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Nadaan Parindey 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malik asking Sameer is his decision changing. Sameer says you have my given bullet. Malik says yes, always, I can’t take a chance. Sameer says if you doubt me, shoot me. Malik says if that moment comes, my hands will not shake, my mission is everything to me. Sameer says I took my step, now I m waiting for Purab, let’s see what he does and how he falls in my trap, he will call me. Purab arranges cameras and powerful mics in the lockup and asks the man not to let anyone know, as its top secret mission. Sameer says why did Purab not call till now. I told him I know Sartaj, then why did he not call me. If I was in his place, I would have told Sartaj about me and he would have told all secrets.

He gets a call and its Meher. She flirts and says its our marriage after

two days, I have many dreams about this day. He says I know. She says keep your hand on your heart. He asks why. She says keep it, tell me we won’t fight after marriage, just love, promise me. He says promise. She says we will be happy, its fine of you want to go in army or take care of Dhaba. She says if your posting is far, then take me along, but no, Bebe will be alone here, we can’t do this, we will do one thing, you write a letter to me every day. He says fine, I will do as you say.

She asks him to say what she wants to hear and he did not say till now. He says you know everything, what else. She says which couples say to each other before marriage, like hero heroine. She says I love you Sameer. Sameer is shocked. She says now you say, I want to hear it from you. He says hear it after marriage. She smiles and says Sameer, I m here stopping my breath. He says I love you and she smiles. He ends the call being angry on himself for ruining Meher’s dream and breaking her heart.

He says I m going mad, I came to do something and whats going on, why did Purab not call me, I have to do my mission fast. He gets a call and its Purab. Purab says I m near border, come and meet me. Sameer says come home and talk. Purab says don’t tell anyone and come here. Sameer asks why. Purab says come now. Sameer says fine, coming and smiles. Purab says come then see how I settle the scores. Sameer says he got trapped at last. Purab thinks about Sameer’s words.

Sameer comes to meet him. Purab looks at him and gets angry. Sameer asks yes, tell me. Purab slaps him and Sameer falls. He asks what happened. Purab starts beating him and asks what was he doing in Dargah, what does he know about Sartaj. Sameer says so you heard me. Purab says yes, I kept an eye on you, you are a traitor. Sameer says I m not a traitor. Purab says will I agree to this of you say. Sameer says I m not a traitor, don’t blame me, I swear on the bullet on my chest.

Sameer says I heard his name in jail across border, Maseeta came to me to know about Sartaj. Sameer says you cleared all the doubts, how could I tell you. Purab says I m your elder brother, you would have told me. Purab says come with me. Sameer asks where. Purab says trust me and come where I take you. Sameer smiles and thinks I m coming Sartaj Baba. Purab thinks you think I believe you, once you and Sartaj meet, then I will see.

Purab sends Sameer in a lockup where Sartaj is kept. Purab sees him in the cameras. Sameer looks around. They sit quiet. Purab says now they will talk. Purab thinks whats going on, Sameer is not saying anything, come on say. He says whats happening. He says take Sartaj back. Purab brings Sameer out and says that was Sartaj. Purab asks him to go home. Purab talks to his boss and says they came quietly and did not talk. The boss says Sameer is a national hero and does not have any connection with Sartaj. Purab says no, I will prove he is a traitor. The boss says I m sure now that you have personal revenge with your brother.

Purab says no, if you think so, I m doing this for my duty. The boss scolds him and calls him incapable. Purab says still two days, let me prove, one last chance. He requests him. The boss says fine, last chance, the condition is if you can’t prove anything, strict action will be on you. Purab thinks its my last chance to get Meher.

Sameer talks to Malik and says he got the message from Sartaj about the key and he will take the secret file, then leave from here before marriage. Malik asks how did you get this info. Sameer says we knew we were being watched. He says I was signing him with fingers and he took did the same. Malik laughs and says great work, you have fooled them well, best of luck, tonight is a risky night. Meher smiles and says just two days then I will be Sameer’s. Sameer thinks two days more and I will go after doing my work.

Meher cries talking to Bebe and says I m afraid anything bad can happen. Sameer goes to rake the secret file. Purab follows him smiling.

Update Credit to: Amena

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