Nach Baliye 5 29th December 2012 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 5 29th December 2012 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 29th December 2012 Written Update

The season is introduced with a merge of few promo’s and a voice-over that introduces the theme of Nach Baliye with snaps of the jodi’s that will be performing this season. Karan and Gautam, the hosts are introduced. They wake up from deep slumber before dancing They dance to ‘Hum Aaye hai UP Bihar loot ne’, ‘Desi Boys’ And must say, the dance was super sweet, shirtless aur unki jodi masha-allah!

As their dance ends, Shilpa is introduced while coming down from the hanging moon. Gautam and Karan dance around her while she dances to ‘UP & Bihar’ song.

Their anchoring continues while the guys think she’s a host and when they find out she’s the judge, they go on her knees

The 11 jodi’s:

1. Keshav & Deepshikha
2. Jay & Maahi
3. Arvind & Neelu
4. Ankush & Smita
5. Ravi & Sargun
6. Jaisheel & Suhasi
7. Parag & Shefali
8. Amar & Chalie
9. Kushal & Elena
10. Rahul & Dimpy
11. Karan & Nisha

Karan comes on stage and continue’s anchoring while chodofying Shilpa and at last dosti ho gai. Shilpa says she’s excited to see how they manage to dance. Gautam comes up on stage and scolds Karan for delaying and not introducing others judges. Karan is chote, Gautam is bade. They introduce Sajid in his ‘director’ chair and call his ‘papa’ and Sajid says entertainment is what he look for with ‘bribing’

Terence is introduced next. He dances to ‘Naino mai Sapna,’ and ‘Ae ji O name is Lakhan.’ Karan and Gautam enter the stage while singing ‘My name is Terrence.’ Terrence says no matter the style, one should entertain and wants the same from the jodi’s.

Bade and Choti spray perfume before introducing the 11 jodi’s


Jai and Mahhi introduced dancing to ‘Radha’ from Student of the Year. They were good I suppose. Honestly, I was singing the song more Jay & Karan enjoy talking about ‘anchoring’.


Shilpa: Jai, Mahhi, Nach Baliye has begun! I liked how you both enjoyed dancing apart from it being the first performance of the season and that is what should be in any performance.

Sajid: I loved it but hated how it ended so quickly.

Terrence: (Jai ‘maska maars’ on Terrence) All that isn’t going to work Jai I loved the Radha-Krishna jodi and the entry was ‘dhamakedaar’.

A cute Video is gifted to them from Karan. Jai lifts Mahhi away bridal style.


To introduce the ‘hot’ couple, Gautam’s hand catches on fire The jodi is none other than Shefali and Parag and they dance to ‘Katan laga’ and ‘O La La’.


Shilpa: The dance was mind-blowing for Parag to be dancing for the first time. It was energetic.

Sajid: It was absolutely flawless.

Terrence: It was outstanding opening and chemistry.

Sajid and Terrence come up on stage to dance with Shefali.


Rahul and Dimpy introduced and dance to ‘Rani tu mai Raja’.


Shilpa: *laughing* Next time, Rahul has to dance as well

Sajid: Most entertaining of all dances so far and we all were laughing with you.

Terrence: Rahul, no dancing bone but your wife dances well and that’s a plus point and will be looking forward to further dances.

360 stunt performed by Rahul and he teaches it to Jai


Amar and Charlie next introduced through a short promo. They dance to Jab Tak hai Jaan poem and Tu hi Mera.


Shilpa: A lovely love story.

Sajid: Use Charlie with expression to cover up her dancing.

Terrence: A teacher-student relationship and it’s good to see him you with Charlie. Charlie, just enjoy and go with music.

Amar calls Shilpa on stage to dance with him. A cute dance.


Suraj and Sandhya from DABH make their entrance and they introduce Arvind and Neelu. Yup, their performance was the best of them all. The song was ‘Jaan le lo na Jaan re’

Terrence: ‘Sab ki hawa tight has Boss.’ Incredible and fabulous! This is a legendary for Indian history.

Sajid: Like Terrence said, it was fun and totally unexpected.

Shilpa: Where were you!? The own style was great and it was wonderful.

Their story is told to the viewers on how they met and got married. It was a touching story for sure. Suraj and Sandhya say supporting words for them.


Chote and Bade commentary continues and introduce Karan and Nisha. Their performance is on the song ”Chori kiya re Jiya Mora Jiya’. Let’s just say it was good and filled with love and sweetness.


Shilpa: Lovely to see newly married couple and the chemistry was lovely.

Sajid: Karan, your happiness..!


Bade Chote package introduce Ankush and Smita. Dance on ‘Desi girl’ and ‘Chin ta ta Chita ta’


Sajid: Me and Ankush were in same college and both of us wanted to be hero’s.. but we all were zero’s Not being a dancer, effort is appreciated.

Shilpa: I’m in shock. Hat’s off to you that you’re dancing in less than 6 months! I’m looking forward to every performance.

Terrence: You’ve fulfilled it very well Smita. A salute.


Next introduced is Ravi and Sargun. Their dance is on ‘Chammak Challo’. Their sync is commendable.


Shilpa: Ravi, are you a dancer? Your style is great! Sargun, you’re also very sweet.

Sajid: Like Shilpa said, you both are great dancers and in the energy, the enjoyment decreased. Next time, do enjoy.

Terrence: I disagree with Sajid because I found it very enjoyable and very well.


Kapil Sharma entertains everyone by his comedy. Karan and Gautam pull him away before introducing Keshav and Deepshikha. I don’t know what song that was .


Sajid: The choreography was really good and the entry was dynamic Deepshikha.

Terrence: The entrance was surely good.

Shilpa: It’s really wonderful to see you both dance and it’s reflected by your relationship.

Their story is told to viewers, which makes everyone emotional.


Bade and Chote put on commentary to introduce Kushal and Elena. Their performance is on ‘Mashallah’.


Shilpa: Both of you, as a pair, looked really beautiful and looking forward to seeing more.

Sajid: I wish the both of you very well and Elena, welcome to India.

Terrence: This opening act was really dhamakedar.


Jaisheel and Suhasi and perform to Senorita (Chahat ke do pal).


Shilpa: Both of your are very endearing.

Sajid: This is the true spirit of Nach Baliye which shows how the jodi need not be professional.

Terrence: It wasn’t off beat at all and the Spanish flair could be seen. Suhasi, you have raised the bar of competition.


Bade and Chote call the episode off with their anchoring and everyone coming on the stage.

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