Nach Baliye 5 12th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Nach Baliye 5 12th January 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 12th January 2013 Written Update

Jay starts off anchoring the show shocking everyone He jokes on Bade Chote not doing proper anchoring, him as a contestant getting very tensed and instead getting overly dressed for another girl instead of Shilpa Bade and Chote are then shown getting ready and overlyexcited. Also fight over their ‘bhabhi’. When they hear Jay is anchoring the show, they run up to stage, threaten him and one word from Mahi and Jay is off the stage.

Anushka along with Imran are announced as they promote their film, Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola. Along with them is the producer/director (?). A short promo of the film is shown, ending with a pink colored cow They take their places by the judges.

Karan-Nisha, Jay-Mahi and Armar-Charlie are called on stage as it is time to declare who is safe and who is at the bottom two with the judge’s scores and fan voting. All three jodi’s are eventually called safe and they take a sigh of relief.

Amar and Charlie perform to a mix of Matru ki Bijli from MKBKMD and song from Aaja Nachle. (This week, both of them were superb! Their act and their choreography plus the completely different lifts were amazing. Never seen something like those lifts. Then again, it is Amar and I expected him to do well.)

Sajid: I will comment only on Charlie. From what I said last time, you were enjoying and see, public did as well. Style and grace have entered along with stage confidence.

Terrence: You have scored a 6th today. It looked like professional dancers, timing and the expressions and the littlest of the movements. Amar, I’ve known you for a long but the way Charlie you supported him today, I was totally amazing. Hawa tight hai.

Shilpa: Charlie, where were you? Honestly, my eyes wouldn’t move from Charlie and each beat was fulfilled perfectly. *She walks on stage to hug you*

Vishal: Very innovative!
Anushka comes on stage to perform a step requested by Amar.

Sajid: 11
Terrence: 11
Shilpa: 11
Total: 33/33

Bade and Chote off to anchoring again. Jai and Mahi perform to Soniyo. A beautiful lovely performance.

Shilpa: Mahi, the way you jumped and Jai, the way you held her, it was a wonderful performance.
Terrence: You both are strongest dancing couple for sure. Each week, I wish to see more. Today, you have done so. It was a very beautiful performance. When you lift, don’t look like you’re preparing Jai.
Sajid: If it was a film shoot, it would have taken 2-3 days, tons of shots, and all. Yet, you both did it flawlessly.

Shilpa: 10
Terrence: 11
Sajid: 11
Total: 32/33

Karan and Nisha come up next and perform to Ranjha Ranjha. Something different from them!

Sajid: I was entertained in parts and not for the other. It could have been better.
Shilpa: First time seeing Egyption Heer Ranjha. Compliments to the choreographer. Karan, your progression is fantastic. You were in character and it’s good to see the change.
Terrence: A different act. Your nature is usually sweet and the fierceness this time was good to watch. Justified the roles.

Sajid: 8
Shilpa: 9
Terrence: 8
Total: 22/33

Rahul-Dimpy, Jaisheel-Suhasi and Kaishav and Deepshikha are called on stage to decide their future in NB. The two jodi’s saved are Rahul-Dimpy and Suhasi-Jaisheel. Kaishav and Deepshikha are unsafe. All three couple’s take their spots.

Rahul and Dimpy perform to Fevicol. Full of entertainment! They have switched their gender

Sajid: As I believe in entertainment the most, this jodi has surely worked hard for it! Doing such a bad dance in such a graceful way, hats off to you.
Shilpa: Lovely concept! Outstanding.
Terrence: Rahul, you are the weakest dancer and you represent the public similarly. Yet, you are improving and in your victory, public will win surely.

Sajid: 11
Shilpa: 11
Terrence: 11
Total: 33/33
Entertainment continues with the guests and all the boys before they finally their their place.

As it’s Imran’s birthday, a song is dedicated to him sung by Gautam Imran takes an early leave.

Bade and Chote announce Suhasi and Jaisheel in their own pagalpanti way. Their dance is on Raabta Reprise. Full of sweet dancing and chemistry. Would be wrong if I say it didn’t give me goosebumps. ps: I love what she’s wearing! The dress and the dreamy look of hers!

Terrence: Very sweet definitely. And the story told through the act could be touched. Jaisheel, I doubt you are just an engineer. You dance better than Suhasi! A clean, good, romantic act.
Shilpa: Your chemistry has always been endearing to me. It was well done. Keep it up.
Sajid: Are you sure you never danced Jaisheel? You have a thing dancers do. It was flawless for me in a way. 10 times better than last time.

Terrence: 9
Shilpa: 9
Sajid: 9
Total: 27/33
An Avi is shown on their 16 years long story. Suhasi has tears in her eyes as she praises him.

Karan and Gautam make their re-entry shirtless. Their act starts They give chair and biscuit to Anuskha and ask to choose from the two. Anushka says their baliye is none other than Rasili (Rahul)

Running for their lives, they run away and come back fully clothed They thank Vishal and Anushka for coming and ask their experience. Vishal says he loved it all and enjoyed a lot. Anushka says since she is an artist and she’s seen many new innovative things. I was thoroughly entertained. They take leave.

They call the episode off and the first elimination is set to be announced tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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