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Nadaan Parindey 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malik giving the gun to Sameer. Sameer asks why are you sweating, you wanted to have a game. He gives the gun back to Malik and shows one bullet. He says the moment you will I have become a traitor, you can shoot me that time. Malik takes it and says I will keep your wish. He says great Iqbal, you are my heart and the mission is my life, pray that I don’t shoot you, we all have our duty. Sameer says I know. Malik asks whats his plan. Sameer thinks and says before getting caught at border, Sartaj kept the secret file somewhere, we have to get it. He says I have to know where he has hidden that key. Malik says how will you find it, he is in army clutches, you can’t reach him, you have three days to find out, and free him and the keys, if you don’t want to get married to


Meher marks the dates on the calendar and counts days. Minty comes and says you want to go fare from us. Meher says its strange when you realize love, you wish to be with that man, my world has changed, I liked the old Sameer, but I love this new Sameer. Meher says he has changed a lot, he looks better now, his kiddishness is gone, I feel I can spend my life with him happily, I can’t believe it’s the same Sameer.

Malik asks Sameer what will he do if Purab doubts him. Sameer says I know he doubts me, I want him to doubt on me more, he has Sartaj with him, when he knows I m finding him, he will take me there and I will get info about key from Sartaj and get the secret file. He says then I will go across the border. Meher says I m scared if anything bad happens. Minty says no, go with Sameer to the Dargah and tie the thred to pray. Malik asks what about Sartaj. Sameer says let him be their guest for some more time. Malik says if plans fails, you will be caught. Sameer says I can take this risk for my mission. Malik says if Purab don’t take you to Sartaj. Sameer says he will take me for sure.

Bebe shows the sets to Channi which she kept for her bahu. She asks is this fine. Channi says very good, you are doing very much. Bebe says its less for Meher, she does not have a mother, if she was a,live then she would have done more than this. Bebe says I m her mum and saas. I will do everything I want. Purab hears this and is upset. Bebe sees him and asks him to come in. He says No. Channi says its your brother’s marriage, come and see.

Purab sees it and says yes its good. Bebe asks him to take Sameer for shopping, she made the list. He says I have work. Bebe insists. Channi smiles. Bebe sees bangles and says Meher forgot this, give this to Meher. Channi says he won’t go, I will give her. Purab says I will give it. She says take this list. She says now she will become your Parjai and you her Jeth. Purab is shocked. Bebe says I can’t tell Sameer, as I m his mum, his dad would have talked to him. She says I want to send them on honeymoon after marriage, I kept money for it, nearly a lakh. Purab gets angry.

She says you ask Sameer where does he want to go, ask Meher also. Channi laughs seeing her son’s dreams breaking. She asks Purab will he do this work. Purab looks at Channi and says yes. Purab leaves angrily. Nimmi and Mangal decide the relatives to invite. Purab comes there and greets them. H/e says Bebe has sent this for Meher. Nimmi calls Meher and Minty to meet Purab. They leave. She asks Minty to attend Purab. Minty talks to Purab friendly.

Purab looks at Meher and she sees the box. Purab says Bebe has sent this to Meher as she forgot it. Minty reminds his promise. He says yes. Meher talks about Sameer and Purab fumes. Meher asks about Bebe and Channi. Minty says she means to ask about Sameer. Purab asks Minty to stop it. Minty says you don’t know, I know Meher is eager to meet him, tell him to come to meet at Dargah. Purab asks Minty to leave as he has to talk to Meher alone. Minty leaves.

Purab says don’t do this Meher, you are doing a big mistake, you will regret. Meher stops him and says you think I will let you go after hearing this, I m your friend, why are you saying this about Sameerm what mistake am I doing. Purab says trust me, I have a reason if I m saying this. She says tell me the reason, do you have any proof. He says I will give proof when the time comes. She says why to trust you, you did not want us to get married, I will marry him at any cost. He says I have three days to bring proof. She says you will fail as Sameer is true, my Lord and I know this. He says lets see, the time will say this.

He leaves. Bebe asks Sameer where did he go. Sameer sees Purab and says he was at Dhaba. She says tell me where did you go. Sameer makes Purab doubt on him and shows something, saying I went to meet a special person. Bebe asks what are you hiding. Sameer says nothing and comes to his room. He keeps it in cupboard and sees Purab watching him. Sameer smiles as its his plan.

Sameer tells Malik that lets see what does Purab do now. Purab tells his boss and we will make Sameer meet Sartaj and he will tell him his mission plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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