Nafrat aur ishq ki anokhi dastan (Episode 2)


Hi guys its Sammy ff.. i posting it on behalf of her?

#Part 2


precap- abortion..sanskar heartbroken


Sanskar is in his cabin (in office) nd was checking file…when he got disturb by a phone call….

Sanskar check the caller id nd smiles brightly while picking up the call…

Sanskar(on call): finally madam ko unke meri yaad toh aayi … finally she remembers she has one loving caring sweet handsome husband….

M.M- stop it na sanskar…????…btw i call u for an important news…

Sanskar: umm…i was guessing without any work why will u call me??u dont love your hubby?? btw what was the news???

M.M: Sanskarrrrrr??…stop your drama?…nd come before six pm…md if uh didnt come na then???????????…nd about news uh will come to know when uh will come home

Sanskar:??? fine fine..i will come…now my imp. meeting is there…will talk to u later?…byeee princess… luv uh????????

M.M: ?? ok ok…bubbye…??????? luv uh!! all the best?..

M.M pov:..

its been more than 10 pm but he didnt i will not leave him…nor tell him any news…huh! what he think of himself…i said him to come before 6 but he…urgghhhh….Mr. Sanskar maheshwari…i will not leave u?????? u just come home..i will not talk to u???????…..

after 10 mins…i listen the sound of car horn…i understand that sanskar has come….but i m.still very ??? angry…

he entered inside with fearful face..before he knew my anger…he look at me with pleading eyes..but i ignored him nd starting serving food to him…he understand nd quietly sit on chair…nd start having food…i was feeling his gaze on me..but i avoided it..he finished his food nd was about to talk to me when i ignored him nd go to our room….he follow me…

POV end…

Sanskar pov..

oo can i forget about her!! i totally forget about her order..nd get busy in meeting…md when i remember it was too late…..after dinner i followed her room….i was about to talk to her whem she cut me off…

“Actually princess…”

“huh! stup up? nd get lost from my room….today u will not sleep here??”…..

Saying this she throw pillow on my face nd sign me to go out…i quietly move..because i know her anger…..but i know she cant be angry with HER Sanskar for long time??????…..i smiled slightly nd leave to guest room…i throw pillow on couch when one paper fell down from that….i pick it up nd open it..nd what i see was just shocking??….my eyes r filled with tears with tears of happiness???… i was numb….i remember when she said i want to give uh one news….i started to curse myself??..for forgetting about it…

pov end….

M.M pov start..

“”oo gosh where i kept that paper”
i said this to myself while searching whole room…suddenly i remember that i kept that paper under pillow…that same pillow which i guve to Sanskar…..oo god…hope he didnt get that…..i ran toward guest room…..nd there was he….having the paper in his hand…nd was looking at me with teary eyes…. i take a deep breath nd was about to say something when he take me in his embrace….


Sanskar: why uh hide this from me…??

M.M: oo hello i didnt hide anything…it was uh only who didnt come….??….

Sanskar: I m sorry??? maaf krdo plz???????….

M.M turns her face…..Sanskar make her turn….nd look at her with pleading eyes…

Sanskar: soory na jaan…cant uh forgive your hubby…..uh dont love me??????

M.M- uff sanskar stop your melodrama????? fine i forgive uh…but this is last time….

Sanskar picks her up nd spin her…

M.M- areee ouch Sanskar what are uh doing….make me stand up…u know na i m pregnant…

Sanskar realizes…nd make her stand..

Sanskar: sorry sorry..woh actually papa bnne ki khushi me bhul gya?? solly…janu…u r kk na….

M.M: haha ya i m okkkk…?????

Sanskar hold her from her waist nd pull her nd leans toooo…………


Sanskar come out from flashback by hearing the sound of thundering…it was raining heavily..we can clearly see his tears in this hevy rain also….his eyes r red nd swollen indicating the pain he is bearing…??????

He wipes his tears????? nd go to his room….he saw his wife..sleeping peacefully on bed…his sat beside her…nd admires her lovingly….He touches her cheeks..nd was about to kiss her…when her remember what happened few hours back….
he quicky depart himself nd go to the window side…he was crying silently??????..nd was starting at the droplets of rain emotionlessly…he was feeling each droplets of rain is his tears??? the rain didnt bring
happiness but bring sadness tears……

he goes nd lay down on the couch..while staring his wifey….after some time he fall.asleep while weeping….?????


Mrngg bring a new day with all new thoughts with new happiness…but for sanskar it only bring a one more day of torcher…

he get ready nd leaves for office silently….


on the other side

#PARIS @8am

A grl is standing near a window.. She was wearing a short skirt n a shirt.. In her neck their was a pendant with a symbol of SS..(same as swara have in sr)Her hairs was loosed n were disturbing her face bt she was some whre lost tht she was nt feeling its disturbence… Their was no smile in her big eyes n her lips.. It seems she was feeling incomplete… Incomplete without someone… Some one who is vry close to her bt destiny played a game with her n took tht person away frm her… She took a photo frame n looks at with teary eyes.. She caresses the photos with lotts of luv…

Grl : (caresses the pics) I missed u…

While she was crying she heard a nock on her door.. She wipes her tears n opens the door.. A servent was their..

S : Bby mdm n sir is calling u for b.f…

Grl : M coming..

Aftr sometimes she went to dinning area for b.f.. A lady n a man was sitting n waiting for her… Both of thm looked at her with pleased eyes.. Bt she ignored thm n sit.. Servents serve b.f for thm… The man was nt able to bear the silence on the dinning table so he speaks..

Man : (to lady) Ap tell ur daughter tht v r really sry…

Ap ; (sad) v did a mistake dp..

Grl : (angry/sad) Mistake.. Irs nt a mistake mom.. Its a sin..

Tears strts falling frm ap’s eyes… The grl saw it n felt really bad..

Dp : no princess v did it for —

grl : (cuts his words) no dad.. U did a sin.. U seperate a kid frm her mother for ur — (stops n get up frm the chair) i hate u dad.. I hate u…

Saying this the grl runs to her room while crying..

Ap : Shona pls listn.. SHONAA!!!

Ap strts crying badly.. Dp saw her n goes near her to console her…

Dp : dnt worry evrythng will b fine soon. She will forgot about all these soon…

Ap : i hope so.. Bt i knw its nt easy.. As her mom i can understood her feelings… She is really angry on us.. I want my bubbly shona back.. I cant loose her… (pleased) for shonas shake try to call them n find whre is she…

Dp : wht u think.. I dnt care about my shonas feelings.. I tried to call thm lotts of times bt.. Dnt knw where r they.. N hw is she…

Saying this dp hugs ap :-D.. Aftr sometimes dp leaves for his office n ap went to see her daughter..


Ap entrs the room n saw her daughter was crying.. She was lying on the bed holding a picture of 1-2 yr bby grl.. The grl was looking soo cute she was having the same big eyes n big cheeks as her.. Ap goes near the bed n places her hand on shonas shouldr..

Ap : shona..

Hearing ap she gets up n hugs ap tight while crying..

Shona : mom pls bring her… Y u didn’t stop dad doing tht.. She is a part of me mom.. M incomplete without her… Mom pls..

Ap hugs her tight.. Tears were falling frm her eyes too.. She caresses shonas hairs.. With lotts of struggle she makes her sleep.. She makes her lye on the bed carefully.. She caresses her face n kissed on her forehead.. She looks at the pic n den shona who was in deep sleep.. She caresses the pic.. Tears were falling frm her eyes.. She kissed the pic..

Ap : (kissed the bby grl in tht pic) i missed u.. N m really sry for wht happn dat day..

She kept the pic under shonas pillow.. She looks at the wall of room.. Their were lotts off pics of the same grl..she wipes her tears n left the room…


Ap n dp was waiting for shona in dinning table.. The servent comes runing frm up stairs which make ap n dp shocked n confused…

Dp : wht happn ron..

Ron : Sir bby was nt in room..

Ap : wht.. Hw does it possible.. Is she nt opening the door..

Ron : no mdm bby’s room door was opn.. Bt she was nt their..

Dp : whtt..

Aftr listning ron both runs to her room.. They entrs the room n yes their shona was nt in the room..

Ap : Shonaaa!!! Whre r u beta..

Dp saw a letter frm the bed.. He took it n reads..

Dp : (read the letter) M sry mom n dad… I dnt knw m doing right or wrong bt m going to find her… Yes m going to india.. I will find her n will surely come to paris to u both.. N i will miss u both.. Urs shona…

The letter falls frm his hand..

Ap sits on the bed with a thud..



Shonas flight landed on mumbai airport.. She comes out frm the airport with her luggage.. She took a taxie n goes to a hotel.. Taxie stops infrnt of the hotel.. At the same time sanskars car stop infrnt of the same hotel.. Before him she gets down frm the taxie.. He gets down frm the car n turns to her bt she bends to give money to the taxie driver.. Aftr giving money she turns to him bt he gets inside the car to get a file.. She goes to enter the hotel.. She enters the hotel n goes to reception.. He was coming behind her… He too goes to reception.. Bt before he could see her She took the keys n left to her room.. He aks someone’s room nbr n left to his direction.. Both goes to different directions…

Prcp – sanskar n shonas hit n miss.. Sujju gets to knw about her DIL have abort the bby..

wht will b sujjus reaction whn she gets to knw about the reality ??

Will sanskar b able to overcome frm all this hurdrels ??

Who is the kid in tht pics ??

Wht is the relation between the kid n shona ???

Will sanskar n shona b able to meet ???

Hope u liked this part too.. V r really happy to see ur response for part 1.. Same way do read it n shower ur luv through comnts.. N try to guess all the answers.. V want lottts of comnts… Otherwise u wont get next part.. :-D:-D:-D


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    1. Wait!! Dear i guess uh r mistaken….my ff is purely of swasan….i cant even think to kake rag…..san….yuckkk i hate them…they r purely bhai behen jodi….uh have checked the previous update…have uh checked the intro?? In that it was clearly written… ragini is sanskar muh boli behen?…nd laksh real sis??….

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