Nach Baliye-8: My views on the result

Nach Baliye-8: My views on the result
Hey guys today its Saturday again and I am missing Nach Baliye very badly…..what the status at your end???? I am missing everything from amazing dance performances, the love between couples, the friendship between all the participants, saas aunty’s various ways to convince Sonakshi, Mohit’s dancing and everything linked to it NB-8.
Well I am mainly here to talk about the unfair results of Nach Baliye-8. First I would like to clarify that I am not here to offend anyone or bash any couple but just to express my view. I know I am very late, firstly because I was held up with things and secondly I was two minds about writing this.
I follow dancing reality shows like Nach Baliye, Jhalak and the like very closely and so purely based on dancing talent I feel Sanam and Abigail (Abinam) should have been the rightful winners instead of Divyanka and Vivek (Divek). Many of you will argue that Sanam was already a professional dancer but that meant he had already set his standard so high….and then they kept on raising it with each and every performance…..and not to forget Abigail was a non-dancer.
They had performed Khatak only in the second week….and that too with utmost perfection. Being a classical dancer myself, I can tell its damn difficult to perfect it within 3-4 days and that to on a western song (Kala Chashma)….I thought Sanam must be trained in Classical dancing but when I researched, I got to know that he is trained in western dance forms and not in Indian Classical……
And then their first 30 with Baarish was really a fantastic act….even Malaika Arora was spellbound by it….well I also had liked the Humari Adhuri Kahaani Act of DiVek as well as their Ghagra had where Vivek had opted for MJ style…it was well attempted…..but then Abinam had performed on Pehla Nasha Pehla Khuma and it was blissful…..the way they had used the background artists as props was really commendable…..and in the song (sorry I don’t remember its name), where the stage was transformed into a house set, he had used Abigail as his prop….lifting her, pulling, pushing and whatnot. It was their second perfect score….

Well Sanaya and Mohit (Monaya’s) few acts also need a mention….once Mohit had forgotten a few steps in one of the beginning episodes but after that their graph was also on a rise till the end…..remember the Bheegi Bheegi Raatein Act?….the one where they had almost played holi on the stage….was really too good…..and the act portraying the 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks and the Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar karega Horror Act still gives me goose bumps….I see those scenes flashing in front of my eyes whenever I hear Kaun Tujhe till date….
Divyanka had not performed in one episode (it was a health issue so no complains), but Vivek had been really fantastic in that episode….if they had continued in the same way, then maybe I wouldn’t have regretted their winning….but Divyanka had again messed up in one of her act (when Ruhi had come to wish her mother’s day.) ‘The chairs were shaking’ is not an excuse come on….
Then there was Kabaab mein Haadi episode (choreographers performing with the couple), Abhinam had scored their third 30 with a mesmerizing performance on the song from Kurbaan and Terence had even come down to stage and was wishing to touch sanam’s feet; and Mohit had again proven himself with Jadti Jawaani meri Chaal Mastani…sanaya is already a good dancer, she was Jhalak Finalist…..DiVek’s performance on Tune Maari was fairly good though…..and the act where Vivek had proposed Divyanka was good…..(Tu n Jaane aaj paas hai khuda, if I am not wrong)….I’ll have to give them that….
Then next week’s challenge was dancing with professional groups….the Remo challenge….all the couples (I mean all others as well) had performed exceedingly well here…..Divek on Malhari were really fantastic….and Monaya with Banjara Girls on Roshni se (My personal favorite group) were fab specially that solo portion by Mohit…..but again the show stealer remained Abinam….they had performed with ‘13.13 group’. I have seen a few performances by this group and trust me it’s damn difficult to copy their style called “Urban Hip Hop”
Then we come to the last few weeks……Judge’s Challenge weeks…. Everyone had done extremely well in Terence’s challenge….Monaya’s Paso Doble was the best one for me but DiVek’s Tandav was on the same level….and I won’t start on Abhinam again….it was their fourth perfect score…..
Mohit’s Challenge was also really interesting, as the couples were given such themes which were completely opposite to their real life relationships….in that all the four couples had scores 30/30, but the performance of the day was Abhinam’s once again……
Sonakshi’s challenge

Divek’s was ok ok at that level of competition….Abhinam had again the highest score…..they were connected via touch and the concept of bad dream was really really thrilling and unexpected…..
Finally the last performance where there were judged only by the people the “janta” and not by judges….this is where the tables turned and Divek won…. They have won merely due to popularity and not because of their dancing…. Opting aerial act was a risk; the concept of Divek dancing among the fish was innovative but should have been used in earlier episodes and not in finals. There was very less of dancing in it….In finale, you should play with your strengths and going back to hardcore dancing is a wise choice which both the other pairs did….Monaya nailed it with Oye Oye (remember they used mirrors as their props?) and Abhinam gave a tribute to mothers….it was really heart touching (and full of dance as well)
Finale performances were without any scores (from judges and audience) and so it was ok if Divek opted for a simple romantic rain dance….few lifts were really good though….but Abhinam again resorted to hardcore dancing….even Sona n Terence had to say we see u as winners……
The BEST PART of the Finale for me was the FACE OFF between the finalist… was pure hardcore dancing for those 3 minutes……I was really really impressed by Divek’s Tango, but then Abhinam came next and I knew who deserved the trophy……
So these are my reason why Abhinam should have been the winner….and second place to Monaya for they had come up with such unique concepts and tried new things every time….also Shoika (Shoib and Deepika) were the most consistent performers throughout the season with their graph always increasing….
I don’t hold any grudges against any of the couple or I didn’t mean to insult or bash anybody through this article….
Congratulations Divek for Winning Nach Baliye-8. You guys are very popular and you banked on your fans to make you win and which is what happened….but still this is a DANCE SHOW and so only based on dancing skill, for me Abhinam deserved this trophy….
Thanks for reading, if you actually read my analysis till the end….


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  1. VHM

    I actually support your views…i like singing reality shows as i am a trained classical singer…that doesn’t mean i don’t watch dance reality shows …i started watching after 2-3 episodes of Nach baliye was aired and then on i was going gaga over Sanam and Abigail……they deserved to win…as a layman in dance not knowing what perfection of dance means i rooted for abnam jodi ….and if it’s a dance show then let dance win over favoritism….this applies to dance or singing reality shows…at the end of day it’s the art that wins not the person …if everyone can understand this then it would be blissful

    1. Nita D

      Ya well said that…..and that us why I finally wrote this article…..
      Trained classical singer…..Wow that came as a surprise…..see that is why I was telling ki kuch toh hum baccho ke liye chod do….
      Anyway, trained in Carnatic music or Hindustani music??

      And answering your question, I am trained in BharatNatyam…..

      1. VHM

        trained in Carnatic music…….awesome one dear…you are multi-talented

      2. Nita D

        Carnatic…Wow…Even Bharathanatiyam follows Carnatic music system….
        Na di…i don’t know that much….u r multi talented….Meri Wo list yaad hai na??N to add to that list, I am sure u must be a super cool mom too….

  2. Aarti32

    I agree wid u gurl!!
    Divek won due to popularity at d first place..
    If only dancing was wud hv been abinam, monaya or shoika..coz they hv performed very well..
    Divek didn’t hv DAT level of week divyanka didn’t perform (but Vivek was superb in dat act) one week was d 3 ka tadka week she became Helen they didn’t hv DAT strong dancing..

    1. Nita D

      Agreed. Even I had these 3 couples and the same ranks in the order u have mentioned….
      Others have been trying out so many new things as compared to DiVek and so oh on dancing ability I felt that they should have won….
      But thx for commenting n sharing your views….

  3. True ? .. I totally agree with this .. this is a dance show ..

    1. Nita D

      Yup…Thx for sharing your views….

  4. Maryam

    You are absolutely Right dear..!! Though I was not a regular viewer of NB but whenever I do watch that I was spell bound with Sanam n Abigal Dance..!! They were Great..!! Vivek n Diviyanka were also good but Abhinam were the Best..!! They actually deserve the trophy..!! But as we all know Divek has a greater fan following so they won bcz of that but never mind its never the End..!!

    1. Nita D

      Yup. Abhinam were best….Even Asthvik (asha n rithwik- NB-6 winners) had a large fan following, but looking at their journey, that win was well deserved….
      Nach baliye has always given fair judgements be it amir-sanjeeda, jay-mahi, Asthvik or himanshu-amruta….so this time such unfair result is disturbing….
      But anyways, thx for commenting n sharing your views….

  5. Fenil

    Yes Nitu u r right.

    Divek won because of huge fans followers not by dance.

    AbiNam and Monaya is perfect in last each performance.i love these pairs.

    I follow only Jhalak Dikhlaja because there is my Madhuri Ma’am.

    Truly AbiNam deserves trophy.

    1. Nita D

      Same pinch Fenil….Even I started watching NB because of Madhuri ma’am, but then I continued watching it as I liked it….
      Even my favourites were Abhinam n Monaya….

      BTW thx for sharing your views….

  6. I agree with you all
    I am no one to comment on dancing skills in particular as I don’t know about any kind of dance form. I can’t decide anything but still I can judge things/evident flaws even if I am unaware. I mean a general person will like everything in the name of entertainment.
    Moreover I never watched NB, but I came across promos about most of the acts.
    From there itself I could feel the performances of other couples were much better. Frankly DiVek weren’t a ‘win-win couple’. May be people won’t believe but I have really liked DT as an actor. I appreciate that, but I am not a blind fan. I stand by what is right
    I can understand it was all about voting, but still it wasn’t fair decision for a dance reality show

    1. Nita D

      Even I stand by the fact that Divyanka is one of the finest actress we have in our industry, and if it would have been an acting show I would have definitely voted for her but when it’s a dance show, it’s only fair that the couple with best dancing shows should win…..
      But thx for commenting n sharing your views…..

  7. To those who are not happy with Divek’s win,
    Why you people did not vote for your respective contestants? It was just about giving a missed call to vote them. It doesn’t require money to give a missed call. First you did not vote and shouting now over results.. To be true, you thought there are more people voting. Nothing will matter if I don’t vote.
    Grow up guys.

    1. Nita D

      Hey dear Tanu….Well FIY I have voted for Abhinam in each of the episodes with everyone’s mobiles at my home….and if I am as a trained dancer myself, I can at least express my views about what I think should be the result of a dancing show which should be won by dancing talent rather than popularity…..

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