Nadaan Parindey 23rd July 2014 Written Episode Update


Nadaan Parindey 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe crying thinking about Purab and Iqbal’s words. Purab talks to Iqbal and Iqbal gets angry on him. Purab is stunned and says when I get proof, what will you give as reason, we take traitors by their neck there. Purab leaves. Bebe prays to Lord and says why did you not sign me, that this is not my son Sameer. She says I have loved him as my son, I was so happy all these days, don’t know where is my son, bearing so much torture, don’t know in which state he is. How can I make such a big mistake, how did I not identify that traitor. She cries. Bebe gets strength and wipes her tears. She says I will not let Meher get punished, I will not let her life get ruined. I will save her from this big cheat.

Bebe leaves out. Malik talks to someone and tells about his mission

still being on, and Iqbal is still trying. He sees Bebe going and says where is she going now. He says she is going police station and aims a gun at her. Some people come in between. Malik calls Iqbal and says Bebe went to police station. Iqbal is shocked and says she won’t take such a big chance, she loves her son a lot. He looks for Bebe. Mama asks what happened.Iqbal asks about Bebe. Channi says she will be here. Iqbal says yes, she will come back. Purab looks at them. Malik calls Iqbal and says I told you we will kill her. Iqbal says don’t know why she went to police.

He says don’t worry, now I understand what I have to do. He leaves on his bike. Meher and Minty dance with Mangal. Bebe brings police to her home. The inspector says he has run. She says I left him here. Iqbal calls Meher. Balli sees the phone and gives it to Meher. Everyone tease her saying its her Jaan’s call. He asks her to come and meet him, if she loves him. He says I m standing outside. Meher hides and goes to meet him. He brings her to a temple and she asks him why did he bring her here. He says come, I will tell you. He holds her hand and brings in inside the temple. She asks him why are they here. He takes sindoor and fills in her maang. Meher is shocked. He says I, Sameer Atwal, accept you as my wife. Meher smiles. They look at each other.

The inspector asks Bebe to tell the traitor name and how did he come in her house. Bebe says don’t know where he went. She sees Iqbal there and points on him. Iqbal says Bebe and stops her. She is shocked to see Meher with sindoor and Iqbal bends to take her blessings. He says bless us Bebe. Meher hugs Bebe. Iqbal says I married Meher and hugs her. He asks her to shut her mouth for Meher’s happiness and Sameer’s life. Mama comes and asks what happened. The inspector says Bebe complained that there is a traitor at her home. Iqbal asks why did she do this. Mama asks whats going on Sameer. He is shocked to see sindoor in Meher’s maang.

Purab is shocked seeing Meher married and asks whats all this. Bebe looks at Purab. Channi says Sameer married Meher.

Update Credit to: Amena

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