Nach Baliye 7 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rithvik welcomes everyone on Nach Baliye’s Daily Panchnama. He asks everyone about their yesterday’s experience. He tells that they have taken all precautions during agni pariksha test. He says nothing could have happen to you all. Some of you have passed and some have failed. There are some parameter on which they are judged. Those who cared for their own life has failed and those who cared for their lovers has passed. He says Upen and Dipesh have failed. He asks Rashmi to tell about Nandish. He tells we have seen ups and downs in Nandish and Rashmi’s married life, but Nandish passed this challenge.

Nandish says he is lucky to win the challenge. They knew that they can’t get inside the bus, but was worried. Rithvik says everyone is pass here. Upen says it is unfair.

Rithvik says they have checked whoever crosses the line. He says this task is to express the love. Jai says he ran there and was cursing himself thinking why did he let Pooja go. Rithvik asks who did feel that it was a shoot. Some say Upen.

Upen says it is an unfair situation and tried to relax everyone. Shakti says he just wants to save the gals. Upen says he saw the camera. Shakti says you have to save the gals. Jai says if it was real and not set up, then we would have cursed ourself. Upen argues with Jai. Jai says he would not have thought before jumping to save his wife. Rithvik says Upen analysed the camera and the set up. Shakti says his heart was pumping high thinking his lost his baliye.

Upen says he had calm down everyone saying it is just a shooting. Upen hugs Karishma after coming back. Rithvik says when you came here, you all were relax that the gals are fine. He says he didn’t know about the Lakshman Rekha. Everyone laughs. Aishwarya laughs and says her husband didn’t know that she was not there. Rithvik says a baby was crying and tells that Jai Soni was crying genuinely.

Rithvik says Shakti ran there and was in shock. He tells love challenge is ended. Rithvik says the more hearts you win, the more chances of your win. Rithvik says gals will share the room on the first floor. You will get the clues while going towards your room. All the gals hugs their partners before going to their room. The gals go to the room and find the proofs. Aishwarya says she searched for the proofs. Karishma says she saw Upen’s photo on bed and thought it is a clue.

All the guys occupy their bed seeing their partner’s pic on the wall. Some gals argue and don’t want to share the room with other gals. Pooja says she was shifted to her room after the problem is sorted. Rithvik says they gave the gift to the guys. The guys get happy seeing clothes. Rithvik says they have to wear it in the night. Himanshu says he is relax and feels peaceful. Upen closes the room.

Precap:Rithvik tells about love challenge Khushu and Pyaar. All the gals cook for their respective partners. They taste the dish to identify who cooked it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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