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Nadaan Parindey 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher asking Sameer to leave her hand. She runs and he runs after her. They get closer. She asks him to fight with the darkness and pain within him. Sameer thinks. Her hand hurts. She leaves. Sameer thinks I m not in control. Bebe prays at the Dargah to unite Meher and Sameer, and their good future. Sameer thinks where did life bring him, he wants to be loyal to his country but his heart is taking him to Meher. He says he is on storm, stop me, before he loses his senses. He says does I have any feelings in me. He says no, this is not possible, I have to be away from Meher, as she can’t become my destination.

Its night, Bebe says Sameer took Purab’s side, but what was the need for Purab to hide everything, we are his family, he could have told us. Sameer comes and

hears them. Bebe asks Meher to give him food and tea. She says I m going to Gurudwara and leaves. Sameer sees Meher’s hand hurt. She gives him tea. He sees her hand with wounds. She cooks with one hand. Sameer looks on. He brings a thread and ties to her bangles which is troubling him. She looks at him. He leaves. She sees her bangles are not coming down now and smiles. He comes back and brings ointment. He applies to her hand. Music plays……………

She kisses him on his cheek and he is shocked. She smiles being shy afterwards. He raises his hand to slap her and stops. Meher is shocked. She looks at her hand and is happy. Sameer comes at the terrace thinking how Meher kissed him. He says if I don’t Meher, then why do I worry about her, why do I find her everywhere, whats that is taking me to here, its not love then what is it. Why am I worried, why. He starts hitting the wall and his hand bleeds. The wall cracks.

Its morning, Sameer still thinks about Meher and wakes up. He looks at her wounded hand and says who tied this cloth to me, maybe its Meher, who can it be. I m not able to stop her, before I can’t stop myself. I have to go back finishing my work to my country. He calls someone. Meher talks to Bebe and shares everything. Sameer comes there. Meher says its good to bring out whats in heart, pain can lessen. She looks at Sameer. Bebe sees Sameer’s hand and asks when did his hand get hurt. Sameer says I was working out. She asks who tied you this. He says I have, but now I don’t need this.

Sameer says I m going to Dhaba. Bebe says have food first. Sameer says no, I will have breakfast at Dhaba. Meher says I will also go. Bebe says stop, tell me did you both have any fight. Meher thinks and says no, no fight, its ahead. Bebe says tell me. Meher says don’t worry, we will manage. She leaves taking the cloth. Purab asks Sameer to come in army function and apologizes to him for doubting on him. Sameer says its fine, you were doing duty. He thinks its good chance to do his mission. He sees Meher standing and says relations should not come between duty.

Sameer thinks he will do the mission and then go far from Meher. Sameer says he wants to join army again. He says you understand my problems, no one else. Sameer leaves. Meher asks Purab when is the function, as she wants to take part, Purab says I m incharge, but what will you do. She says anything, like dance. Purab asks for Sameer. She says no for army men. Purab smiles and says I will be happy with this, I can spend some time with you. She says don’t tell anyone, it will be a surprise. He says fine, our secret.

Sameer meets Malik’s helper in the field. He says I need these items, I have to go in function. The man says Meher could not trap you. Sameer gets angry and beats him. He says don’t tell anything about her. The man says I was joking. Sameer says don’t do it again. The man says look at him.. Sameer leaves.


The man kills Dargah Baba. Meher tells the inspector about Iqbal. Sameer is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. oh noooo…….where is sameer…!????i dont like this iqbal…..meher plz dont do this…..

  2. oh noooo…….where is sameer…!????i dont like this iqbal…..meher plz dont do this…….

  3. What nonsense… This Sameer is fake then y d hell they are showing his love country… He has to leave after his mission… Show the real Sameer…

  4. Sry love story… This iqbal is a utter nonsense

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