Nadaan dil (epi 5)

Hello everyone .I have observed that nowadays very few ragsan ff are there so I thought I will try my best to give updates.Also some people are irritating a lot so thought to show that they can never affect us .NO MATTER WHAT RAGSAN IS THE MOST HEAVENLY COUPLE TO ME.So let us start.

Ragini who now know sanskar’s past is completely broken.
Ragini: no wonder his voice ,his eyes depicts so much pain poor sanskar .
After one month .Ragsan became good friends and laksh became so busy that he started ignoring ragini.
It was a holiday for Maya and ragini so they had a get together party at sanskar’s house.
ragini kept staring at sanskar. He was laughing with his band.Maya who observed this came to her.
Maya: what happened.
Ragini: Sanskar .So much pain he has hidden within himself but still how can he smile.
Maya: that is his band .Arjun , sahil, laksh shower so much love on him that he is fine.You know ragini he feels so lonely like a scared kid without them.
Ragini nods.
Arjun comes in there and back hugs maya.
Ragini who did not want to interrupt them goes to the balcony.Before going she sees laksh he was busy on his phone.
Sadly she goes upstairs. Lonely she looks at the stars.Her phone rings.It was kavya .
Ragini: hii di .
Kavya: what happened baccha .You sound dull.
Ragini: nothing di .I am fine.
Kavya: Hello madam I am your di.Any fights with laksh.
Ragini: no di actually laksh became very busy with work.
Kavya: so your feeling lonely.Hey shall I come there .Then I can meet that Sanskar .
Ragini imagined both of them together and didn’t like the scene.
Ragini: no.I mean I have college and I wont be able to spend time .
Kavya: so I will spend time with sanskar.
Ragini: No even he will be out of town for some months.
Kavya: ok baba .I will call you later.
She kisses ragu and cuts the call.
Ragini taps her head with phone .
Ragini:sorry di. For lying.
.suddenly a cup comes infront of her.
She turn around thinking its laksh and hugs the person but it was sanskar.
She holds him tightly and hugs him more closely.
Ragini: I missed you so much.Nowadays u r ignoring me
Sanskar felt as if his heart was in some other world .Her being so close to him was just like holding an angel.But this was wrong.
Sanskar: hmm. Ragini.
Ragini realized it was not laksh and broke the hug immediately .
Both composed themselves
He forwards the glass.
She takes it hesitatingly.He comes closer to her and shrugs his shoulders continuously.Ragini is confused.He continues doing so.
Ragini: what Sanskar what happened.
Sanskar: nothing I was just reminding you ki we r friends now and you can use my shoulder to share your pain.
He looks into her eyes.
Sanskar: anything ragini.
Ragini smiles and leans on his shoulder by placing her head on his shoulder.
Ragini: you know what Sanskar My di kavya ran away from house at the age of 16 to pursue her modeling career.She was not successful and dad used to taunt her a lot.She is very close to me .everyone saw her like a loser .But di she never lost hope she didn’t come back and still even today she is struggling to succeed one day. She is very strong.
She looked into his eyes hesitating and he held her hand tightly assuring her to go ahead
Ragini: I am not that strong.I left my house for laksh .What if laksh leaves me.What If I lose?If laksh leaves me I will break down .I wont have any hope to live without him.
Sanskar’s heart pained to hear her taking about laksh.
Sanskar: ragini .Nothing of that sort will ever me Laksh loves you a lot.
Ragini smiles and hugs him.
Both go down and here everyone was watching movie while laksh was busy on his mobile.
They joined others and were watching movie .Suddenly laksh came running and hugged ragini.
Laksh : ragini I am so happy .
Everyone along with ragsan were not understanding anything.
Laksh: silly me Guess what I am selected for the most important project team.
Ragini becomes happy and hugs him .Sanskar feels a pang of pain
Ragini: congrats laksh.I am so happy.
Laksh: u know what I have to go to New York tomorrow for this project God I am so excited.
The smile on ragini’s face faded .
Ragini: you r leaving for New York?
Laksh: yes baby .
Ragini: then wht about me?
Laksh: what ? you will stay here .
Ragini: without you?
Laksh: baby its just a matter of one week I will be back.
Ragini: but lak..
Laksh: ragini I have a early flight tomorrow so please pack my luggage.Good night.
Everyone present there including sahil was able to see her pain which laksh failed to notice
They left without saying anything.
Ragini collapsed on the couch and clutched her heart.
Sanskar who couldn’t see her like that sits next to her.
Ragini was staring into the space.
Sanskar put his arm around her.
He knew this was her worst nightmare.
She immediately hugged him tightly and broke down .
Sanskar wrapped his arms around her protectively and consoled her.
Ragini: this is what I feared sanskar.
Sanskar: ragini you r over reacting laksh will be back in 1week .dont worry.
Ragini: Its not about 1 week sanskar Its that I don’t know anyone here.I came here trusting him .If he is going leaving me ..I am scared sanskar .
Sanskar: So you don’t trust me.
Ragini looked into his eyes.
Ragini: I didn’t mean that.
Sanskar smiled .Ragini relieved .
Sanskar: pagal ragini .Till laksh comes I will make sure you don’t feel scared and you are safe .
She hugs him tightly and burries her head in his shoulder.


Precap: ragsan story starts .

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