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Nadaan Parindey 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer seeing Purab following him and he diverts him by changing his path and suddenly disappearing. Purab gets stuck and Sameer goes ahead. Purab still tracks him and sees a jeep after him. Its Malik and Purab is shocked. Malik asks why are you following me. Purab asks what are you doing here. Malik says why, can’t I go out. Purab says no, I mean Sameer took the jeep. Malik says oh, so you were following Sameer, but why. He says this jeep is Sameer, I asked him as I have to go Amritsar for work. Purab says fine. Malik asks why were you following him. Purab says he is my younger brother and have to take care, he is drunk and I was worried for him. Malik says great, Lord should give a brother like you to everyone, ok I will leave, I have to come back soon for mahendi.


says sorry to scare you. Malik says I don’t get scared so soon and leaves. Purab says is Sameer and Malik united, but Malik is Mangal’s friend, this can’t be but where did Sameer go. Sameer thinks of Sartaj’s signs and looks for the key. He gets the key. Purab tries to find Sameer. Sameer smiles getting it. He gets Malik’s call and says the key is in my hand. Malik says get home fast, Purab is finding you. Sameer says I knew this, I m coming. Purab comes home and goes to Sameer’s room. He is shocked to see Sameer sleeping on the bed in same position in which he left him.

Purab wakes him up. Sameer says I slept. Purab says where did you go. Sameer says what happened to you. Purab asks what game is he playing. Sameer says where will I go and why. Purab says you are lying, see Sameer tell me whats going on, I saw you taking jeep. Sameer says Malik wanted jeep, so I went to give him. Purab asks then why are you sweating now. Sameer says if you threaten me like this, this will happen. Sameer asks what happened to you. Purab says I will tell you when the right time comes. He leaves. Sameer takes out the key form his shoes. Sameer says its easy to catch me. I m more smart than you.

Nimmi asks Meher where is she going. Meher says to meet Bebe. Nimmi says its mahendi today and tomorrow marriage, you have to be at Bebe’s home all the life, go and try the lahengas in your room. Malik smiles and asks Meher do you want to meet Sameer, as you love him a lot, if I make you meet him, what will I get. Meher says what you say. He says think first, its tough. She says tell me. He says make a tea for me. She laughs and says sure.

Malik talks to Nimmi and asks her permission to take Meher with him, as he wants to buy a gift for her. Nimmi says how to deny you now, fine you take her, but come back till afternoon, she has to get ready. Meher smiles. Malik says we will be back soon. Meher comes to meet Bebe. Bebe asks what are you doing here, its mahendi today. Malik says try to understand, its love. Meher hugs her. Malik sees Sameer. Bebe blesses Meher. Meher sees Sameer and smiles. Bebe says enough now.

Bebe asks Sameer what magic did he do on her. She says come with me. Malik asks Sameer does he have the key. Sameer says yes. Malik says give me. Sameer asks why, don’t you trust me. Malik says I have, I will give you at night, Purab is finding about it, if he gets it, all game over. Sameer gives the key to him and Malik smiles. Sameer asks is the arrangements done for me to leave this country, as I will go after getting the file.

Purab thinks what will happen tonight. They get news that border might be crossed today. Purab asks his staff not to allow anyone at the border. Bebe is sad and Channi comes to her. She cheers Bebe and asks why is she worried. Bebe says I m very happy, but I m a mother and I can’t see other mum’s pain. She tells about Trisha show coming on Life ok. Meher talks to Sameer and says today I will have mahendi of your name and says she will become his forever, as her fate is written on hands. She says you will be writing my fate. He says me? She nods yes. He says we will be together forever, but I m yours from today. Sameer is stunned seeing her love. She holds his hand and says I accept you as my husband even now without marriage done, I will share all your pains, it will be mine now. She says and I, my every breath will be yours. He thinks it’s a big day for me, I m getting true love and I m cheating her, Allah, forgive me.

Its mahendi day. Malik says smile Meher, your all dreams will shatter tomorrow. Purab sees the video again and comes to know that Sameer and Sartaj did sign talk. Purab says now you are gone Sameer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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