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Nadaan Parindey 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher flirting with Sameer. He asks her not to be a spy. Sje saus take this cloth and tie it, else people will question you. He says I don’t want. She holds hot burning coal in her hand. Angrez asks her to leave it. Sameer runs to her and makes it fall. He says I will beat you now, whats is this drama, are you mad. Meher cries and hugs him. She says don’t you know that I love you Sameer, why don’t you agree that you also love me, what is it that is stopping you, don’t listen to your mind. Rabba…………..plays…………….He holds her covering her in his arms and closes his eyes. He moves her far and says no no……………. enough now.

He moves away from her and leaves. Bebe talks to Dargah Baba. She says Sameer wanted to marry her before but now they

always fight and he does not want to marry her, Meher is sad and breaking within, she dreams to be with him, and it shatters. Baba asks why is he refusing, what is he saying. Bebe says he don’t want to talk till his old wounds heal. Bebe says what is this wounds, which don’t heal even with loved ones. She says I will send Sameer to you, please convince him for marriage, I can’t see Meher sad. Sameer comes to the Dargah at night. He walks in and covers his head.

Sameer prays. Ya Maula……………plays……………. Sameer says he did not see any girl but today when he has a mission, love walked in his heart and Meher is shaking his identity, she is not for him, stop me. He says I can’t give her my love. Baba offers namaz there. He says do you know more than Maalik. Sameer is shocked and looks at him. Sameer asks which Malik. Baba says the one who has send you here. Sameer asks who. Baba says your Maalik, my Maalik, did anyone else send you here. Sameer says you tell me who.

Baba asks what does he want. Sameer says to serve my country. Baba says you came here for a special mission. He says what you are saying, its not for country but…. Malik’s man comes there and says you know a lot, I was keeping an eye on you since many days. Baba asks who are you. Malik’s man kills Baba and says Iqbal. Sameer is shocked and hides. Meher comes and sees Baba being killed by someone. She rushes to him and asks Sameer to catch that man. Sameer beats that man. She says stop, come back, Baba is alive.

Sameer goes back. Meher says we have to take him to hospital, lift him fast. Sameer and Meher take him to the hospital. The doctor treats Baba. Meher cries. The doctor says we have to do operation, he is serious. They are asked to wait outside. Sameer feels bad. Meher prays for Baba and Sameer hears her. He says Malik’s man did a foolish thing, now it will be a police case, even I can get caught. Bebe comes with Mama. Meher says that man stabbed Baba with knife. Bebe is shocked and says he is a devil and curses him. She says what did Baba do to anyone, why will anyone want to kill him.

Meher says he is in OT, he is serious, maybe he won’t survive. Bebe says no, nothing will happen to him. Meher asks the doctor how is Baba. The doctor says he lost much blood, we don’t know will he survive. The police comes and Sameer is shocked. They ask who brought Baba here. Bebe says my son Sameer. They ask Sameer can’t he identity the attacker. Meher says yes, we saw him, I know his name, Iqbal. Sameer gets a shock. Malik gets the info and is angry. Malik’s man says he was doubting us and was questioning Sameer. Malik says no one knows about our mission.

Malik’s man says what he heard from Baba. Malik says how can Baba know this. Malik’s man asks what to do now. Malik says he should not be alive now. Malik’s man says Meher has seen me. Malik is shocked. Malik scolds him for being so foolish and ends the call.

Sameer says the man said Iqbal. Bebe says nothing will happen to Baba, Sameer loves him a lot. Mama says Baba did not have any enemy. The inspector says we will take his statement in morning and asks a constable to stand outside his ward. The police leaves. Mama asks Bebe and Meher to go home. Bebe says no. Sameer says you all go, I will stay here. Mama says yes, true. Lets go. Meher says she will stay here. Sameer says why, go home and take care of Bebe. Bebe says lets go Meher. They leave. Sameer thinks of Baba survives, it will be a big problem.

Sameer comes to Baba and plans to kill him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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