Nadaan dil (ragsan) epi 10

Hello yaar..This episode is dedicated to Suma and Edge Black..I know guys u r hating laksh..Major twist is coming ..Enjoy it…



Maya gets tensed on not finding ragini..she goes to sanskar..He was getting ready for performance..

Maya: sanskar did u see ragini..

He immediately gets tensed for ragini.

Sanskar: what no why..Is she okay?

Sahil: Chill maya baby she must be waiting some tables.

Maya: no sahil..Its actually laksh ..He called ragu..

Sanskar: Oh! Shit..(He slaps his forehead)Did they have any argument?

Maya: umm yeah..They had a big fight and laksh said some harsh words and they broke up.

Sanskar: What! This is bad maya..I need to search ragini..

He tries to go but sahil holds his hand..

Sanskar: sahil bro I know this is important performance but ragu is more important.I am sorry..

Sahil: stupid we cant let u go alone..ragini is our friend as well even we will come..Performance is not important..

Flickers and maya rush out to search for ragini….Sanskar goes home and searches all rooms frantically ..but ragu was not there..He asks everyone to go in different directions for ragini..Every moment sanskar’s heat beat was rising ..

He takes his car and searches for ragini..Finally he sees a small mob near a beach.

Sanskar: excuse me..What happened over there?

One person: Now a days youth is crazy..A girl tried to commit suicide because she broke up with her boyfriend …

Sanskar’s heart had a leap..

Sanskar: where is she..Is she okay?

Person: we took her to hospital..

Sanskar rushes towards his car ..In his tension he didn’t know what he was doing..In the way he collided with a bike and fell down ..Blood started oozing from his forehead but he neglected it and started running towards his car..He was feeling dizzy but still kept on driving and finally reached hospital…

Sanskar asks doctor..

Sanskar: doctor how is she..Suicide patient.

Doctor: oh ! her r u her boyfriend..

Sanskar nods in no..

Doctor: sorry but she is no more..

Sanskar falls down with a thud..

Sanskar: can I see her?

Doctor : yeah sure

He takes him inside..

Sanskar gets nervous..His hand trembles as he removes cloth from her face..It was someone else

He signs in relief ..

Sanskar : ragini..

He runs from there..He gets a call from sahil..

Sahil: sanskar maya called me ragini is at home..She is not well but she insisted that she wants to be alone..She forced maya out of the house..Maya was tensed so I am calling you..go home soon..

Sanskar: thanks buddy..

He rushes home …He sees ragini walking on the terrace wall..

He gets shocked ..

He rushes inside..several empty bottles of alcohol were lying on the floor..

He rushes upstairs and finds ragini completely drunk..

He pulls her towards himself and she falls on him..ragini was lying on top of him..

He cups her face..


Sanskar: you okay?

Ragini: why what u thought ur friend will leave me and I will cry for him..He said No one will love me..He is lying na..

Sanskar: yes ragini he is lying..No one can resist loving you..

Ragini: do you love me?

Sanskar hesitates…

Ragini: say u love me..

Sanskar: yes ragini I love you ..I love u more than my self..

Ragini: then prove it ..Show me your love..

Sanskar: this is wrong..u r not in senses..

Ragini: I know what I am doing..I love u sanskar..just do it..

She captures his lips with his..He tries to resist her but finally gives up ..Both shared passionate yet painfull kiss..Sanskar carries her in bridal style and takes her to the room ..He makes her lie down but she pulls him towards herself and sanskar falls on her..He was lost in her eyes and kisses her..Ragini holds his neck and drags the blanket on both of them..

Next morning ragini wakes but sanskar is not in room..Ragini removes the blanket but finds herself naked ..she gets shocked..she covers herself and holds her head..She remembers her break up and then her getting drunk..after that she is not able to remember anything..she stresses herself ..she remembers sanskar taking her to bed..She slaps her forehead and tears form in her eyes..


Here sanskar was very happy ..His ragini is now really his ..He remembers last night ..He buys flowers and chocolates for her..


Here ragini sits under shower crying.


She was grimacing about last night when he came inside..

Ragini: Why did u do that..How can u do that to me…Its hurting me..How can u hurt me..

She turns to face him but was shocked..

Ragini: Laksh?

It was laksh standing there holding his ears..

He comes and hugs her..

Laksh: Missed u so much..

Ragini suddenly felt uncomfortable with his touch..

She breaks the hug..

Ragini: laksh how ..what..

Laksh: Oh! Yeah..sorry baby ..Actually it was a prank..Last night when I called you I was in dubai airport..I was coming home.I thought to play a prank..

Ragini: Prank?

Laksh: haa otherwise how can I come from US in 8 hours..

Ragini: but you said they gave u good job and all..

Laksh: they did give me..Good job,good salary but (he cups her face) you r more important to me..So I left the job..You r my life ragini..

Ragini gets overwhelmed..Here this guy left everything his, career and his job for her and she slept with another guy..She felt guilty..

He hugs her again..ragini was lost in thoughts but she hears something falling..

She looks at the door..Sanskar was standing there..A bouquet of flowers had fallen down and tears were rolling down his cheeks..


Epi ends


Precap: not decided…


So guys…don’t kill me ….everyone started hating laksh na…I already told u in intro that this story is about a girl who misunderstands people easily and takes wrong decisions.. and two guys who love her equally..Here laksh and sanskar both love ragini more than their lives.both r not wrong..Its ragini’s mindset who hurts both of them ..So don’t hate laksh..He is sincere here..but don’t worry its ragsan story..

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  1. Amazing!!!

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks manu

  2. MKRS

    Shri surely I will kill you if you hurt sanskar. Anyways Fabulous chappy dr. Update My side story.

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks yaar …sorry I will hide because Sanky will be hurt

  3. Superb di… Nice twist..

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks ria.i will soon end one of my ff ..then I will post LET ME LOVE U FF regularly

  4. Plz update let me love u plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz……….

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Neethu i will soon end one of my ff ..then I will post LET ME LOVE U FF regularly

  5. Awesome o my sanskar is crying???

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks keerthi

  6. Superb y this laksh came now? Hate laksh the way I hate swara.

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Maha but sorry yaar this was necessary

  7. Thanks Shri for posting such an amazing episode,…Wow..what a twist….you actually gave me a 100 volt shock by changing Laksh’s character to this extent…Poor Ragini confused with her emotions and feeling very bad for Sanskar…..I just hope this story ends with a happily ever after Ragsan but not before you write at-least 50 parts of this….:)
    And BTW thank you for mentioning my name in the beginning…It means a lot… Waiting for more amazing parts…..Keep Writing…Best wishes….

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much dear…u have been supporting this story from start……..

  8. God!!!!! Its an amazing episode ????? and iam shocked that laksh played prank ?????? now can’t see Ragu suffer with guilt …????????????? Now eagerly waiting for next part ?? can’t see sanskar hurt ?????

    Thanks for dedicating Shri muaaaaah ??????

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Suma u ??

  9. Amazing dear
    Shocking twist.
    Now what will ragini gonna do? post soon.

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks vani ..let’s see

  10. Awesome.

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      Thanks ragsan

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks vini

  11. Awesome. Very interesting. Don’t hurt sanskar more.

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Ishu ..but sorry

    2. Superb amazing twist.

  12. Amazing

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      Thanks aleeza

  13. Awesome yaar. Y Y are you giving this pain to sanskar. Poor boy???? update my side story soon.

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Aditi

  14. Omg sissy within a day you broke sanky’s heart into pieces. Hope princess should remember sanky’s confession. Hey laksh what’s the need to came here now. Because of you MY RAGSAN are in pain. Sissy can’t wait to read. update ASAP. Update my side story and this one soon.

  15. Just wanna say waiting for next update.

  16. A12345

    Awesome loved it

  17. I’m not hate laksh in your ff. I always hate him to core of my heart after seen his behaviour with ragini in SR. Btw awesome.

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  20. Ossssssssooooooommmmmmmm yaar. Feeling very bad for ragsan but more than this feeling pity for Lakshji??

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  29. VarShaJat

    Oh my god.. Sanskar must be feeling very bad..
    Shit what wi happen..
    Amazing update

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