Nach Baliye 7 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

This episode of Nach Baliye have started with laundary man of the hotel collecting tshirts from guys’ room. Sangram says it seems they are collecting tshirt for some purpose. Everyone asks laundary man to wash tshirt well. Rithvik welcomes the viewers on Nach Baliye season 7 and tells about the today’s task for the couples. He talks about the khushbu and pyaar challenge.. Sangram says he can’t take anything lightly after the car accident. Rithvik says this tshirt is an important part of the love challenge. He asks Jai about his experience. Jai says he was feeling safe. Dipesh says he was feeling safe as he is with Sangram. He asks the girls to identify their partner shirts by smelling it and tells the rules. They are asked to put the heart in the bag kept behind the tshirt. If they identify

correctly then they will win the challenge. Himanshi’s partner tells about him.

Rithvik asks the gals to smell the tshirt and identity the partner’s tshirt in the love test. He asks them to lift the tshirt and smell it. He asks the gals to keep the heart on it, if they identify the tshirt. Upen says Karishma doesn’t do any task. Karishma smells the tshirt and puts the heart on the identified tshirt. Sana smells the tshirt and puts the heart on the identified tshirt. Rithvik and others tease her.

All the guys enjoy seeing the girls smelling the tshirt to pass the love challenge test. Aishwarya smells the tshirt and says she is confused. She puts the heart on the bag. Himanshu’s partner comes next and smells the tshirt. Rithvik makes fun of them. Rashmi comes and plays the game. Rithvik takes out heart from the bag and says it is smilie’s partner tshirt. Rithvik takes out heart from the bag and congrats for identifying the tshirt. Jai’s wife couldn’t identify well. Rithvik says congrats to Aishwarya for identifying her husband’s tshirt.

Rithvik says we have reached at the last tshirt. He says four girls have kept 4 hearts and it happens to be Nandish’s tshirt. He shows other tshirt and says it is his. Sana and Neha have kept the hearts. Rithvik says Rashmi and Aishwarya are the winners. Rithvik says what we can’t see that camera can see. Our camera is third empire. He says we disqualify Nandish and Rashmi. He tells that Nandish gave her clue. Mrunal says Nandish asks her not to choose the one which is smelling good. Aishwarya wins the challenge with her husband.

Precap: Sharad Tripathi tastes the food and dislikes it. Aishwarya asks him to respect for their work.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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