Nach Baliye 8 18th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Nach Baliye 8 18th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today on Semifinal, Judges will play game with Sridevi. The Top 3 finalist Jodi will give their best to reach finale next week. Karan Tacker welcomes everyone on Nach Baliye season. Mohit congratulates all 3 finalist for reaching finale and says you are true winners to reach this end. Sonakshi says our responsibility as a judge is finished today, and you have reached here based on our scores, but audience will decide the best among you three.

Karan Tacker welcomes Sridevi on stage. Sonakshi welcomes her on the show and dedicates a dance performance for her on the song hava havaii……Terence dances on the song Taaki Taaki Taaki Re…Mohit dances on the song Rang Bhare Tere Badal Se….Karan says our judges are big fans of Sridevi and they dedicate performance for her. Sridevi says it is unbelievable

and she is still in shock.
YHM Family comes to cheer for DiVek. Ruhi makes her eat sugar and curd. Adi hugs Divyanka and asks her to rock.


They dance on the song Hasti Rahe Tu Hasti Rahe..Saathiya ……………….from the film “SAATHIYA”. They do aerial dance infront of the fish aquarium.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says your concept of under water was so good and says she is personally a water baby herself, and I was lost in this world. She says this act have tapped your personality, sweet, romantic, cute. Everyone fell into place. She says I am very happy that you have done this act today and I am very happy that you both are here today.

Mohit: No Comments.

Terence: says your rise has been a very slow and steady graph and the graph has been fantastic. I can tell surely that your performance was beautiful, and I am proud that you are standing here and deserve to be here. He wishes them best.

Sridevi: says I loved it. Both of them were looking small cute fishes. Beautiful performance.

Divyanka says you are my favorite since my childhood, and says I was grown up watching you. She says you are world’s best actress and request to dance with her. Sridevi and Divyanka dance together on the song Morni Baaga Maa….

Karan freezes the moment in a selfie.

YHM Family come on the stage and hug Divyanka. Karan asks Shagun how did she like the performance. Shagun says performance was fantastic. Divyanka is working hard and you guys truly deserving.

Karan asks what your win means to you. Vivek says their anniversary is coming on June 8th and if they win the trophy then it will be a gift for each other. He says Divyanka has many awards, but I don’t have even one. This will be the first joint award of ours. Sonakshi says your lifetime achievement award is standing next to you.


They dance on the song Meri Maa ……………….from the film “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR”. After the performance, they go to their mums and hug emotionally, thanking them.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says honestly I didn’t see a dance, but a prayer today. Whenever we have our final exam, we pray to God, but you prayed to your mum and in my perception, mum is big than God. You are a strongest dancers and will be always ahead in life for this tribute to your mum.

Mohit: says you made me cry today. There are no scores today, but I am glad that you have dedicated a performance for your mum.

Sanam tells that he has two elder sisters and his mum is a single mum and says he will obey her, asks her to live like a queen, had enough work.

Sridevi : says I am speechless, it was dangerous and difficult act which you have done so easily. She says amazing, I think you are close to your mum. There is nothing more than mum’s love and every girl is incomplete without mum and without becoming mum.

Terence: No Comments.

Karan calls Sridevi and the judges on the stage and asks them to play dumb charades on Sridevi’s movie names.

Raqesh Vashisth and Riddhi Dogra. Sanaya says Riddhi is their lucky charm and used to give them numbers when they used to come to watch us in rehearsals. Raqesh is like a father who wants us to win, as they couldn’t, laughs.


They dance on the song Oye Oye Oye Oye…Gajar Ne Kiya Hai Ishara ……………….from the film “AZHAR”.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says you have grown as a dancer and your journey have just started and you have proved that you deserves to be in finale.

Mohit: says they have reached finals saying baby baby and today there are many babies in their act. He says you have given me a complete journey.

Terence: He says in mirror act, the big challenge is you have to be very careful with camera directions and the camera is moving with you. He says it was very difficult act, and you have performed well.

Sridevi : says you have enjoyed well in your act and I have enjoyed too. Like Sonakshi says, it is a dhakkad performance. Karan says your journey was amazing and this performance is unique.

Sanam tells Sridevi that they wanted to perform for her. All the top 3 jodis perform on the song. Sonakshi thanks Sridevi for gracing Nach with her presence. Sridevi says thanks and leave. Karan says we will meet next week for Grand Finale.

Moment of the day: Sridevi dancing on Morni song.

Finale on next week.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I really dont want tis divek to win de show, even i feel like she cheated and reached finale. If she wins it shows that she has fixed cz abinam nd monaya are damn strong dancing couples. Even shoika s far better than tis stupid damcers i wish they reached finals instead of tis bad dancers. Tis s juz my opinion frm dance point of view not to offend anyone.

  2. I think DIVEK is the only one to deserve this trophee….Coz they are the noe couple who got less time to practise..bcoz of tight shedule of divyanka..they are the only one couple who worked hard….and in case of dancing…Ya they were weak dancers …but it was before …not now…now they are really good dancers….even Terence sir also admit it that they are gud dancers…..they deserve to win this show….
    guys plzz vote for divek

    1. very true Jesilshra ! They proved they can take this challenge and deserves to win the trophy comparing to Sanam Abhigail and Monaya .Sanam himself is a choreographer and even then most appealing and graful to millions of audience is Divek . I wish them the trophy !

  3. DIVEK is da only couple who diserves this trophy! Best of luck divek!!

  4. I wish dive win they r totally deserving

  5. I totally agree with nanny I too felt the same.shoaika would have been in semifinals than deepika is not do famous as divyanka in starplus she got eliminated.everu body knows divek reached this level only based o. Their popularity not based on dance to which the show is existing.its not fair at all.divek is good acting and not at dancing.monaya and Abigail is the most worthful couples to be in finale.

  6. if dancing is the factor then Abigail Sanam are the best Monaya are on the show bcoz of popularity ,Divek is every time safe bcoz they are in Ekta Kapoor’s serial & this show is also of Ekta.I am sure Divek will definitely win which is not fare as Abigail sanam are best in dancing.
    I m not fan of Divek,Monaya or Sanam abigail I just watch this show only for dance

  7. I wish Abinam should win but I dont think they will win due to these popularity issues

  8. I want Divek to win …. To start with when I heard Divek is participating NB8 , I felt they should not ! Due to many reasons . But they really proved . This is a competetion . They really worked hard and deserves to be the winner than Monaya and Abhigail . Divek is given low marks in couple of times where they deserved . Shiv Tandavam was really one of their best performance . Really among all the contestants Siddharth and Srithi did the best also Brest and Aashka . Now they are not there Divek stands all chances …. they are graceful and it was very appealing to millions of audience . I wish all the best to Divek and pray for them

    1. Nach Baliye Fan?

      Even in many situations abhinam could not have got because they don’t let so much of mistake happened.i truly understand divyanka has a tight schedule but then if it was so difficult at the first place she should not have joined only
      And secondly sanam and abhigail are not so famous .I agree they are but not as much as divyanka so definetly this wont be judged on the bask of dance but on popularity.It clearly visible to everyone.I have no problem in divyanka and Vivek winning .Yes they have given their best and the proved themselves but if u are checking all the unique and different dance styles .different concepts and Importantly abhigail not being a dancer to now matching with sanam I feel abhinam deserves more than divek.

      No rude comments pleae .just kept my point of view

  9. Abinam should win

  10. In my opinion all three are winners. On whatever basis they have reached the finals if you say Divek should not win – they have worked hard with no dancing skills, Abinam – he is a choreographer and it comes natural for him. Abi – non dancer has matched up with him by working hard. Mohit is a non dancer but Sannai is excellent dancer to they are all made for each other and may the best one win.

  11. Sanaya and Mohit should win

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