Nach Baliye 5 26th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Nach Baliye 5 26th January 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 26th January 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Terrence dancing.
Gautam and Karan wishes everyone Republic day, and welcomes the judges and the contestants.
Todays epi is based on Around the world.
Karan Wahi says that Deepika is with him.
Both turns back to back to each other and Deepika Padukone comes in the middle and gives them a shock.. Both are mumbling . Deepika calls them beautiful and handsome.
Deepika talks about Race 2 and the trailer is shown.

The first contestant are Jay and Mahi. They get a standing ovation from the contestants. They danced on Kathakali.
Terrence: He found it crisps, and is hats off to them.
Shilpa: She is proud and happy. She found wonderful and is proud being an indian.
Sajid: He asks them if they really want to begin the competition. He says Jay and Mahi is going to win the show with confidence, and is a tough competition to the contestants. He also says they should dress up as they are always. Mahi is crying. She says that Jay have no patience.
Deepika: She found it absolute amazing and seen this for the first time.
Karan and Gautam announce that they are safe this week too
Total Marks: 33/33

Charlie and Amar perform next! They dance on race sanson ki/Allah duhai, Charlie isnt well as she has been vomiting.
Shilpa: she says amar was good as its his forte.
Terrence: He says All the Best
Sajid: asks everyone to clap for them. he asks charlie that dont let the effort show on her face.
Shilpa gives 10, Terrence gives 7 and Sajid gives 7
Total: 24/33

Gautam says to Deepika that Amar is always her fan and he loves her.
Sajid annoys them. But Amar says he truely loves Deepika. Deepika comes and hugs amar and kisses him on his cheek. Amar dances with Deepika and Shilpa
Deepika announces that they are safe,

Neelu and Arvind performes Next. They perform on Waltz.
Terrence says Well done to them
Shilpa says that she is shocked
Sajid walks to the stage and lifts up the flower.
Deepika shows them the dance Dhoom tana to them
Total 27/33
They are in bottom two. Terrence is shocked

Ravi and Sargum are next. Terrence, Shilpa and contestants give them standing ovation. They danced on Tango. Sargun killed the performance.

Total: 32/33

Karan and Nisha perform next. They did broadway theatre.
Terrence gives 8, Sajid and Shilpa gives 7.
They get 22/33
They get tested if their love is strong.
Total 22/33

Karan and Gautm makes every jodi pick up their baliye. Jay and Mahi win it

Rahul and Dimpy dances next on Munni badnaam hui. They get 22/33
Total 22/33
Deepika teaches rahul Dhoom tana step. They are safe.

Kushal and Elena are next.
Terrence says that it was beautiful. It felt as a magical moment.
Total. 25/33
Elena thanks everyone in Hindi.

suhasi and jaisheel are next.They get 24 out of 33
Total 24/33

Smita and Her hubby perform next. They get 28. They are in the danger zone.
Total: 28/33

Smita Ankush, and Neelu and arvind are in danger zone.
Neelu and Arvind are nervous.
Gautum and Karan Wahi announces that Smita and Her hubby gets out

Atoot bandhan goes to Karan and Nisha

Update Credit to: JungleeBilli

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