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Nadaan Parindey 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher flirting with Iqbal. He teases her saying he did not miss her at night. She says liar. He holds her and draws her closer. They get romantic and he touches her hair. He says he missed her all night. She says I tried to come but Bebe stopped me. He asks her to think how to meet at night. She says I have an idea, Bebe keeps me with her at night, we can unite in day. She smiles and says we won’t go out in day and be together like this in bed. Iqbal gets closer to her to kiss her, and she closes her eyes. He moves away and says lets go downstairs and sit with everyone. She laughs and says they will understand, as we are married and I have a right on you.

He says if I don’t give you right to come in my room, then. She says then I know how to take my right. He says

forget it, you can’t. She says you are challenging me. He says Bebe will not you there and I won’t let you come here, then where will you go. She says then you don’t meet me. He says whats in Meher, make me know. She blows flower petals on his face and throws her dupatta on him. Adha ishq ……………..plays…………… Meher gets closer to him and gets sensuous. She slips and he holds her hand. She dances around and they have an eyelock.

Meher and Iqbal are shocked seeing Bebe in their room. Bebe gets angry. Meher says Bebe, I was just, I came to see did he wake up. Bebe scolds her and asks her to go and prepare breakfast. Meher leaves. Iqbal comes to Bebe and says I know what you want and what you don’t want to, if your son was in my place, would you do this. Bebe says you are not my son. He says till when will you stop Meher from coming to me, if not today, then tomorrow it will happen. Bebe gets angry and is about to slap him. He holds her hand.

Bebe asks him not to touch Meher. He says Meher feels she is married. Bebe says what marriage, I don’t accept this. Iqbal says we are husband and wife, can’t you stop her, she will die. Bebe cries and says I made you eat by this hands, loved you, and gave you mum’s love, whoever you are, how can you forget this. Iqbal smiles and says if you talk to me in crying tone, then you will get what you want, your son will be alive. He says if you try to hold me again, then I will not leave Sameer. He leaves.

Meher makes breakfast and says she is going to give food to Sameer. Bebe says he will come and eat here. Meher says why are you angry, I know we did wrong, but you wanted us to marry, nothing changed. Bebe says everything changed. Meher says he is your son. Bebe says he is not my son, he is not Sameer. Purab hears this and is shocked. Iqbal too sees this. Meher says what are you saying, Sameer will feel bad, then who is he, tell me. Bebe sees Iqbal showing her the phone. She says he is your husband first.

Channi says yes right. Bebe asks Meher not to go, as he will come down and have food. Channi asks Bebe to forget everything. Iqbal greets Channi. She asks him to take Meher on honeymoon. Iqbal says not yet decided. Meher gets shy and gives him food. Iqbal says he will have food at Dhaba. Iwbal says I have to finish my work soon and leave. Meher stops him and says have this food and tell me how is it. Purab comes and sees Sameer closer to Meher. Meher laughs and sees Purab. Iqbal leaves. Bebe asks Purab to have breakfast.

Purab says I m going to meet my commander and leaves. Channi says I feel Purab should also get married. Bebe thinks she has to bring Iqbal’s truth out. Nimmi tells Mangal to talk to Channi and Purab about Minty. Mangal is happy. Nimmi says it will be great if they get married. The commander scolds Purab and says you could not prove anything. Purab says my info was right. Sameer was alert, but we will catch him. He says that was your last chance, its over then.

Iqbal talks to Malik. Malik says they are very emotional and can do anything. Iqbal says Bebe won’t do anything. Malik asks him to think did he leave any proof. Iqbal thinks of the letter written to Meher. Malik sees him tensed and asks what happened. Iqbal rushes home. Purab says you will know the truth one day and then you will regret. The commander asks him to shut the case. Purab says no, I will write to higher authorities. He suspends Purab for two months, you will be off duty, all rights are taken from you. Purab is shocked and leaves.

Bebe comes in Sameer’s room and says there has to be some proof against him. Iqbal is on the way and Bebe is to reach that letter.

Meher tells Bebe that Sameer went for some important work. Bebe thinks he might have gone to do his work and sends Purab after him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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