Nadaan Parindey 21st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher telling Purab that she will die but not come to him. She says he is your brother, how can you do this. Purab says he is not my brother. She says fine, but he is my Sameer. She says I won’t tell him, as this will break his heart. He says he will break your heart/ She says I will keep up this love and no one can stop me, not even you. Purab leaves. Malik tells Bebe he will be back and goes. Sameer/Iqbal sits for his haldi. Purab comes and tells Sameer that he can save him, if he says, as he is his brother. Sameer asks Purab to take rest now, I don’t need you. Sameer thinks what will you save me, I will run today across the border with the file, you will be hunting to find me. Purab thinks you will need me Sameer tonight. Purab gets angry seeing Sameer being applied

the haldi by Channi.

Meher talks to Minty and shows her mahendi, that its light. Minty says its so dark. Meher says no, I don’t like this. Minty says yes, if the mahendi is light, it means the guy will love you less. Meher says no, I don’t believe this. Minty teases her by Sameer’s pet name Jaan. She says show him this mahendi at night and tell him you changed his name. Minty asks did he message you. Meher says no. She asks why did Purab come to meet you and what did you tell him that he left angrily. Meher asks what do you have to do with Purab. Minty says did you fight, you told he is your friend. Meher gets angry and says go from here, don’t spoil my mood. Minty leaves.

Purab argues with Channi and says you will know everything tomorrow. He leaves. Bebe comes to Sameer and asks him what is thinking. He rests in her lap. She says she worried for Meher a lot, her mum died when she was small, Mangal did second marriage and Meher kept crying, then I became her everything, you will make me her mum in law tomorrow. Bebe cries and says it’s a big day tomorrow, my all dreams will come true. Her tear falls on his face and he touches it. He asks why are you crying. She says its happiness tears. He says I don’t get them. She says you did not get happiness till now, I wish you get much happy and cry happily, then you will know.

She says get up now. He says let it be, its very peaceful. He closes his eyes and opens up, thinking whats happening to me, I have to go leaving Bebe and Meher here. Purab tells his staff that Sameer will be here in some time, and to let Sameer inside, and they will catch him when he has the file with him. Meher thinks about Sameer and smiles. Balli comes and teases her. She says what will be Sameer doing this. Balli says might be sleeping peacefully, as tomorrow he will be getting married and will lose all his sleep, did you not get our dad. Meher says liar. He says ask Sameer, he will say the same. She asks him to go and thinks smiling. She says I will call him, I can’t wait. Sameer gets ready to leave and has his plan. He gets Meher’s call.

He takes the call and fumes controlling his anger. She flirts with him and his temper cools down. He feels guilty by her high lovely expectations from him, and how he is planning to run tonight ditching her, leaving her alone forever. She asks him is he feeling tensed. He says no. She says I think its only happening to me, can I come to meet you now. He says are you mad. She says yes, looks so, you come to meet me, at the terrace, like before, we will talk sitting all night. He says now I will scold you. She says fine, I will hear it, I can’t believe we are getting united tomorrow, you will be finding your name on my palms this time. He asks what do you mean.

She says I told you that I wrote your name in my mahendi. Sameer looks at the time and thinks 15mins left to 12. He says I m feeling sleepy, will talk tomorrow and ends the call. Sameer writes a letter for Meher saying till you get this letter, I will be going very far, I can’t marry you, I m not your Sameer the one you loved, forgive me, take care. He keeps the letter and looks at Bebe’s pics for the last time. He comes to Bebe and sees her sleeping. He thinks I wish I could stay here with you, I m taking your memories and love, it will always be in my heart Bebe, I won’t forget you and won’t be able to meet you again, but still I will come to see you from far if I stay alive, forgive me Bebe. Rabba……………plays………….. He leaves. Purab is ready with his staff.

Malik asks his men to shoot and he and Iqbal will cross the border in that sound. Sameer looks for the key and gets it in flower pot.

Malik aims at Sameer and says you forgot you are Iqbal, not Sameer, his look alike, who came from across the border. Bebe hears this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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