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Nadaan Parindey 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bebe looking for proof under the chest of drawer, Meher enters the room and asks what is she doing? Bebe says nothing, you go in the kitchen and do your work. Meher says she will have to tell what is up in her mind … and why she is being so harsh on her? Bebe getting emotional looking at her … and thinks that she should tell her the truth. Bebe holds Meher’s hands and is about to reveal the truth that Iqbal enters the room. Bebe stays quiet and leaves from the room.

Iqbal goes near to Meher, Meher says i don’t know why she is behaving like that? Iqbal says that she is angry because we married in temple without her permission. Meher says no she is being harsh because there is some other reason behind it and i will know it very soon … she leaves. Iqbal gets

tensed and looks for the letter he lost in his room. He search for it but can’t find it.

Meher collecting utensils from the table that Purab arrives, he is drunk. Purab asks her to stop, and says that you are the reason behind my destroyed life. Meher asks him to stop his drama as Sameer will hear his words. Purab asks if she is warning him? Meher asks if he is drunk? Purab says who are you to ask me that? And you will warn me by Sameer’s name? Call him right now! Iqbal comes and stares at Purab in anger. Purab is about to say something but Channi calls him.
Purab leaves, Meher says that he never talked like that before … i was scared. Iqbal says don’t worry he is drunk thats why behaved that way. Iqbal says now come to room with me, Meher says she has work to do … Iqbal says in anger “you have 2 minutes”. Iqbal smiles and says that he will be waiting for her in his room … Meher says ok i’ll come. Iqbal leaves, Bebe over overheard them and asks Meher to come to her room.

Meher in Bebe’s room, Bebe asks Meher to massage her feet as she is very tired. Meher says that you were fine few hours back. Bebe says “don’t argue and massage my feet”. Meher says sure … i am your daughter so i’ll do it. She massages her feet and asks the reason she is being harsh on her? Bebe says she doesn’t need to tell her anything … if she will say it then you will start crying. Meher says that she won’t cry. Bebe says that from now on you are my daughter in law only. We will have no other relation between us. Meher asks if she kidding because if its a joke … then its a very bad joke. Bebe feels bad but says that the way you are arguing with me … why couldn’t you argue with Sameer when he took you to the temple? Meher says he gave him the sake of her love. Bebe says then you will have to handle my behaviour now … because i am your mother in law only.

Bebe asks her to get some ghee (oil) to massage her feet, Meher says sure i will … m your daughter so i’ll do whatever you want … i’ll see how long you will be harsh on me. Meher leaves, Bebe is sad and says to herself that she is doing it for only Meher’s good … i hope she forgives me.

Iqbal is sneaking out of the house that he spots Meher coming out of Bebe’s room. Meher goes to kitchen and thinks to inform Sameer that she is not coming to his room tonight again. Iqbal leaving that Meher stops him and asks where he is leaving for? Iqbal says so what do i do now? I am married but still m not allowed to sit with my wife in peace. Meher smiles and says that its all happening because of him. Iqbal says so what? i keep saying sorry for my whole life? I thought that i’ll make everyone happy by doing this … but here everyone is sad about it. Meher takes Iqbal’s hand and says that if it was in her hand … she would sit in front of him 24/7 but she is restricted by Bebe. Iqbal says he has to go outside … Meher says why? Iqbal says its a surprise for her. Meher says why you didn’t tell me before? She says go and come back soon.

Meher in Bebe’s room, Bebe asks why she is late? Meher says that she was telling Sameer to sleep as she won’t come to his room tonight. Bebe asks if he slept then? Meher says no he went outside for a surprise for me. Bebe thinks to herself that he might be leaving for his mission but she won’t let him complete it. Bebe asks Meher to stop him. Meher calling Sameer outside the house that Purab comes out and asks what happened? Bebe comes and says that Sameer went outside and she had to tell him something. Purab says that he will take Meher to Sameer. He is thinking that he might get a proof against him tonight.

Purab and Meher in the jeep, and asks Meher if everything is alright between them? Why Sameer has started to step out of the house only after his marriage? Meher asks him to not step in to their matters. Purab says you will regret it… no one can love you like i love you. Meher says you want bad things to happen with me … how can you call this love? Meher says that she knows his intentions … which are bad. Purab gets angry. Meher sees Iqbal on bike and calls him. Iqbal notices Meher behind him so he gets conscious.

Iqbal stops the bike, Purab and Meher gets down the jeep. Meher asks Sameer to get back home as Bebe wants to say something. Iqbal asks her to go back and tell Bebe that he will talk to her only when he return back to home. Purab taunts him by saying that why he changed after his marriage? And whats so important at this time of the night … share it with me? Iqbal gets irritated and asks Meher to sit behind him. Meher sits on the bike and holds Sameer tight to show Purab that she is Sameer’s only. Iqbal and Meher leaves.

Purab laughs and says to himself that there is no one born on this earth with such bad fate. Purab says that Sameer will have to pay for it as he ruined his life.

Precap: Iqbal talking to Malik on the phone and says that he will have to kill Bebe but Purab is looking for proof against him. Iqbal sees Purab and gets shocked as Purab heard everything. Purab staring at Iqbal in anger.

Update Credit to: Cinderella

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