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Nadaan Parindey 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer being shocked to see Malik. Mangal says he is Malik, my old friend, he is a big businessman and came to meet me, so I brought him here to make him meet Meher. Malik says I came here for business. Bebe says its good you remember your friends. Malik says I find happiness on the world. Sameer thinks why did Malik come here, what mistake did I do. Malik blesses Meher and says she was of 5 years when I came here last time, she used to be very naughty. Mangal says she did not change and is still the same. Meher smiles and leaves. Malik says don’t know what she will do now. Mangal says we have given her to Sameer now, he will take care of her. Malik asks him to find about guy first as Meher should always be happy.

Mangal says he is Bebe’s son. Malik sees Bebe and

says you are Balwir Parjai, did you identify me. Bebe looks at him and says I think I saw you before. Sameer gets tensed. Malik says I ate at your house, at Atwal Sahab, your husband. He says you were pregnant at that time, and even then you cooked a lot. Bebe says yes, maybe you gave me Kashmiri shawl. Malik says yes and praises Bebe. He says then I was sad hearing about your husband, but he died in the army war. Bebe gets tears in her eyes. Malik says sorry Mangal, I will come from Bebe’s side now, from groom’s side, I know Sameer, I met him before he was born. Sameer gets angry. He says be cautious from me and smiles. Sameer looks at him.

Sameer walks towards him and touches his feet. Malik smiles and says yes, if you want Meher, you have to bend to me, where will you go from me. Bebe asks him to have breakfast. Malik says I want good food from your hands. Mangal says you changed, Nimmi also cooked food. Malik says I will eat that at night, I m not going from here so soon. Bebe says why not and asks Meher to help her. Malik looks at Sameer and leaves. Everyone have food and Malik likes the food a lot. He shares his foreign trips and says about Malaysia. Everyone have a laugh.

Malik asks Sameer why is he not eating. Sameer says I m done. Purab comes and meets Malik, Mangal’s friend. Mama says this is my son Captain Purab. Malik looks at Purab and smiles. Purab shakes hands. He asks Meher and Sameer to come with him after having food, as he has to talk about the attack on Baba. Bebe asks did he become conscious. Purab says not yet. Meher says I prayed for him. Purab says we can get all answers from Baba once he gets fine. Mama asks what do you mean. Purab says why will anyone kill Baba, he did not have any enemies.

Purab says Sameer was foolish to kill Iqbal else I would have known everything. Malik asks who is this Iqbal.Mangal says who attacked Baba. Malik says who is he, from which village. Sameer asks Purab where he has to go. Purab says with me, come I will tell you there. Sameer tells Bebe that he and Meher will go with Purab. They leave. Purab brings them to the Dargah and asks Sameer and Meher to enact what all happened. He sees Meher holding Sameer’s hand and is angry. Meher asks why did we come here. Purab says take your position. Sameer is tensed and asks is this necessary. Purab says why, did your love for Baba is gone, don’t you want to know why did Iqbal stabbed him, Meher says yes, let me think. She recalls the incident and takes her position.

Purab asks where was Sameer. Sameer says I was praying there when it happened, then I came here. Purab asks him to enact and show. Purab asks him about Iqbal. Sameer says where you are standing. Purab wants to make things clear and cross questions Sameer. He asks Sameer to come like Iqbal came and take his position. Sameer gets miffed but agrees. Purab asks when did he take Iqbal’s name. Meher says when Sameer went to stop him. Sameer thinks did Purab understand Maseeta took my name.

Purab says why did he take his name when he saw Sameer, he should have taken Sameer’s name seeing him. Meher thinks. Sameer says if he knew me, he would have taken my name. He did not know me, Purab says then why did he take his name. Sameer says Baba asked his name and he replied Baba. Meher says yes, Baba asked his name and was smiling. Purab smiles and says he was a fool, Baba asked his name and he told him. Sameer says do we know he said his real name or random. Purab asks what do you think. Sameer says he knows it. Purab says fine, I will go to his dead body and ask, if you did not hurry that day, we could have asked him.

Sameer says he was hurting Meher, she could have died, would I let her die like this, if you were in my place, what would you do. Purab is speechless and goes away. Sameer asks Purab why is he quiet. Purab says why did you kill him. Sameer says Meher and her happiness is important to me, if anyone hurts her, I will kill him and I did this, I will do this again too if this happens in future. Meher smiles. She says lets go now. Purab says matter is not straight as it looks and I will find the truth, when Baba gets into senses, he will answer all questions. Sameer says I m also waiting for that day. All the best, I m sure you will soon find the truth. He leaves with Meher. Purab looks at them and thinks once Baba gets conscious, all truth will be out what happened that night.

Sameer asks Malik to come and meet him. He leaves. Purab sees him and goes to follow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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