Nadaan Dil ragsan episode 14

Ragini was confused after talking to maya. It was true that she felt a unknown attraction towards Sanskar….every touch of Sanskar and every feel of his was special to always felt like she belonged to him….it was also true that she loves Laksh but these kind of feelings never surfaced….she looked at Sanskar.. all of a sudden she felt anger rising seeing another girl with him..At the same time Laksh signed her to come.
She goes to him.
Laksh was talking to a beautiful girl but ragini didn’t feel anything.
Laksh: Ragu this is colleague. Anchal she is my ..
Ragini: friend.
Laksh looks at her weirdly.
Ragini: I mean girlfriend.Nice meeting you anchal.
Anchal: thanks ragini.By the way you are very lucky..laksh loves you so much. I am so jealous.
Laksh smiles… Ragini’s smile fades.
Ragini: excuse me
Laksh observes ragini.
Laksh: are you ok?. What’s the hurry.
Ragini: that sanskar is dancing with Kavya di.
Laksh: what is it to you?
Ragini: ofcourse it will hurt me. Don’t be stupid Laksh.
Laksh looks at her with suspicion.
Ragini realises what she said.
Ragini: I mean he is dancing with my sister. I am worried about my sister.he is such a flirt.
Laksh: c’mon Ragini..u know Kavya..she is also a flirt.then
Ragini couldn’t argue as laksh was already feeling suspicious.
Laksh’s POV
What is wrong with you Ragini.. you have changed a lot recently. We no longer have that closeness .. You are distancing me from your self. Nowadays you are lost somewhere…This is killing me Ragu…Hope I get my old ragu back..

End of pov

Here Ragini almost got confirmation that she loves sanskar but laksh’s love held her back.
But it was difficult to see Sanskar with Kavya..

She sees that they were dancing very close to each other..Ragini sees the drink in her hand and smirked..
She went close to sanskar but at the same time Sanskar moved around and Ragini slipped . Sanskar immediately left Kavya and held Ragini by waist.. whole drink had fallen on Ragini..with dim light and wet face and hair she was damn tempting..Sanskar and Ragini stood in that pose like that lost in each other….sanskar leaned over her..
Sanskar: woah I didn’t know that you can make my favourite drink so tempting and arousing few drops of alcohol was slipping from corner of her lips..Sanskar traced his finger ..Ragini gets up breaking the enchantment.
Ragini: Can’t you see?
Kavya: but Ragu u hit him na.
Sanskar: let it be Kavya..Ur sister has the habit of finding faults in me.she always blames me for what she does..
Ragini gives sharp look and goes to washroom angrily..
Kavya follows her and here Sanskar keeps looking at her.

In washroom.
Kavya: ragu ragu wait. What was that? Why did you hit him?
Ragini gets nervous
Ragini: I didn’t hit him…I was doing my job..I was carrying drinks.
Kavya: don’t try to fool one walks on the dancefloor with drinks to serve them.
Ragini looks down.
Kavya notices her with doubt.
Kavya: do you love him.
Ragini looks at her.
Ragini(in mind): yes I do.
Ragini:No I don’t.
Kavya: Yes u do…I know that.
Ragini: how do you know that.
Kavya: hello I am a graduate in this.
Ragini rolls her eyes
Kavya: I have seen the way you look at him. The way you get angry when he was with me.
Ragini: it’s nothing like that.u are imagining things.
Kavya becomes disappointed.
Kavya: oh …I thought you love him…it would be and Sanky look great with each other.Whenever you guys look at each other it
Ragini starts thinking about it..
Kavya: But it’s OK..because I can try for him now.
Ragini: what?
Kavya: haa.he looks great with you.but if you are not interested then I can try.We will.look amazing

Ragini( confused):you will look amazing?
Kavya: I knew you will say that..(she kisses ragini on cheek). Thanks bacha..
Ragini: wait wait…di I was asking not confirming..
By then Kavya left.

Ragini cleans her dress and comes out..there was huge crowd….ragini couldn’t see anything..
One girl: I feel jealous.
Another girl: she is so lucky.
. ragini was confused..
Girl: I think she is New here.
Ragini clears the crowd but to her shock she sees Sanskar and Kavya kissing on the dance floor anger and tears flush Ragini to deep red.
Sanskar feels pain in his heart…he understands immediately that Ragini is somewhere in pain
He sees watching them..he was about to break the kiss but then laksh comes and stands next to Ragini and Sanskar firms his grip against Kavya …but still his eyes bored in to Ragini’s.

Haha I am late again but this time good news…I got a flat for myself…and my dad promised to pay half of the EMI for me…so I was busy with some work.

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