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Nadaan Parindey 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab aiming a gun at Iqbal and saying Meher is just mine, you can’t take her from me. He shoots him. Its Meher’s dream and she shouts Sameer, she says he has killed my Sameer and runs. Malik gets tensed. Nimmi says she spoiled our sleep, her patphere is done now. She runs to Bebe’s house and asks Bebe to open the door. She asks Bebe to open the door fast and bangs it crying. Bebe opens the door and asks what happened. Meher says Sameer is dead, save him. She runs inside and sees Iqbal, assuming him to be Sameer, fine. She smiles and hugs him crying. Everyone come there and see her. She asks is he fine, did anything happen to him. He says I m fine, calm down.

Mangal says she had a bad dream that someone killed Sameer. Malik says it happens. Channi says yes, pray

and then sleep, everything is fine here. Channi asks who shot Sameer. Meher looks at Purab. She says I did not see his face. Iqbal says are you mad to come like this. Meher asks Mangal to go, as she will be here, she is worried for Sameer. Mangal says fine, be here, bad dreams troubles sometimes. Mangal says lets go Malik. Malik asks Iqbal to take care of Meher well. Channi asks Meher to go Gurudwara in morning. Meher looks at Purab.

Iqbal says lets go to our room. Bebe says now I understand why you did this drama. Meher cries and says it was a dream but looked reality. Bebe says I don’t want to hear your story. Meher says let me be with him. Bebe says I m doing this for your good, come. Meher says what good. Bebe holds her hand and takes Meher. She brings Meher to her room. She asks Meher to sit and pray for Sameer. Bebe says don’t try to read my mind, do as I say. The senior official gives the top secret file to his colleague and ask him to keep it very safe.

Malik calls Iqbal and says he has good news and bad news. He says the good news is Purab got suspended. Iqbal smiles. Malik says the bad news is some special thing is being shifted. Iqbal asks him to get the file from informer. Malik says they won’t. Iqbal says so they are shifting our file. Malik asks him to get the file tonight. Iqbal says we have to do something about these two women. Meher cooks and Purab comes to her.

He says I feel sad seeing you like this. I know you felt bad but I was saying it form heart, I m warning you. She acts rude and asks him to leave. Purab says is this marriage, do you have any pic or certificate. He says you are still free. She says don’t dare to come in between us. He says this is not that Sameer, can’t you see. Meher says stop it now, else I will slap you. She taunts him and says you just lust for me, there is no love in your heart. He says what did you say this, if you can’t understand my love, don’t insult it. He says stop following me, if I tell this to Mama, he will not leave you.

He holds her hand and says come with me now, lets go and tell him. She says leave my hand. He says I won’t, call anyone you want. She says leave it, if Sameer sees then. Iqbal comes there and asks Purab to leave Meher’s hand. Purab leaves her hand. Iqbal asks Meher to go up. Meher leaves. Iqbal asks Purab to be away from Meher and not hold her hand, else he will kill her. Purab says how many days, the day I bring your truth out, you will forget this. Iqbal taunts him for getting suspended. Your game is over. Purab says your search is not over, your work have to be done. Iqbal says I don’t leave any work incomplete.

Iqbal says my uniform is still on, I have all the news, go up and see some more pics, marry someone, else you will be bachelor all life. Iqbal leaves. Purab fumes and says he is inviting his death. I will get my uniform and Meher back. Meher tells Iqbal that Purab always says you are not Sameer. Iqbal says let him say. Meher says he does not know how much I love you. She gets closer to her. He asks her to go back to her Maayka to do patphere rasam. She says I won’t go. He says don’t hurt anyone’s hearts. He says he does not love her and she asks what.

She gets angry and moves him. She says if you say you don’t love me, I will…. Promise me you will always love me and won’t go away from me. He says I m sorry Meher, I did not wish to hurt you. Meher says why did you say that then. She says promise me you won’t say this again. He says hmm.. She says say it you won’t say again. He says I won’t say again, promise. She says my ghungroos fell in our fight. She looks down for the ghungroos and sees the letter Iqbal has written for her. She smiles and says I got my ghungroo. Bebe comes there and sees them together again. She sees Iqbal holding Meher’s hand. Meher looks at Bebe.

Iqbal steals the file. Purab sees Sameer missing at home and pillows in his bed instead of him. Iqbal hides from the army men.

Update Credit to: Amena

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