Nach Baliye 5 5th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Nach Baliye 5 5th January 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 5th January 2013 Written Update

Karan and Gautum goes to Shilpa and dances in front of her. They give her rose.
They crack a joke to the judges.
Karan Wahi says that al the contestants are rehearsing are well.
Terrence says that to get 11 marks, the contestants performance should be outstanding and standing ovation.
Sania and shoaib come to the stage. The hosts grill the couple..
Neelu welcomes them.

1st contestant is ravi and sargun. They dance on robot dance! Terrence liked the performance.He mentions where the mistake went in the dance. Shilpa expects them to do better.
Marks: Terrence gives 8, Sajid gives 8 and Shilpa gives 8.
total: 24

2nd contestants are Jay and Mahi.
They dance on Ramta Jogi. Shilpa says that she loved mahi’s expressions.
Terrence gives 9, sajid gives 10, and shilpa gives 10
total 29

Wahi makes shoaib do batting, Jay bowling, and Sajid does commentry.

3rd contestants are Karan Mehra and Nisha. They do a romantic dance.. Shilpa says Karan danced well and thought she was watching someone else. Terrence said that they were trusting each other. Sajid thought they lit up the stage
Terrence gives 9, sajid gives 7, an shilpa gives 9
total 25
Shoaib says that they dont see anyone except each other.. Hosts make both couples (karan nisha, and shoiab and sania an test)

Rahul and Dimpy are the next contestants who perform. They do a few comedy in between
Sajid thought it was a superb performance.. Terrence says Dimpy looked professional.
Shilpa congrats the chreographers.
Terrence gives 8, sajid gives 9, and shilpa gives 8
Total 25

Rahul teaches Shoaib a few dance steps.

Kushal and Elena are the next contestants. They dance on Jeene key char din, Kushal forgets a few steps. Sajid calls Kushal to him. He makes him sit on his chair .
Terrence says he needs to make effort, elena is superb.
Terrence gives 6, shilpa gives 6 and Sajid gives 6
Total is 18
Shoaib refuses to sing on the stage. He sings Pehli Nazar mein.

Amar and Charlie are next. Performance was touching. Sajid thought they werent putting effort . Shilpa begs to differ. Charlie cries
Terrence gives 7, Shilpa gives 7 and Sajid gives 8
They get 22

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