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Nadaan Parindey 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab and his army men being at the army camp alert. Sameer slowly tries to leave and Bebe stops him. He is shocked seeing her. Purab thinks why did Sameer not come till now. She asks where is he going now. He says I was not feeling sleepy, so was going out. She says no, your haldi is done, you don’t go, its bad sign. He says I will come in two mins. She says I will call Purab to go with you. He says no, fine, lets go inside. She says I will leave you to room, you are getting married, understand your responsibility now. Malik waits for Sameer. Bebe asks Sameer to sleep as its his marriage tomorrow. She leaves locking the door.

Sameer asks why is she locking the door. She says so that you can sleep, I don’t trust you, you can go out again. He says I won’t go

out, open the door. She leaves. Sameer is unable to call Malik. The army staff says now he won’t come, it will be morning in two hours. Purab says he will come, he has to come. Malik is also waiting and furious on Sameer. Sameer breaks the window. Malik calls his men and says I m cancelling this mission. Iqbal cheated me, now he won’t be safe. He puts the bullet in the gun and thinks of killing Iqbal. Purab is angry as Sameer did not come.

Its morning, Bebe comes and asks Sameer how is he, it looks he did not sleep. She asks him to get reaadt and have food, she will go to Gurudwara. Malik hides and comes to meet Iqbal with a gun. Sameer tries to explain him, but Malik aims a gun at him. He says traitor. Sameer says Bebe locked me here and see this, I had the key and reached the gate, but Bebe locked me here. Malik scolds him and says now I will not leave you, we planned since two years, kidnapped Sameer and placed you here, I came here to bring you in right line and you cheated me as you fell in love with Meher.

He says you are a traitor Iqbal. Malik says I will not leave you. Sameer says I m still loyal. I m not from this county and don’t love anyone, shoot me if you feel I cheated. Bebe saw me going and stopped me, she locked me here. He says I m not happy here being Sameer, I m eager to go back to my country. He says I did many missions before and did not see such mum. Malik says your tongue and eyes are saying different. Sameer says so shoot me. Sameer is shocked seeing Bebe. Malik says you have become Sameer here, you forgot you are not Sameer, but Iqbal, his look alike, a traitor from other country. Malik turns and sees Bebe standing. Bebe hears this and is shocked.

Malik is shocked too. Bebe says what did I hear just now, you are not my Sameer. She holds his collar and asks who are you, tell me. Iqbal says shut up your tongue, think you did not hear anything. Bebe asks who are you to shut my mouth, I heard everything, where did my Sameer go. Iqbal holds her neck and says you won’t tell anything, just hear, else I will send you there where I sent your son. She says you are a traitor, you cheated me all these days, you won’t be saved, being my Sameer back.

Iqbal says you won’t get Sameer if you shout, people are afraid of us. Bebe slaps him and says I m nto afraid of traitors. She says ashamed on your mum and your birth, upbringing. Iqbal raises his hand on her and controls himself. Bebe says will you slap me, if it was my son, he would have not done this, you are not my son. She says beat me. He says don’t make me mad, you will regret. Yes, I m not your Sameer, do what you want. Bebe asks who are you, why did you come here. Iqbal says I came from across the border and ready to die.

He says if I can die, I can kill anyone too. Bebe cries. He says if you want your Sameer alive, do as I say. Bebe says tell me where is my Sameer, what did you do with him. She holds Malik’s collar and asks him where is Sameer. Iqbal says he is alive and in our trap, if you raise your voice, he will die there. Iwbal says we came here for some important work, as we end it, you will get your son back, and now shut your tongue. Bebe says let me meet and see my son once, I will be satisfied. Iqbal says you can’t meet him, till our work ends. Bebe says if you kill him after your work, I don’t trust you, I want my son alive.

She says I will kill you if he dies. Iqbal calls someone and the man asks what to do about Sameer. Rabba………….plays…………….Iqbal threatens Bebe and asks her to be quiet now. Bebe cries and asks him not to hurt Sameer. Iqbal says stop crying and go downstairs, don’t let anyone have a doubt. Malik looks on. Iqbal says its matter of few days, we will go after our work, no one will be harmed, be happy then. Bebe says what about Meher, you go now itself. I will not ruin her life and won’t let this marriage happen.

Malik says Iqbal has to marry today, else people will doubt on you. Iqbal asks Bebe to be quiet, else she knows what he can do. Bebe looks at them and moves back crying. She leaves. Malik talks to Iqbal and asks him to kill Bebe. Iqbal says police can get involved, I can’t risk my mission. Malik says the mission is gone now. Iqbal says I won’t fail even this time. Malik asks what about Purab. Iqbal says he will run now, I know him, you want file, you will get it, don’t worry. Malik asks how will this happen. Iqbal says go, let me think. Malik says you are doing mistake, I don’t think we can get anything here. He leaves.

Sameer brings Meher to a temple and marries her. Malik aims at Bebe.

Update Credit to: Amena

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