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Nadaan Parindey 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Iqbal cooking a story why he married Meher. He says he took Meher to temple and married her, now does she trust her son. Bebe is shocked. Mama asks what did you do. Meher says you should have told me. Meher says please forgive me, I did not know this, you know him, he is changed and not like before. She says he did not ask me and took me to temple and then…. The inspector asks Bebe to solve personal matters at home. Iqbal says I m sorry inspector, its my mistake, we won’t trouble you again. The policemen leave. Channi scolds Sameer and he says now we are married.Channi says you have to marry Meher again in evening. Iqbal says sure.

Bebe leaves. Iqbal says maybe she is still annoyed. I will talk to her. He stops her and asks her to forgive him. He holds her face

and says I told you if you stay quiet, no one will be hurt, but you did not listen, now whats happening is because of you. He asks her to be happy now, else Sameer will die there. Bebe is shocked. He says come on, bless me. He holds her hand and makes her bless him. Bebe cries and comes to her. She says forgive me Meher, I did not save you. But now I will save you from him, he is not your Sameer, he is a dangerous traitor, he will leave you alone one day.

He says I don’t know what will happen with my Sameer, but I won’t let your life get ruined. Malik tells Nimmi that Meher and Sameer got married. Nimmi gets angry. Maoik says what was happening in evening, happened in morning, whats the big deal. Nimmi says people will gossip about now. She asks Mangal to go and ask Meher what we have to do now. Mama talks to Bebe and says these days kids are like this. Is there anything, tell me, you wanted Meher as your bahu, nothing changed. Bebe wants to tell him but stops seeing Iqbal there.

Iqbal says Meher’s family came. Mama says I will go and see, Mangal might be angry. Iqbal threatens Bebe again. Iqbal says he will kill everyone here if she does not shut her mouth. He says we don’t think before killing anyone. Bebe is shocked. He says this haveli will be empty and it will become a graveyard, how will you be alone then. You will be mad shouting. No one will be there to listen to you, think. He says tell me what you want to do now. Mama talks to Mangal. Mangal says what was the need for Sameer to do this, all fun spoiled. Nimmi says they ruined our respect. Mangal says the marriage will be in evening by all rituals.

Bebe comes and says it can’t be done again. Meher says we are sorry, Sameer wanted to do this, but we will marry again by all rituals. Bebe says no, this is it, rituals will be done again. Mangal says this can’t be called marriage, I did not do kanyadaan, not given her blessings, no bidaai. Channi says now give her blessings. Nimmi says yes, we can’t change it. Bebe says I don’t want any rituals now, the time is over. Meher asks why Bebe. Mama asks her what does she want. Malik asks her to think about Meher and Sameer’s safety and happiness. Iqbal says yes.

Meher tells Mangal that Sameer will keep her happy, else Bebe will hold his ears. Mangal asks Sameer why did he do this, did he say no, he would have told him first. Iqbal talks sweetly and says are you not happy that I love your daughter a lot. Mangal blesses them. Purab comes and is shocked to see Meher with sindoor. He asks whats going on. Channi says Sameer married Meher before time. Mangal says lets do rituals now. Malik looks at Iqbal. Everyone do the rituals. Bebe does it with no heart. Iqbal smiles. Malik looks at Purab.

Bebe asks Meher to be with her tonight, if she cares for her. Meher is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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