Naamkaran Review: Emotive concept packed with natural performances


Naamkaran started on Star Plus on 12th September 2016. It replaced Diya Aur Baati Humm at the 9 pm slot. The show brings the story of a little girl Avni and her tough struggles and fights for her legitimacy. Avni is the daughter of a Hindu father and a Muslim mother. She wants to gain her lost identity. Avni’s anger, suppression, sorrow and many emotions are shown.


Avni wants her parent to stay together. She aims to get a normal family, and raises simple and innocent questions. Ashish and Asha have not married, and had Avni out of wedlock. Asha is pregnant again and hopes Ashish fulfills his promise of getting their small family accepted by his mother Dayavanti. Ashish fails to convince his mother for accepting Asha. How Avni gets herself accepted by Dayavanti and gets her Naamkaran done will be shown.

Main Characters:



She is Ashish and Asha’s daughter. Avni is very strong willed and sharp minded girl. She is sweet, caring and bold. She is good observant and figures out that her family is not a normal one. Avni longs for her father. Avni wishes Ashish stays with them always. Avni has little temper and often fights with the one she loves. She is not scared to pose any question. She has determination to find answers. Avni wants to get her rights on her father.



Asha is Ashish’s soul mate. She is a muslim and changed her name from Aisha to Asha. Asha is a sweet, loving, caring and a doting life partner. She has been keeping her relationship with Ashish only on the basis of love and faith. She respects Ashish a lot and does not expect anything in return from him. Asha does not fear the society’s taunts. She limits herself and Avni from society’s questions. Asha is a happy soul and very much satisfied with her life. She just longs for Ashish and wishes to marry him soon in order to complete her family. Asha is not bold enough to claim her rights on Ashish.



Ashish is a film director by profession. He is a smart, handsome, good character, successful, and a rich guy. He is also a loving and caring person. He is called an ideal son. He gets too concerned for those whom he loves the most, and often gets afraid to lose them. Asha, Avni and Dayavanti are very close to his heart. He fails to balance to chord between Dayavanti and Asha. Ashish is not a responsible person and is often seen limiting himself out of fear when it comes to talk to Dayavanti about his relationship with Asha. Ashish loves Asha from the bottom of his heart, but loses courage when it comes to giving name to their relation.



Neela is Hemant’s daughter. Hemant is a Godly figure for Dayavanti. Neela is a positive and cheerful girl. She is always full of life and fun. She spreads happiness around. Neela wants to see everyone happy. She loves Ashish since childhood. She wants to marry Ashish, but not at the cost of sacrificing his happiness. Neela is selfless soul, just like Asha. Neela wants to fill some colors in Ashish’s life. She is bold and modern, yet simple and homely.



She is Ashish’s mother. She is a strong woman who raised all her children alone. She has seen many bad days in her life. Dayavanti’s life has been full of struggles after her husband died. She is a caring and loving mother. She is also a disciplinarian and is too rigid about few customs. She believes in loyalty and does not go against her promises. She is indebted to Hemant Bhai, who has guided her and transformed her life. Dayavanti loves Neela and has chosen her as her daughter in law. Dayavanti’s life experiences are the reason for her resoluteness.


Arsheen Namdaar as Avni
Barkha Bisht Sengupta as Asha
Viraf Patel as Ashish Mehta
Sayantani Ghosh as Neela
Reema Lagoo as Dayavanti Mehta
Puru Chibber as Ketan
Pooja Verma as Hetal

Story So Far:

naamkaran06Avni sits on the roadside and weeps thinking of the fight with her classmate/neighbor girl Tia. Avni gets regretful for not having her father Ashish by her side. Avni needs Ashish at many times, but he always makes work excuse. Avni thinks of the kids laughing on her and calling her Papa as Mr. India. Asha finds Avni hurt and asks the reason. Avni tells her about her fight with Tia. Avni rushes home and sits in her cupboard. She shows her annoyance with Asha, Ashish and her fate.

naamkaran04Ashish’s introduction is shown. A girl tries to get a second lead role in Ashish’s movie and tells Ashish that she is ready to do anything to get the role. Ashish loses his temper and slaps the guy who has spread wrong rumors about him. He tells the girl not to fall prey to casting couch and get success by her talent. The girl apologizes to Ashish and goes to give audition. Avni calls Ashish home urgently. Ashish leaves from work and goes home. He meets Asha and expresses his love for her.

naamkaran17Ashish hugs Avni and asks her wishes. Avni asks him why is their family not a normal one. Ashish and Asha get speechless by Avni’s innocent question. Ashish gets very much moved and decides to talk to Dayavanti about Asha this time. He regrets to not be able to give Asha his name. He thanks Asha for her belief in him. Its shown that Asha and Ashish did not get married and had been staying together since last 11 years. Ashish worries that their coming child will also ask same question.

naamkaran10Avni asks Ashish to give her a normal family. She wishes to get Ashish. Ashish promises Avni to attend her sports day event and cheer for her in the race competition. Avni gets joyful. Asha fears that Dayavanti will not accept her. Ashish goes his home and tries to talk to Dayavanti. He sees her ill and loses courage to talk about Asha and Avni. Avni sings a lullaby for Asha and makes her sleep in her lap.

naamkaran31Asha is shown offering namaz and hiding the fact that she is a Muslim from Avni. Avni tells her dream about seeing Ashish and Asha attending the sports day together. Ashish calls Asha. She asks him not to tell anything to Dayavanti. Ashish assures her that this time Dayavanti has to accept her. Asha meets her neighbor Tai. Tai’s husband behaves rude with Asha, knowing of her relationship with Ashish. Ashish and Dayavanti leave for hospital to meet Hemant Bhai. Avni calls Ashish and asks him to come on sports day.

naamkaran28Ashish gives his word to Avni that he would come. Ashish thinks of Asha’s words about their happy life and not telling anything to Dayavanti. Dayavanti calls Ashish an ideal son and suppresses his feelings by her huge expectations. She tells him about their poor life and bad days spent on footpath. She is much indebted to Hemant Bhai, who gave them opportunities to make their life better. They meet Hemant at hospital. Hemant loves Ashish as his son. Neela comes there and meets them. Hemant keeps proposal of Neela and Ashish’s marriage, to which Dayavanti happily agrees without a second thought.

naamkaran41Dayavanti considers this as Hemant’s favor on Ashish. Ashish gets a big shock and turns silent. Neela talks to Ashish in private. She asks him if he has someone in his life. Ashish tells her that he loves someone and is in a relationship. Neela gets much hurt and goes to tell Hemant and Dayavanti. Ashish stops Neela and tells her that he was just kidding. Ashish fears to tell Dayavanti about Asha. His silence gets taken as his yes. Avni gets into an argument with Tia at school. Avni tells Tia that her Papa is coming on sports day.

naamkaran08Tia bets with Avni. Tia is sure Avni’s Papa won’t come and Avni will lose the bet. Avni puts her dream house at stake. Avni’s best friend Ali is shown. Avni and Ali often fight and make up. Neela goes to drop Ashish at the airport. Asha waits for Ashish at home and gets dressed well. Asha recalls their romantic moment. Avni and Tia run in the school race, where Avni loses out. Tia passes some taunts on her. Avni gets raged. Ali comforts Avni. Avni tells Ali about the importance of winning, as everyone remembers just the winner.

naamkaran20Ashish calls Asha and tells her that he will meet her on his return from Kashmir. Asha gets upset and reaches the airport to give him homemade food. Ashish sees Asha and could not meet her. Ashish leaves for Kashmir. Asha cries seeing him getting away. Hemant tells Dayavanti that he is suffering from brain tumor. Dayavanti assures him of Ashish and Neela’s marriage alliance. Ashish talks to Asha after reaching Kashmir. He promises her that all their good moments will come back in their lives.

naamkaran24Asha learns cooking Dalmakhni from Tai. Tai tells her importance of Naamkaran, how it shows person’s identity and roots. Dayavanti gets Neela home and does her aarti by accepting her as daughter in law. This news reaches Ashish. Hasmukh informs Ashish about his silence inviting problems. Hasmukh suggests Ashish to tell Dayavanti about Asha at the earliest. Ashish gets stressed and gets anger out on his film unit.

naamkaran09Avni’s bad day at school upsets her. She comes home and hugs Ashish’s photo. Neela and Dayavanti see Ashish’s photos. They do not see Asha and Avni’s photo collage in his room. Avni and Ali fight over her bet. Ali is sure Ashish won’t come even this time. Avni breaks her friendship with Ali and returns his gifts. Later, Ali and Avni patch up again. Tia challenges Avni for another race and calls her a loser. Asha offers namaz. Avni looks for Asha and asks her what does she do inside kitchen by locking door. Asha does not answer her. Asha’s mother comes to stay with them. Ashish sees a man disrespecting his first partner. Ashish beats the guy a lot and lands in lockup. Producer Malhotra gets Ashish bailed out. Ashish talks to Dayavanti. She tells him about his marriage getting fixed, and engagement kept in some days. Ashish could not oppose it. He turns regretful and worried again.

Our Take:

Naamkaran brings natural performances from all the actors. None of the actors appear loud. Barkha is very graceful and looks pretty in simple attire. The characters have practical and natural appearances. Viraf and Barkha’s chemistry is sparkling. Sayantani is fairly okay as Neela. Reema Lagoo reminds of her motherly roles in hindi movies. Reema is flawless as always. Her character layers has more to unfold.

naamkaran15Arsheen as Avni expresses all the varied emotions with ease. Avni’s character holds anger, rigidness and innocence. Good concept with track going at fair pace. The soundtracks are appropriate. The USP of the show remains Arsheen’s mint of talent put up in Avni, around whom the entire story will revolve.


The show is really promising. There is genuineness in the characters and concept. The best part of the show is handling a strong and sensitive story in an effortless manner.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. Priya15

    It’s an awesome show… It’s worth watching…. Especially the kid avni ‘s acting is amazing.. I don’t think she asks simple qns.. Her qns r so matured and so correct.. She is the charm of the show… The strength which is not in Asha character is in avni… Avni l sort all prbs.. She reflects a girls duties…. Luv avni to the core… Ashish is not a strong person.. If he is then he would have said everything… I l give 5/5 for this amazing show…

  2. Devga

    Ofcourse a 5/5 rating frm my side… Its just an emotional package…. Evry actors are mindblowing in giving natural expressions…. And arsheen she is a tough competitor for the senior actors…. She doesnt make me feel she is a kid in evry episode…
    Poor asha so innocent tht she is still waiting for 11yrs…. Brave…. But not able to ask her rights…. Hope atleast they marry….

    Thank U mahesh sir for this STORY and ur marvelous FIND ARSHEEN NAMDAAR…

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