nafarat junoon aur mohabbat (Prologue)


Character sketch

Arjun mehra(25years)

A billionaire businessman with a very strong determination. He is capable of doing anything of his loved ones. .He owns and controls a huge business empire. At the age of 25 he has achieved a lot and has many friends and enemies. With all this richness and dashing personality he looks like a Greek God , there are super models and most beautiful women who desired him and are falling at him & in his bed.

Radhika mishra (17 yrs)

A beautiful and sweet girl who has been protected from the outer world by her grand mom.
Her parents died in a flight crash when she was only 7. since then its only her grandma. she has only gone to school and. has never had a normal school live she was always shielded with very protective people all her life .


Radhika has completed her school with flying colour. she was a girl of great dream . these are the only remains of her parent in her life .her dream were nt hers but her fathers. Her parents had love marriage , and her paternal grandparents did not approve of it thus she had never been there and didn’t anybody from her father’s relatives .
she had only her grand mom after her parents death . her grandma always shielded her from the cruel world . rads wanted a free and liberated life but the old lady never let here that way because she never wanted her child to see cruelty .
The old lady had grown old now and she feels that she has to make certain decisions for her precious possession in this world alone if her time come.

Let check out with rads what her grandma had decided for her future , and how a ruthless businessman makes a troll in her life.

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