Nadaan Parindey 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Nadaan Parindey 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty teasing Meher on her mahendi day saying she will write Pyjama singh as Sameer’s name. Meher says don’t call him that and says write jaan. Everyone laugh. Meher thanks Malik calling him chacha ji, for taking her to Sameer in morning. Malik says you regarded me chacha so I can do this for you. Meher smiles thinking about Sameer. Everyone dance. Malik says be happy today, tomorrow you have to cry as your dreams will shatter, sorry I can’t help you, Iqbal will go across the border and Sameer can’t come, you will be bride again but can’t marry.

Bebe feels restless and Sameer asks what happened. Bebe says I m feeling like something wrong is going to happen. He is stunned and asks how do you know. She says what. He says maybe you are tired. She says no. She

says come with me to Dargah, we will pray. Purab sees the video again of Sameer and Sartaj. He says there is some talk without words, but how. He says that night, he went to do some work, which could not have stopped for one night too. Purab sees Sameer using finger sign language. He smiles seeing Sameer and Sartaj talking with finger signs and understand this is how they passed the info.

Purab says very smart, its code words, Sartaj used codes and passed the message to Sameer. Purab says call the interpreter to decode this. Purab says you are gone Sameer, your game is over. Sameer and Bebe pray at the Dargah. Meher shows her mahendi to Minty with Jaan written in it. Bebe talks to Lord and says Sameer and Meher are going to be married, this was my dream. My heart is restless, don’t know why, I feel like something bad is happening, life is going to turn. Sameer hears this. Bebe says I can’t bear any shock now.

Sameer asks Bebe why is she worried. Bebe says you won’t understand, as it needs a mum’s heart, who lives and dies for her children. She says I m not ready to fail this time, I want you and Meher to be happy, to be together whole life. She says don’t worry, I trust my Lord but have to remind him by coming here. She says Meher will be yours and I know you both love each other. She asks does he love her, tell her. Sameer smiles and says a lot. Bebe smiles and says good, now you see Lord will make everything fine, lets go, its time for your haldi now.

Sameer thinks what is he doing, what does he want, what string is tying him, Bebe, Meher, how will I leave them here and not meet them forever. Purab gets the message from the code by the interpreter. Purab says it’s a puzzle. The man says don’t know its in sequence or not, it looks random. Purab says I will decode this words and tries his sharp mind in knowing the meaning.

Purab says key for what, lock of Sahib, whats called Sahib, chief, commander, he gets the message and says Sartaj has hidden it, don’t know, but Sameer is finding that key. Purab says I m confident, this is their mission, Sameer wants a key, this is his mission, Sartaj is in jail and I will throw Sameer to him soon. Purab smiles.

Sameer tells Purab that he knows you love Meher, Purab asks who told you. Sameer says you. Purab asks Meher to break the relation with Sameer. Meher asks why, what animosity you have with Sameer. Purab says nothing, I love you. Meher is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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