knocks the door) may i coming..

Sanskar : (smiles) yeah.. Sure..

She enterd the room n give some ppers to sanskar.. He carefully reads the ppers n smiles…

Sanskar : (smiles) Good job..

Ragini ; (smiles) Just sign it n evrythng will b perfect..

Sanskar : (sign the ppers n gives it back to ragini) Take care of it until i say (leaves)

Ragini nodded her head in yes n she too follows him to the hall whre all the guests were enjoying.. Sanskar joins to his wife.. Soon the lights got dim n a romantic song was playing.. Sanskar asks his wife hands to dance with him… She smiles n gives her hand to his hand happily.. They walks near the stage n strts dancing.. Some other couples joined them… While evry one r buzy n lost in dance they heard sound of the clock.. It was 12 AM.. Sanskar smiles n signals to stop the music.. He slowly whispers to his wife…

Sanskar : (whispers) Happy first aniversary mrs.maheshwari…(pecks her cheeks)

S.W : (smiles) Same to u my hubby.. (kissed on his cheeks) Happy first aniversary mr.maheshwari…

After wishing each other both gets down frm the hall hand in hand.. Sujju instructs something to waiters n withing few mins the cake was middle in the hall…. Sanskar gives the knife to his wife n hugs her frm back n holds her palm n both cuts the cake n feed e.o.. Sujju too feeds them n give blessing of her to the couple… N she tells waiters to give the cake to all the guests.. While one guest speaks..

Guest : So mr.maheswari whts ur gift for mrs.maheshwari… V r waiting to knw it (smiles)…

Sanskar : sure mr.sinha.. (signals ragini to come)

Ragini comes near to thm n handovers the pprs to sanskar n went to her place.. Sanskar gives gives the pprs to his wife.. She was looking confused.. She opens the ppers n gets a shock.. She looks at sanskar.. Whre he gives a smile to her… It was an eyelock.. Both were lost in their own world..

Their eyelock was broken whn again a guest speaks up…

Guest : Mr.maheswari whts on tht ppers… V r curious to knw the gift..

Sanskar : (smiles) mr.kapoor its my companiy pprs…(looks at his wife n hold her by shouldr) Now she is nt only my life partner.. She is my partner in KARMA INDUSTRYS too…

Mr.kapoor : wht u mean mr.maheswari..

Sanskar ; (smiles) Now she is 50% owner of KARMA INDUSTRYS… N owner of this banglow too…

Mr.kapoor : waoooo mr.maheswari.. Need to say u luv mrs.maheshwari a lott..

Sanskar : (looks at his wife) Yeah i luv her a lott.. She is my life.. She have given lotts of happiness to me.. N now she is gonna give me the biggest gift bigest happiness a wife can give to her husband…

Mr.kapoor : wht u mean.. Is mrs.maheshwari ????

Sanskar : yes mr.kapoor.. My wife is expecting.. Its been 2 months to her pregnancy..

Mr.kapoor : wow mr.maheswari.. Congrats to u both.. It means after 7 months KARMA INDUSTRYS will get its heir..

Sanskar : (smiles) I want a daughter just lyk her (looks at his wife) rather thn a son..

Soon all the guests congratulate thm n leaves the party… Laksh n ragini also leaves.. While leaving laksh shows thumbs to sanskar’s wife.. She smiles looking at him… Now their were only 3 person in the hall…. Sujju hugs sanskar cz she was really felling proud to her son..

Sujju ; (hugs sanskar) M soo proud of u my son.. U proved ur nt only a good business man.. Bt a good son caring husband.. N m sure u would b a vry good father..

Sanskar ; (cups her face) Its nt my goodness.. Its cz of ur parvarish mom… I still remember the day whn dad left us.. I was only 10 yrs.. U face lotts of struggle in ur life to brought up me.. U send me scl college… I saw u working hard to pay my scl fees… Bt i promise mom… My daughter will get all the happiness in her life.. I will give all her tht she wants… Most importantly she will get luv of her mom n dad both..

Sujju : (places her hand on his head) God bless u my son.. (looks at his wife) u knw wht my son is lucky to have u in my life… (hugs her) So mrs.maheshwari wht is ur gift to ur mr..

Sanskar : (teases) mom leave it.. I dnt think she have a gift for me..

Mrs. Maheshwari : (smiles) Noo.. Nthn lyk tht.. I have a gift.. M early waiting see ur expression aftr seeing my gift to u.. (smirks)

sanskar : (excited) waoooo.. I cant wait for gift mrs.maheshwari..

Sujju ; (excited) yes yes me too wants to knw whts the gift..

Mrs. maheshwari ; (smiles) Mom its too late u go n sleep.. U will get to knw about the gift tommrow… (looks at sanskar) i just want give his gift to him in alone..

Sujju : No prblem my bestie.. M going to sleep..

Sujju leaves wishing thm gud nyt. Soon they both goes to their room.. Sanskar went washroom for frshn up… He comes out aftr some times n found tht his wife is nt in the room.. For a while he got tensed.. He was realived whn he saw a chit on the bed he took it n read it carefully…



After reading the gift a smile appers into his lips n rush to terrace… He reached their n saw his wife… He goes near her n hugs her frm back m rested his chin on her shouldr… Bt to his surprise she broke the hug n turns to him…

Sanskar : (hugs her) so give me my gift mrs.maheshwari..

Mrs. maheshwari : (broke the hug) yeah sure..

Saying this she gaves a file ppers to him… He was confused..

Sanskar : (confused) whts this mrs.maheshwari..

Mrs. maheshwari: (no emotion) its ur gift mr.maheswari.. Just read it..

Sanskar looks at her n agin the file… He opens the file n read it carefully.. The file slips frm his hand n the pprs on it strts flying in the air…. He is taken aback… His eyes become red.. He was nt able to believe wht was written on tht ppers.. Tears strts falling frm his eyes continuesly.. He comes to his senses whn she speaks…

Mrs. Maheswari : (smiles) wht happn mr.maheswari.. Didn’t u lyk my gift…

Sanskar looks at her smiling face n comes near her n holds her shouldr tight..

Sanskar ; (unbelievable) whts tht haan.. Ur joking right..

Mrs. maheshwari ; (jerks his hands) No mr.maheswari.. M nt joking its truth.. I have aborted ur child..

Sanskar : (holds her shouldr again) ur child.. Is it nt ur child.. Its our child naa.. Den y u did this..

Mrs. maheshwari ; No mr.maheswari.. Thts only ur child.. I dnt want a child.. Spcly ur child.. U forced me to have a child

Sanskar : (angry) I never forced to u for a child.. Never.. U were also happy na whn u got to knw about ur pregnancy…

Mrs.maheshwari : No m nt happy.. Its just a burden.. In these past 2 months m just doing wht u n ur mom say.. (yells at him) Ye karo vo math karo ye bacche ke liye accha hai vo accha nahi hai… i m just pissed off.. M nt a robot to do as ur n ur mom’s according.. I need my freedom thts it…

Sanskar : (angry n holds her shouldr tight) Hw could u take this decision alone haa.. Hw can u killed my unborn bby…

Mrs. maheshwari: (tries to free her self) ur hurting me mr.maheswari..

Just leave me mr.maheswari

sanskar : No i wont leave u.. I need my answers… Y u did this with me.. Y u killed symbol of our luv..

mrs maheshwari : symbol of luv.. (laughs evilly) its nt symbol of our luv.. Whn their is no luv in my heart for u hw it could b symbol of our luv..

Sanskar : wht the hell.. Wht r u rubbishing aann.. If u dnt luv me thn wht all happen between us would never happens..

S.W : M nt rubbishing.. Its truth.. I dnt luv u mr.maheswari.. I was just having fun with u..

Sanskar ; if u dnt luv me den y came close to me… If u never luved me den u will never allow me to touch u.. (shouts) u will never allow me to get intimate with u..

S.W ; (laughs evily) M also a grl… Me too needs the satisfaction… Their r no rule tht says u will get intimate with the person whome u luv only.. N u were my husband.. I didn’t setisfied u.. I want tht thts y i never stops u frm touching me…. I just want ur property n satisfaction frm u.. I used to get satisfaction frm u as much as i need.. (smiles evily) n today i got ur property too.. N i have no intrest to become a mother of ur child never ever… U become blind in my luv n gave this property to me today.. Thts wht i wanted frm u mr.maheswari nt a kid to ruin my freedom..

Sanskar : (angry/broken) Hw dare u do this to me.. To my bby… If u need money also u should atleast tell me.. I will give u my whole property to u.. Y killed my child.. Kyun kyun kyun kiya tumne esa… (tights his grip on her shouldr)

Mrs.maheshwari : (tries to free herself) Leave me mr.maheswari.. Ur hurting me…

Sanskar : (angry) No u hurted me.. U killed my bby… U r a murderer… Just get lost frm here.. (yells in anger) Jaaao.. Chalijao.. Get lost infrnt of my eyes… Never ever show ur face again to me… I luved u frm the core of my heart.. Bt now i just hate u… Nafrath hai mujey tumse.. Till now u saw my ISHQ (love) towards u bt now u can see my NAFRATH (haterd) toward u… (leaves her shouler n pushed her) Just go away frm my eyes…. (shouts) LEAVE !!!!!

mrs.maheshwari ; (angry n laughs evily) hah !!! .. Who wants to b here infrnt of u.. Finally today i got wht i want… So m going to celebrate it… To celebrate my freedom…

Saying this she leaves frm their n sits in the car n drove off… Sanskar was shattered.. He saw she leaving.. He was broken.. His eyes were become red n his blood was boiling in anger… He sits the floor in a thud n looks at the sky n shouts…

Sanskar : (shouts) I hate u… I just hate u.. NAFRATH hai mujey tumse…

He shouts his heart out… Wht dreams he just saw for the bby… within few mins she broke all his dreams.. Hw was his life before he was so happy with her.. Bt now hw it becomes.. She left him all alone in a broken state…

—–To B Continue—–

who is sanskar’s wife ????

Whre is swara ????

Wht relation is between laksh n sanskar’s wife ????

Wht is coming next in sanskar’s lyfe ????

Is she really leave him or she will come back ????

To knw more keep reading NAFRATH OR ISHQ KI ANOKI DAASTAAN…

Next part after 10 august..because of my exams….

Credit to: samishi

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    1. I think his wife is Swara and she loves Lakshya so Sanskaar will get revenge on him by using Ragini and will then fall in love with her..

      1. I agree with u teja.. I hope there will be a love triangle between ragsan and swara

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  10. thats nt fair hw could we wait fr such a long time but for such an interesting ff i would love to wait nce start, lovely plot and suspence wht a dedly combination
    all the best fr ur exam

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