Nadaan Parindey 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Iqbal coming home Bebe gets angry and misbehaves. Meher hears them arguing and clams them down. Bebe asks him whats the surprise. Iqbal acts rude and Meher asks him to apologize and hug Bebe to end this matter. Iqbal hugs Bebe and says forgive me Bebe. Bebe says I will never forgive you. Meher asks what happened, is it something I don’t know. Bebe says ask him what he did. Meher says tell me why you called him back. Bebe asks as its your patphere rasam tomorrow and you have to go to my parent’s house for one night, ask him to go to his room and sleep now. Iqbal gets angry and says she would have told me this in morning too. He leaves.

Malik calls Iqbal and asks him did he do the work. Iqbal says no, Bebe is troubling me. I m thinking to kill her, but Purab is after

me, I won’t move back this time. Purab comes there and Iqbal is shocked seeing him. Purab says you would have got caught today, till when will you get saved. Iqbal says my mind runs very sharp. Purab says time will say it. He leaves. Its morning, Balli comes to meet Meher. Bebe says she is in her room. Meher talks to Iqbal and asks why is he letting her go. Iqbal says its matter of one night. She says two nights passed and one more now.

She says you also come with me. He says what will I tell Nimmi. She says make any reason. He says teach me how to make reasons. She gets closer to him and says like this. He holds her closer and says you know or shall I teach you. She says come soon to take me back. He says my mind is changing, leave the patphere now. He goes ahead to kiss her and asks why is she worried, its her right, and he is also taking his right. She says yes, got in mind so late. She hugs him and asks him to be good towards Bebe. He says you love Bebe a lot right. She says more than my life. He asks more than me. She says its same.

Balli comes and says it’s a scene of the movie. Meher asks him when did he come. He says he heard everything. Meher gets shy and asks Iqbal to come and take her soon. Balli jokes and Meher laughs. Iqbal asks him to keep Meher there. She gets annoyed and leaves. She comes to Bebe and asks shall I go. She hugs Bebe. Haye rabba………………plays………… Bebe leaves. Meher aand Balli think what happened to Bebe, why is she not talking. Iqbal sees this and comes to Bebe. He shuts the door.

He asks Bebe not to be annoyed, as Sameer is in his hands, stop this drama, why did she call him back, if she interferes in his work, she will be at loss. Bebe says you are my enemy, a traitor, don’t talk to me about loss and profit, don’t scare me. She says she will come in between and ask you to leave this bad work, you will regret later. Iqbal asks shall I call and kill Sameer. Bebe says I know you won’t lose your weapon so soon. Iqbal says I was mistaken to understand you. He says I will call and make you hear Sameer’s shouts, shall I ask my men to start beating him.

He says be in your limit, be a helpless mum, not a tigress, if you interfere in my work, then I will kill Sameer. Meher meets Minty and tells about Sameer and how much he loves her. Meher asks Minty whats in her mind. Minty says mum is asking me to get married. Meher asks do you like anyone. Minty smiles and Meher asks who. Minty says Purab. Meher is shocked. Channi talks to Purab about his marriage with someone else. Purab says he will get married to only Meher, no one else, and he does not care if she is Sameer’s wife now. Meher asks Minty not to marry Purab. Minty asks why, whats bad in him.

Meher says nothing bad but he is very older, he has different rules of life, how will you adjust. Purab says Meher will be only mine. Minty says he is not bad as he looks. He is very sweet. She says I like Purab a lot. Minty laughs and Meher is tensed. She sees her happiness and stays quiet. Minty says I feel I love him.

Purab holds Meher. Iqbal asks him to stay away else he will kill him. Purab aims at Iqbal and says he will not let Meher go away and shoots at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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