Nadaan Parindey 3rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher waking up by a bad dream seeing Malik’s man stabbing her. Bebe consoles her and asks what did she see, who was killing her in dream. Meher says Iqbal. Bebe says no one will harm you, dreams are not in control. She says no bad thing can come in this house, no Iqbal can harm us, don’t be afraid, I m with you, now sleep. Sameer waits outside the ward and gets Malik’s call. Malik scolds him. Sameer says Maseeta is not in control. Malik says even you did not give any result. Is Baba alive. Sameer says yes, but he is critical. Malik asks why is he shaking, is he changing. Malik says I trust you so I have sent you. Sameer asks what to do now.

Malik says great, listen to me now, of Baba gets his senses, then kill him, he has seen Maseeta, even Meher saw him, so

she is dangerous to us, if she tells police then, she heard your name too, kill her too. Sameer is shocked. Malik asks will you do this. Sameer says yes. Sameer comes to Baba and holds his hand. He thinks of Baba’s words. Sameer says what did you want to tell me, and explain me, I felt you know everything about me, more than myself. Meher comes to him. Sameer asks what happened, why are you here. Meher says I was afraid. He says you should have not come alone at night.

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She says you are always with me, where am I alone. She hugs him. Sameer controls himself. He asks why did you come back. She says I was afraid, I felt someone will make you away from you, but I knew now I m with you, so no one will harm me now, you are my shield. Sameer thinks of Malik’s words to kill Meher. Its morning, Meher sleeps in Sameer’s lap. The nurse asks him to take her out, as these are rules. Sameer sees her sleeping and is disturbed.

He takes Meher out lifting her. He takes a white cloth too. He makes her lie outside and looks at her. Bebe comes and sees her sleeping. She asks how is Baba. Sameer says he did not get senses, we have to wait. Bebe says he will be fine. Bebe says see she is sleeping like a kid, she saw a dream that someone is killing her. She says when I woke up, she was not at home, I knew she will be here with you, I hope Baba gets fine well. Bebe asks them to have breakfast. Sameer says later, be here with her, I will talk to doctor and come. Bebe sits by Meher.

The nurse says Baba is conscious now. Maseeta hides his face and keeps an eye. Sameer runs to Baba and falls. His phone falls and breaks. He takes the sim ad throws it. Sameer comes to Baba.

The doctor says he is out of danger now. Baba talks to Sameer and asks is he fine. Sameer says you scared me. Baba talks to him in indirect words. Sameer asks won’t you ask the culprit is caught or not. Baba says its not his mistake, if he gets saved, its good. Sameer asks what are you saying. Baba says even he has a family. Sameer thinks of Baba’s words. He thinks what will he get to kill Baba, its not his mistake. Malik is angry as Sameer is not answering. He calls Maseeta and asks him to tell Sameer to kill Baba and Meher at the earliest.

Meher wakes up. Bebe says get up. Meher says I was inside. Bebe says Sameer would have lifted you and brought you here, he went to doctor. Meher says I will go. Bebe syas no, he asked you to have food first. Meher asks Bebe to go to Dhaba. Bebe says have food and then go home. She leaves. Maseeta sees Meher and thinks what to do, he has to give Malik’s message and writes it on paper. Sameer is shocked seeing him, Maseeta keeps the message I the food basket. Sameer says foolish man.

Maseeta takes Meher. She says he is the one who stabbed Baba. Purab comes and aims a gun at Maseeta and asks why did you kill Baba, who has sent you. Sameer hides seeing Purab.

Update Credit to: Amena

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