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Nadaan Parindey 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab coming to Sameer and telling him he has kept a bachelors party for him tonight. Sameer says some other day. Purab asks why, is there any other problem. Sameer says no. Purab says get ready, I kept party at Dhaba, I informed everyone, ladies won’t come. Balli tells Minty and Meher about the bachelors party. Minty says we will also go. Balli says its for men. Meher says we won’t go and will do party at home. Minty asks where is that fighter Meher. Meher says she has changed. Minty asks whats the need. Meher smiles. Balli says you won’t understand, this happens in love. Minty says we have to go. Meher says Nimmi won’t agree. Minty says lets talk to her, who knows she will agree. We will have fun and you will meet Sameer there. Meher smiles and agrees.


tells Mama about the party, I told Mangal and Malik too, all men can come. Mama says great, this did not happen in our time. He says Sameer will like this, you always do something for him, I like this about you. Purab says its beginning, I have many surprises ahead. Mama laughs. Channi hears this. Nimmi scolds them and says she won’t let them go in party. Mangal and Malik were leaving and Nimmi stops them too. Mangal says we were going on walk. Balli says don’t be afraid, they are going in party.

Mangal says Purab is giving bachelor party to Sameer. She says fine, I will send them with you, no, I will also come. She says we will get ready and come. Channi tells this to Bebe. Bebe says what. Channi says yes bachelors party for men. Bebe says what will women do then, they also want to party, how can I can’t go and dance. She asks where is it. Channi says at Dhaba, Purab is talking to angrez. Bebe says he has hidden it from me. Bebe says they are having fun and we open the door for them when they are back, no, get ready, we will also go there.

The party begins at night. Purab says we all are here to celebrate for Sameer’s marriage, is going to lose a lot, a freedom and enjoyment. He says then he will get handcuffed, he is lucky till now but now he will not be happy. Everyone laugh. Malik tells Sameer that there is something fishy. Sameer says let Purab do anything, Iqbal will do for what he came here. I will get the key tonight, I don’t have time. All ladies comes with Bebe. Angrez says Purab made me do this, its his planning.

Bebe says celebrate, I will pull Purab’s ears, you did not call us, you will be punished. Sameer flirts with Meher and she smiles. Purab fumes hearing this. Purab gives a glass of wine to Sameer. Bebe and Meher sign him no. Sameer throws the wine and they smile. Balli makes Nimmi drink the wine and Mangal is shocked. Nimmi says I want more. Balli says I exchanged the glass, its not wine, but cold drink. Mama says so its family party today.

Bebe says where is the music. Play anything. Nothing like my kangana shangna……………plays……………… Sameer and Meher dance and Purab is angry. He asks Sameer to have wine. Sameer says Bebe………………… Purab says have it, come on drink. Meher comes and Sameer throws it and shows as if he is drinking. Purab says one more. Sameer says no. Nimmi takes Purab and makes him dance with Minty. Bebe sees Purab giving wine to sameer and asking him to drink it. Sameer throws it and acts like drinking. Bebe smiles and leaves. Malik sees Sameer acting like he is drunk, thought he is not drinking it.

Bebe asks what happened to Bebe. Purab says no, he is tired of dancing. Bebe says happiness came in our house after a long time. Meher cries and hugs Bebe. Nimmi asks what happened. Balli says she got emotional. Mangal says did anyone say anything. Purab asks what happened. Bebe asks her. Sameer looks on. Meher says I m scared of happiness, will anything wrong happen. Sameer and Malik are stunned. Nimmi says she is missing her mum. Mangal says everything will be fine. Mama says Meher be positive. Bebe says enough now, till I m alive, no problems will come in your life. Mangal says this is great like tigress’ words. Meher hugs Bebe and smiles.

Purab brings Sameer to his room and thinks what you were planning, now you won’t be able to do it Sameer, good night. He leaves. Sameer gets up and comes out. He leaves in his jeep. Purab sees him going and says go groom, I will do make your baraat with band, everyone will hear it one day before.

Purab is on the way whereas Sameer is finding the key according to Sartaj’s insutructions.

Update Credit to: Amena

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