Nach Baliye 7 7th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 7th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

This week Nach Baliye starts with Rithvik announcing that Preity won’t be here on Nach Baliye, because of some personal reasons. He tells Karan is also not here as he has gone for his honeymoon. He welcomes everyone, judges Chetan and Marzi, and special guests. ABCD 2 star cast come and perform on the song. Remo is the celebrity for tonight along with Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan. He says this ABCD film is for all…..for all the talented people. Rithvik shows the clipping of ABCD film. Varun Dhawan promotes the film ABCD 2.

Rithvik says Preity is not with us unfortunately, but we have Remo sir who will judge the show. Chetan says I wish Marzi would have been absent today. Marzi says silent is the answer to dash dash dash……and laughs. Chetan says

Marzi’s size have gone half as Remo is here.

Rithvik talks about the love challenge, Dil Se…..about sorry and thank you….Sharad apologizes to Mrunal at first and tells about Mrunal. Rithvik asks Shraddha, about the worst pick up line. Shraddha says Varun is my childhood crush and tells that when she was 8 years old. She decided to confess her feelings to Varun and took him to mountain. She tells you love I……And he replied no and walks off. She says he basically hurt my heart. Varun says when we met again after 4 years and I had a crush on her. He says now our love is ABCD 2.

1. Sharad and Mrunal:

They dance on the romantic song Kabhi Jo Badal Barse………from the film JACKPOT.

Judges’ Comments:

Remo says choreography is good. He says this act was flowing. It was clean and beautiful overall.

Marzi says I saw you doing this for first time. This was nice. He complimented Sharad and Mrunal.

Varun says the way you danced, it shows respect and love between you.

Shraddha says I think this is lovely and the coordination was good. I liked the performance.

Chetan says you can dancer also in your resume. Your act was balanced and it was nice.

Scores: Chetan – 9, Marzi – 9, Remo – 9 = Total 27.

Mrunal tells Varun, that you are a complete package and says I have a crush on him (says sorry to Sharad). She asks Varun to dance with her. Varun dances with her on the song Palat………..Sharad joins them.

Rithvik tells about the shake and move contest, and the winner will get a chance to dance on the Nach Baliye finale episode.

2. Nandish and Rashmi:

Rithvik asks Nandish, why you wants to hear sorry from Rashmi. Nandish says Rashmi says sorry only sometimes. Shraddha says guys are egoistic and doesn’t say sorry. Rithvik says if guys are egoistic, the girls are tantrum queens. Nandish says I wants to hear sorry from her, when she experimented with the food and I had to eat it. Rashmi says I won’t cook food. Nandish asks her to thank him, as he used to hear her arguments(chik chik).

They dance on the song Ladke O Re Ladke………..Ghagra from the film YEH JAWANI HAI DEEWANI.

Judges’ Comments:

Remo says it was good. I saw Nandish dancing for the first time. I saw Rashmi’s dance before. Good job.

Marzi says Rashmi’s performance was not impactful and timing was not good. He asks Nandish why did he drop Rashmi at the end of performance.

Varun says I am fan of Rashmi and she has lot of aggression. She loves dancing.

Shraddha says it is power packed performace. You complimented each other.

Chetan says your coordination was off at one point, otherwise it was good.

Scores: Marzi – 7, Chetan – 8, Remo – 7. Total 22.

Rithvik calls Nandish’s parents and welcomes them. Nandish’s dad says it was khatta meetha relation before, but now it is getting sweeter. Nandish’s mum prays for their togetherness. She says Rashmi is like daughter to her and she doesn’t need anything. Rashmi says I am blessed, my mummy ji never made me work at home. They treat me like a princess and have thick bond with her.

3. Payal and Sangram:

Rithvik asks him about wanting to hear sorry and thank you from Payal. Sangram says she gets ready on time. Payal laughs. They act as junglee, tribal people.

They perform on nakka mukka…… song from the film DIRTY PICTURE.

Judges’ Comments:

Remo says you were looking sweet, it needs aggression and energy. Payal was fantastic and expression was good. He says Sangram did a good job.

Marzi says I liked your first pose and nice opening. Your costumes are nice. He asks Sangram to work harder.

Chetan says I love Sangram emotionally. He says beat of african music didn’t work out here. This is not the best of the seven performance you have done.

Varun says Sangram is tremendous and nation’s pride.

Scores: Remo – 7, Chetan- 7, Marzi – 6 Total 20.

Sangram tells the poetry……Varun says I loves wrestling. He picks Sangram in his arms.

Rithvik jokes about Marzi. Everyone laughs. Marzi tells poetry.

4. Upen and Karishma:

Rithvik asks Upen to tell the incident for which Karishma needs to say sorry and thank you to you. Upen says she didn’t do anything to say sorry. I loves her. Rithvik says Upen is bowled over by her.

They dance on the song Saath Samundar Paar Me Tere………from the film VISHWATMA.

Judges’ Comments:

Remo says there was a lot of energy in the act, opening was good. Two lifts was wow. You managed well and it was very nice, superb act. He asks Karishma to stretch her legs more during the act.

Shraddha says it was good.

Varun says I am biased about Upen. He says timing and grace was nice.

Marzi says nice opening. He says lift was lovely one, style was missing somewhere, otherwise it was good.

Chetan says your techinique is good. Tday I felt like a boy and a girl dancing.

Scores: Marzi – 8, Remo – 8, Chetan – 9. Total 25.

Upen thanks Karishma and says she is a wonderful partner. I want to sing for her. Rithvik says we don’t have strength to hear your singing. Remo says Shraddha will sing today on National TV.

Shraddha sings sun saathiya mahiya barsa de……She wishes Karishma and Upen, a happy married life. Rithvik asks to bring bitter laddoo and motichur (sweet) laddoo. He asks questions from Upen. Rithvik asks why a groom drink milk before suhaagraat. Upen says for strength. Rithvik asks why all the brides sit with their veil on the face. Upen says so that husband pick up the veil. Rithvik asks what you would do if the door is not locked before the suhaag raat. Upen says he will change his room. Rithvik asks when they will get married. Upen says at the end of year. Marzi asks Raghav to dance on the song.

5. Amruta and Himanshu:

Himanshu tells Amruta sees movies so many times and asked me to go to other room. Amruta says sorry and thank him, and says I will do what I wish. Himanshu says she is very stubborn.

They dance on the song Monica……..Maine Hoton Se Lagayi Toh…..Hungama….from the film QUEEN.

Judges’ Comments:

Remo says this was a complete act, energy, dancing expressions etc. are good.

Marzi says iconic song. I think you are awesome. Your energy was good, but controlled.

Chetan says Himanshu looks like 70’s hero and it really worked for you. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Amruta.

Rithvik asks Remo about his love story. Remo’s wife comes on stage. Remo tells about their love story. He proposes his wife Lizelle. A video clipping of his sons is shown. Lizelle praises Remo.

Varun says this is best act for him till now.

Shraddha says well done guys.

Scores: Marzi – 9, Chetan – 10, Remo – 10 = Total 29.

Varun performs an act. Rithvik asks him to teach Rohit too. Rohit couldn’t perform. Aishwarya asks him to come back and they have to perform now.

6. Aishwarya and Rohit:

Rohit says Aishwarya should thank me as I proposed her. Aishwarya thanks him as she got fantastic husband.

They dance on the song I Hate You….Tere Pyaar Me Kardiya Deewana……..from the film DELHI BELLY.

Judges’ Comments:

Remo says technical wise, dancing, coordination, were missing, but feel was good.

Marzi says feel good song, feel good attitude, but not dance. He says execution was less. He asks them to work harder.

Chetan says I felt the feel, nice, lets’ carry on.

Scores: Marzi – 6, Chetan – 8, Remo – 7. Total 21.

Varun and Shraddha come on the stage. Varun tells that he wants to do so much. He thanks Shraddha and gives her a red rose. Shraddha blushes. They leave after promoting their film ABCD 2. Rithvik promotes Dance Plus.

Smart Jodi of the week is Himanshu and Amruta and get a dinner set and gift cheque.

Rithvik calls Sangram and Payal on the stage and says there are today’s lowest scorer.

Sangram and Payal.

Chetan says you have won everyone’s heart. We didn’t know that you could dance, but you danced really well and reached here. Sangram says it is not the end, but a new beginning for a better. He takes a selfie with others.

Rithvik tells about three wild card entry jodis. He asks all guys to do their partner’s makeup and hairdo in the love challenge.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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