Nach Baliye 5 17th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 5 17th February 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 17th February 2013 Written Update

Today top 8 jodis will give their 2nd performance of the week.

First performance is of Nisha and Karan.
They dance on “Shree Ganesha” song from movie Agneepath.

Sajid: Very good.
Saroj Khan: Lots of energy and it really looked as if you were praying. I got goosebumps.
She gives 101 rupees as well.
Terrence: Beginning choreography was brilliant. Passion was clearly be seen in your performance which is required in this song. Well done.

Terrence – 9, Saroj – 10, Sajid – 10
Total: 29/33


Next up is Arvind and Neelu.
They dance on “Saj Dhaj Ke” from movie Mausam.

Terrence: Very good performance.

Good energy which was required in this song. I really enjoyed this performance. Superb.
Saroj: I felt like doing bhangra (dance) with you as well.
Sajid: Excellent performance. Excellent expressions despite having long beard today. You both looked way too young when you danced today.

Terrence – 10, Saroj – 8, Sajid – 11
Total: 29/33

Arvind gets down on his knees and tells Neelu that he really loves her.
He gifts her a big heart with their photo and Neelu written on it.
Neelu: My husband never expressed his love like this in last 12 years. It’s all because of you all. Thank You.

Terrence: There are many husbands who love their wives but can’t express their love. Therefore, he goes on the stage to give them a hug.

Arvind and Neelu get 20,000 Rupees cheque from LR Active Oil for 12 years long relationship.

Next up is Ravi and Sargun.
They perform on song “Naina” with a blindfold on their eyes.

Terrence: You took a very big risk performing with blindfold, and made good judgments. I salute to you two. Keep taking such risks.
Saroj: Very good. Even people with sight can’t dance like this. She gives them 202 rupees.
Sajid asks Ravi-Sargun to put blindfold on him to see how much you can see through it. Sajid says cloth is very thick and I couldn’t see anything, so they deserve standing ovation for their act.

Terrence – 10, Saroj – 11, Sajid – 11
Total: 32/33

Ravi-Sargun get a kitkat break.
Choreographers come on the stage and perform on a funny KitKat commercial. Terrence also join them.
Here’s the link to that commercial:


Next is Suhashi and Jaisheel.
They again do a daring act on a religion related song “Kaali Maa Durga”.

Terrence: I loved the way you showed this story to us. Hats off to you guys and your effort.
Saroj: At last I am seeing something that our new generation has forgotten. I am very happy to see such kind of performance. She gives then 101 rupees as well.
Sajid: Don’t spend this 101 rupees. Save them. They come from Masterji. Since last 2 or 3 performances, it really seems as if you two want to win now.

Saroj – 11, Sajid – 9, Terrence – 9
Total: 29/33


Next is Jay and Mahii.
They come in a very different type of costume and perform on “Roshni Se” song.

Terrence: Now that’s a solid performance. Excellent performance. You showed all varieties. Beautifully executed performance.
Saroj: Gives standing ovation. Please come. They get 101 rupees.
Sajid: I hear announcement of Grand Finale already: Winners of Nach Baliye 5, Jay and Mahii. Outstanding. Out of 8, you guys have given 5 finale type performance.

Terrence – 11, Sajid – 11, Saroj – 11
Total: 33/33


Next is Amar and Charlie.
They perform on “Kal Ho Na Ho” song.

Terrence: Very deep thoughts in this song and very well presented.
Saroj: Very touching act, but I couldn’t understand some of the parts.
Sajid: Very good effort, but I also couldn’t understand some of the parts.

Terrence – 9, Saroj – 8, Sajid – 9
Total: 26/33

The host says this song is very close to Amar and Charlie. We then see on a camera, Charlie saying this song reminds her of her mother who passed away couple of years ago and she still misses her.
The host asks Amar how hard was it to perform on this song.
Charlie: Since I met to Charlie, only time when she can’t control her emotion is when she remembers her mother. So performing on this song was very difficult. Everyone gets emotional.


Next is Shefali and Parag.
They perform on “Satrangi Re” song.
In end Shefali tries to carry Parag, but fails.

Terrence: It was a tough act and you missed at some places. I am sorry for this performance, but I know you two are very good dancers.
Saroj: Even though you missed in end, I found it very cute. Very nicely done.
Sajid: Asks Shefali, did you really think you could carry Parag? Shefali says, I did in rehearsal.
Terrence: You chose wrong position to carry, otherwise I know you can carry him.
Sajid: I found your expressions very heavy. You could ease up your body and perform on same song. Now everyone’s expectations will be high.

Terrence – 8, Saroj – 9, Sajid – 8
Total: 25/33


Next is Rahul and Dimpy.
They come in a patient’s and a nurse’s costume and perform on “I hate you Like I love you” from movie Delhi Belly.

Sajid: Rahul you tried hard, but today’s star was again Dimpy.
Terrence: Your effort was seen, Rahul. Well done.
Saroj: I like your jodi. You made me laugh both times. You both are out of the world. Gives them a flying kiss.

Terrence – 9, Saroj – 9, Sajid – 9
Total: 27/33

Rahul wants to learn Naagin dance from Saroj Khan. Saroj Khan goes on the stage and teaches him.
He then does Naagin dance and Arvind is playing flute.

Jodi of the week goes to Jay and Mahii.

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