Naamkaran: The Perfect Ending – Chapter One

I know it’s a late update… I’m so sorry… I don’t get a lot of time to write and there were also some issues with the website for a few days… I hope you all can understand… And a big thanks to all the people who commented, liked or disliked and all the silent readers too… Thank you all so much…



After one year since Avni left home. One year of Avni’s death and Neilanjana’s birth. One year of Neil’s suffering and his pain. The one year of Avneil’s separation.

Unknown location

Man: (yelling) Is anyone in this house… Where is my wallet? I can’t find my keys… Where are those case files? I have a meeting at 8… I can’t afford to lose time.

A woman comes inside.

Woman: But you can afford to lose me?

Man: Yes

Woman: (in anger) Neil

The man is none other than the handsome and dashing supercop ACP Neil Khanna.

Neil: (holds his ears) Okay sorry jaan

Neil moves forward to hug her. The woman moves back.

Woman: ACP Neil Khanna… Aren’t you getting late now?

Neil: No… I am on time… For romance (puts his hand around her waist)

Woman: (blushes) Neil… Leave me

Neil: Never

Woman: Neil

Neil: Avni

Who else do you expect the woman to be? She is the very beautiful, gorgeous, the one and only Avni.

Avni: Neil… You’re getting late for work

Neil: I don’t care

Neil moves closer to her. Avni closes her eyes due to shyness.

Avni: Neil… Someone will come

Neil: Let them

Neil doesn’t listen and moves ahead. Just when their lips were about to meet. Suddenly there is a knock on the door with a woman shouting.

Woman: Neil… Wake up… You’re getting late for work

The knocking and shouting disturbs Neil’s dream. Yes… He was dreaming of Avni. He still dreams of her now when she is not with him. For him she will always be alive in his heart but little does he know that she actually is. The place is shown to be Neil’s bedroom. Neil gets up and smiles to himself.

Neil: (to himself) Avni… I will always love you and nothing will ever change that.

Woman: Neil… Get ready and come down fast. DD is waiting for you.

Neil: Okay mom… Tell DD I’m coming

The woman is shown to be Shweta.

Shweta: Okay I’ll tell him… Come fast

Shweta leaves and Neil goes to get ready. After some time Neil comes out drying his hair with his favourite towel. Why his favourite? Because it reminds him of Avni and their moments. Neil goes into flashback.


Avni is shown in front of the mirror. Neil comes out of the bathroom. He sees Avni and admires her. He moves towards her. Avni sees him.

Avni: Neil… How can you come out from the bathroom like this?

Neil: Like what?

Avni gestures to his wet hair from which water droplets were dripping on the floor. Neil realises that he forgot to dry his hair.

Avni: Wait here

Neil: but

Before Neil could continue Avni left. After a few seconds she comes back with a towel in her hand.

Neil: (looking at Avni with the towel) Give it to me… I’ll dry my hair and come

Avni: Why will you dry your hair? As your wife I have the right to do this

Neil: Am I incapable to dry my own hair?

Avni: No but

Neil: (trying to snatch the towel) Then give it to me

Avni: (snatching it back) No I said I’ll do it

Neil: No I will

Avni: Neil

Neil: Avni

While snatching the towel from each other and due to the water on the floor, Avni slips and falls on the bed. Neil falls on her.

(Ae dil hai mushkil track plays on the background)

They get lost in each other. They stay like that for a few minutes not realising the time.

Flashback ends…

Precap: Avni aka Neilanjana’s life in Kashid.

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter… Do comment and tell me your views… And yes if don’t like it just tell, I won’t mind and would love to read your advice.

Please forgive me for any grammatical or spelling errors… I will try updating soon…

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