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The new show Naamkarann is about a little girl Avni, who is an illegitimate child. Her mother Asha is a Muslim and her father is a famous director Ashish Mehta. She has various questions in her mind but her mother Asha never answers them. She never seen her father but speaks to him on the telephone. When Avni calls Ashish, by mistake Ashish’s mother answers the phone. Ashish’s mother doesn’t know that Ashish has a daughter.

On the other hand, Avni tries to convince Ashish to come to her Sports Day, as she tries to convince her friends that director Ashish Mehta is her father. Asha gets worried about Ashish’s mother receiving the call Avni made to Ashish and speaks to Ashish on telephone, he says that he will tell the truth about Avni to his mother. Asha gets worried.

Will Ashish be able to tell his mothet about Asha and Avni? Will Ashish be able to attend Avni’s Sports Day?

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  1. This story is based on 1998 film zakhm ….on life of mahesh bhatt itself story is fresh and decent lets see..what happens in future

    1. exactly now main lead will marry sum one else its copy of movie zakhm of ajaydevgan

  2. Kya hai iska story

  3. I don’t want Ashish to marry another girl!!!

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