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Nadaan Parindey 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maseeta keeping the message on the food basket. Sameer sees him and holds Meher’s hand to take her to have food. Meher smiles and shows her trust on him. She says you are my shield. Sameer feels ashamed. She says lets go. He says give me the basket. She says no, I will take it, come. Channi and Nimmi talk about Baba, why did anyone stab him, he is a simple man, maybe he got mistaken and stabbed. She says if anything happens to Baba, Bebe will postpone the marriage. Channi says yes, we can pray that Baba gets well. Purab comes and is shocked to know about Baba. He says I don’t know anything, what happened.

Channi says you just came, someone stabbed Baba. Sameer and Meher were there, Meher has seen that man and they took him to hospital. Purab says how did this happen

if Sameer was there, did he not stop the man, he loves Baba. Did that man get caught? Channi says no. Purab says no, I have to talk to Meher, this can’t happen. Channi says she is at hospital. Purab says I will meet her. Meher and Sameer sit to have food. He looks for the message while she is busy in talk.

He says I did not care for anyone except you. Meher says I did not wake up. She says its good Baba got fine, else I would have not forgiven myself. He says anything can happen, he is still in danger. She says I trust the Lord. He coughs seeing the message to kill Meher too. She says I will bring water. She sees the message in his hand and looks on. She asks whats this, show me. She takes the chit in her hand and he gets tensed. She reads it. She says its in urdu and he gets relieved. She asks how did this come in my bag. He says show me and reads it, to kill Baba and Meher at the earliest. She asks do you know urdu. He says no, I don’t, maybe it fell from Dhaba.

Maseeta looks at them standing far. Sameer sees him and asks her to have food as he will go and meet the doctor to confirm whether they informed police about Baba being conscious. Meher says come soon. Sameer asks why are you afraid, whether I will come or not. She says no, till you come back, if I don’t be here. She smiles. Sameer says what happened, you trust me and not you. She says I trust only you, now go. Sameer says nothing and goes. He looks at Meher and goes in the hospital building. She smiles looking at him.

Sameer beats Maseeta and asks did you sell your mind, what is your problem, he was talking about Allah, Maalik, why did you stab him, you have put the letter in Meher’s bag, we would have got into trouble. Maseeta asks him to do what Malik is asking him to do. He says don’t shout on me, I m doing what Malik said, he asked me to pass this message. Sameer says see you take care of yourself, I will manage here. He says I did every mission, and will do this too. Maseeta says do this on time. Sameer says police came for Baba’s statement, just go, Meher will identify you, Sameer leaves.

Maseeta gets Malik’s car and says he will not kill Baba and Meher. Malik asks Maseeta to kill Meher before she points finger on him. He says I did not have this hope from you Iqbal. He gets angry and says lets see Meher first then I will talk to you. Purab meets Meher and asks her everything what happened. She says Iqbal. She says ask Sameer, he was standing behind, he might have heard. Sameer comes and says Baba is fine, but…. Meher asks did police come. Sameer says leave this, have food now. Purab looks at Sameer’s reactions.

Purab asks Sameer why did he go to Baba at that time. Sameer says I just went. Purab says what did you talk, if Baba gets conscious, he will tell. Sameer says he is not out of danger. Purab asks why. Sameer says he is in senses and better, but doctor did not say he is out of danger. Purab says I will go and talk to Baba. Meher says I will also meet him. Baba gets unwell and Meher gets worried. Sameer asks Meher to go and call the doctor. Purab says he is really unwell. Meher goes to call the doctor.

Maseeta holds her with a knife and she shouts Sameer and Purab. Sameer and Purab are shocked hearing her and run out. Purab comes there and aims a gun at him. Sameer is tensed. Purab asks who are you, stop. Meher says he has stabbed Baba. Purab asks why did you stab Baba, who has sent you. The police comes and aims at Maseeta. Sameer slowly comes there. Maseeta says I will not leave her, she will come with me. Sameer thinks they should not get Maseeta. Maseeta says lower the guns, else I will kill her. Sameer catches Maseeta and kills him. Purab says no, I wanted him alive. Meher says Iqbal died. Sameer says I killed Iqbal.

Purab says I wanted him alive, being an army man, can’t you follow orders. Sameer says I want Meher alive. Purab frustrates. Sameer holds Meher as she slips and they have an eyelock. Tu mujhe ……………….plays……………….Purab looks at them and fumes. She says I m fine. Sameer cares for her feet as she got hurt. Tum hi to ho…………..plays…………. Sameer thinks till when will I run, I have to accept that I love her. I can die for Meher, and can kill anyone, my life is hers now, I have kept my head on her feet.

Malik comes to meet Sameer and talks to him about Meher. He asks him to kill Meher.

Update Credit to: Amena

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