Nach Baliye 7 28th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Nach Baliye 7 28th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s Nach Baliye starts with the girls dancing on a song. Karan brings laddo and gives to the jodis, saying it will change your life. Rithvik says it has side effect, you can’t get sleep. Karan says it is shaadi’s laddo. Rithvik says whoever eats this laddo or not will repent for sure. Karan says today’s theme is “shaadi ka laddoo“. Rithvik and Karan welcomes the judges Preity and Chetan. Rithvik welcomes celebrity judge Farah Khan. Karan says where is Marzi sir. Farah says Marzi is in shock after smelling Chetan’s socks, and he sent me here. Chetan says we, judges have decided that there will be no love power, or nach power, but only be dance power. Whoever dances good will stay, and there will be no immunity from

this week.

1. Aishwarya and Rohit:

They dance romantically on the song Dil Kyun Yeh Mera Shor Kare……………………….from the film KITES. They get standing ovation from some of the participants.

Judges’ Comments:

Farah says I came to know that you are line production from Preity, and asks him to join movies as an actor. She asks Aishwarya to keep her toes on floor while dancing. She says this is the best performance of yours.

Preity says this was very nice, sweet act. She says lift was good, and it was overall nice.

Chetan says you have started with tapori style, but now has become sophisticated. Rohit says now he is respected. Chetan says I like the act, and was giving 3D effect, lifts and everything was good. People who have 3D TV have enjoyed the act well.


Farah 8, Preity 8, Chetan 8. Total 24.

A comedian comes on stage and tries to bring laughter on everyone faces. He calls Rithvik, out of work star. Karan calls him cheap Salman khan. The comedian dances on Salman khan’s song.

Karan tells three weeks are left for finale, and no one will have any immunity.

Preity says she started her career working with Farah. Farah says my career as a choreographer ended then almost. Chetan tells that his job was about to end. Rithvik asks Chetan to dance. Preity says she wants to see him dancing.

2. Nandish and Rashmi:

Karan asks them about pre marriage and post marriage changes. Rashmi says it have a major change. They tell about their experience and changes. Rashmi says she gets ready for Nandish and wants her partner to appreciate and compliment her.

They dance superbly on the song Husn Mera Khatilana…………Mehbooba from the film SHOLAY.

Judges’ Comments:

Farah says Rashmi is mind blowing. You hold every beat, superb belly dancing. I didn’t see Nandish’s dance, and I was seeing Rashmi’s dance.

Preity says Rashmi is getting better, better and better. I like your set up and story. Good act.

Chetan says it is just fantastic.


Preity 9, Farah 9, Chetan 9. Total 27.

Rithvik and Karan ask Chetan and Farah to do an act. Chetan holds Rithvik on his back and walks off under the rope. Karan and Rithvik promote Dance plus.

3. Himanshu and Amruta:

They dance sensually in water baloon, on the song Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyaar Aaya Hai…………from the film HATE STORY 2.

Judges’ Comments:

Farah says what a dancer you are Amruta, and I can understand how much it was difficult to perform. I must say that it was moving fast, toes were pointed, bang on. It was sensuous and classy, and not cheap.

Chetan says I saw Amruta as Marathi girl, but my thinking has changed. It was very innovative to dance in water bubble.

Preity says you both are mind blowing together. She says it looks graceful, but was difficult to do. It was amazing.


Chetan 10, Farah 10, Preity 10. Total 30.

Karan requests Farah to dance with Preity. They dance on the song Piya Piya Re Piya Piya……..with all male participants.

4. Mayuresh and Ajisha:

They perform amazing aerial dance on the song Kurbaan Hua……………………from the film KURBAAN. They get standing ovation from all.

Judges’ Comments:

Farah says you have shaken all the acts. It is the best act and haven’t seen this kind of act. She says Mayuresh was doing without a harnest. She appreciates their dance. She says it was beautifully conceived and executed.

Preity says you guys are perfect and awesome.

Chetan says he can only dance like this in his imagination. He says today Nach was too much.


Preity 10, Chetan 10, Farah 10. Total 30.

Karan G.K questions to Mayuresh. He could answer some answers.

5. Upen and Karishma:

They dance sensuously on the song Jaane Do Naa……..Paas Aao Naa………..from the film SAAGAR. They dance in a small chocolate tub and get drenched in chocolate syrup.

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says if this chocolate is real and eats it from Karishma’s hand. He says he is doing this for Indian. He says I was just watching Karishma and didn’t know Upen was here. He says it has spice, and you people have showed courage in this act.

Farah says your dance was outstanding. She says you have used all the room, etc well. She says it was bold act, and looks sensual. It takes guts to do this and do well.

Preity says your song was good. She says Chemistry was good, and the way you executed, it was amazing.


Chetan 10, Preity 10, Farah 10. Total 30.

6. Sana and Dipesh:

They perform jazz dance form on the song My name is Sheila…….Sheila ki Jawaani…..from the film TEES MAAR KHAN.

Judges’ Comments:

Preity says you both are fab. She says Sana is a fabulous dancer. Today your dance was good.

Farah says she knows Deepu from childhood, and she says she is very proud of him. She tells Sana is a star, and outstanding.

Chetan says Sana is hot like a sun. The concept was naughty, good and had many lifts.


Preity 9, Farah 9, Chetan 10. Total 28.

Special performance by Nach Baliye 7 challenger held recently in Dubai. Anoop and Athira perform on a song. Rithvik says they reach here, by winning the competition. Preity says it was amazing. Farah likes it. Chetan says it was a nice act.

Karan tells today’s Elimination is Aishwarya and Rohit. Rohit says it was fun to dance on Nach Baliye. He says he didn’t know when he will dance with Aishwarya in his life. Aishwarya thanks the judges, and everyone. Farah says it is fun to have you around. Rashmi gets emotional and says I love you guys. Aishwarya goes to her and hugs her.

Rithvik tells jodis’ performance shall be best, else they will have to rest. He says winner will get 5 lakhs rupees cheque. He asks them to keep viewing Nach Baliye Daily Panchnama.

Rithvik welcomes the jodis for last week of Nach Baliye’s love challenge.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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