Nach Baliye 5 16th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 5 16th February 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 16th February 2013 Written Update

In today’s episode, one of the jodis from Rahul-Dimpy, and Parag-Shefali will join other jodis in top 7. Who will it be? According to judges marks, it should be Parag-Shefali. Will audience agree with the judges? Or Rahul-Dimpy will make to top 7. Find out in today’s episode of Nach Baliye 5.


All top 6 jodis come on the stage dancing on old classical songs.

Saroj Khan comes in Nach Baliye today. Everyone welcomes her giving standing ovation. Chote-Bade say today is Bollywood special. Saroj Khan says she feels like she is back to home. Terrence tells Saroj Khan that there is only 1 masterji who is her.

Shilpa Shetty will be missing today’s episode due to her son’s illness.


the results time for the wild card entry. Top 2 are Rahul-Dimpy, and Parag-Shefali.
The couple that makes to top 7 is jodi of Rahul-Dimpy. Parag-Shefali gets eliminated despite getting higher marks from the judges.

Shefali says she has nothing to say. They gave their best and got perfect score, but the audience wanted something else and nothing much they can do.

Sajid Khan says he is shocked. Terrence says they should do something about this. After small discussion they ask Parag-Shefali to continue on this show.

Sajid tells them this time we decided for you, but from next time it will be in audience’s hands.

So now it’s top 8, not top 7. From now all the couples will give two performances. 1 on Saturday, and other on Sunday.


Suhashi and Jaisheel come as Madhuri-Anil Kapoor to give their performance. They dance on song “Dil Dhak Dhak Karne Laga”.

Terrence says today’s iconic jodi gave a great performance.
Even Saroj Khan is impressed. She tells Suhashi you were looking very very s*xy. She gives them first 101 rupees just like how she used to give in previous Nach Baliye season.
Sajid Khan: Jaisheel is becoming a “dark horse”. He’s improving a lot. He wants to win.

Marks: Sajid: 10, Terrence: 10, Saroj: 11
Total: 31/33


Next, as Govinda and Karishma, come Arvind and Neelu.

They dance on “Goriya Churana Mera Jiya”.

Sajid loved Arvind’s expressions. Terrence found it very enjoyable performance.
Saroj Khan also likes the performance and she claps for them.

Marks: Terrence: 9, Sajid: 10, Saroj: 8
Total: 27/33


Jay and Mahii come as Sunny and Bobby Deol.

Mahii is in male’s costume.

They perform on various different songs starting with “mein nikla gaddi leke”, then “yaara o yaara”, then “Tera Rang Balle Balle”
and then finally on “Yamla Pagla Deewana”.

They receive standing ovation.
Sajid: I will just say 2 words. “Jay Ho”. Enjoyed a lot. Flawless performance. This is the way humor should be.
Terrence: I will also say 2 words only. “Maahi Ve”. It must have been very hard for Maahi as she had to perform as a male. Paisa vasool performance.
Farah: I laughed after so many days and there are not words to describe this.

Marks: 11 from Sajid and Saroj. 10 from Terrence as from here everyone will have to work very hard.
Total: 32/33


Competition between Jay Mahi Arvind and Karan, whoever says ‘heyy” the way sunny paji says will get a gift from Sajid. All begin. Final two is Arvind and Karan, Karan does the loudest, Everyone stands and claps for him. Sajid gives a hand pump

Ravi and Sargun are next. They perform on jeetendra sridevi. They perform on two songs. One which i have no clue whats it called and other one is saaki saaki.

Total: 26

Randeep Hooda and Aditi come on stage to promote murder 3
They sit beside the contestants

Amar and Charlie dance on SRK Kajol, Rani,
They dance on various songs of Kush kush hota hai, title song, larki bari anjani hai, tujhe yaad, sad version of Title song, And used Rani pic in the middle.
Total 24

Karan and Nisha dances as Neetu and Rishi kapoor. The song is Ek main aur ek tu.
Total 28

Rahul and Dimpy perform on “Hum Kaale” song.
Total 21

Shefali Parag dances on Salman Aishwariya songs. Chand Chupa badal mein and Tadap tadap are the songs they used.
Total = 30

20,000 cheque goes to suhasi and jaisheel

Tomorrow precap: Everyone performance, charlie crying

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