Naamkaran –News: Oops! Zain Imam breaks his back while romancing Aditi Rathore

Actually guys this is not a story. This is a news update that our Neil Aka Zain Imam breaks his back while romancing Naamkarann co-star Aditi Rathore (Avni) onscreen.

Love watching your favourite couple romance on television? Well, it comes with a price you know. Naamkarann’s Zain Imam almost broke his back while romancing Aditi Rathore onscreen. The actor had to lift the actress in one of the scenes, which cost him his back. The one scene sizzling romance between Zain and Aditi has off-screen repercussions on Zain’s back and his backbone is damaged since then. The actor is taking acupuncture treatments and will not be shooting any more romantic scenes till he recovers.

The actor has lately been doing a lot of romantic scenes with Aditi and the scenes involve lifting her. The back incident happened some 20 days back and the actor has been suffering since then. Though the actor is in a lot of pain he continues to shoot all the other scenes and has been on medication. But the actor had to rush to the hospital when his back started giving him trouble during one of the scenes. He had to stop shooting to get his back checked. Since then, he has been taking acupressure and needling treatments for the same. Though he needs to take a lot of rest looks like he is unable to get any, thanks to his hectic schedule. He is seen holding his back even on sets because of back pain. In between the shots, he takes his acupressure needles to heal his pain. But guysLuckily these days Naamkarann’s Dayavanti and Avni ‘s revenge track if in forefront and scenes with Neil-Avni’sromance is less. So Zain is not doing any strenuous scenes now till her recovers.

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  1. Zainab

    Get well soon Zain ? and thank you soo much for the news!! ??

    1. Aasma

      Welcome and also please read my ff “Naamkaran – After Dayawanti Goes jail “

  2. Zain Noooooooooo!!!!! I’m literally crying here. ???????

  3. Shrayanika

    get well soon Zain..

  4. Get well soon zain.

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