Naamkaran-Do you like the present track

Hi guys.This is YamiYami.I am a big fan of Naamkaran and I truly wish AvNeil are together .But the separation track is getting boring.Shweta brings Juhi into Neil’s life and she sort of spoils Neil’s love story with Avni.Avni tries to be a good wife by helping Neil out but he dumps her at the altar.Now here I am starting to get angry.How many times will AvNeil seperate.Again Shweta our villain changes colours and blames Juhi.I have a question.If Juhi had an accident then her dead body should be there right.Then how did she spring back to life ? Neela,Bebe and Prakash are kind of better characters who always supported the couple and I must say the writer is really hurting the really huge fan base of AvNeil by continuously seperating them.They also kind of changed Neil’s character.He sees her in the video but he decides to not search for her.This is not the Neil everyone loves.Bur friday’s promo is bringing up a bit of hope that Neil will try to win Avni over . But still you can never trust star plus writers as they like to make every show saas bahu type.Naamkaran is one of the shows that actually is different and has different ideologies than other shows.What do you guys think ? I am still going to watch Naamkaran as I hope they will stop the Juhi-Mishti track and start AvNeil’s love story.That is all for now but please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below

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  1. Naamkaran always come up with a new idea so I am keeping patience as m sure they would give us something unique concept… Love Avneil

  2. Maryam_ishq

    This is all avni and Neil’s plan. Neil saw avni in the video and didn’t say anythin or tell anyone caz it’s their plan to find juhi’s daughter… tomorrow or maybe day after we’ll get to knw how they planned i guess… but we’ll definitely get some good scenes this week as neil has come to goa to meet avni.
    As for juhi’s death mystery… gurumaa’s car had hit juhi and she found her perfect for her rang mahal and kept anthr body in juhi’s place. Correct me if i am wrong… but instead of juhi’s body there was some other person.
    Naamkaran is surely a very different show… new concept and the makers have shed light on some very imp issues… illegitimate child and their struggle to be a part of the society… trafficking of girls. Neela and prakash are my favourites… they are such good parents… esp neela, she understands avni very well and knws her heart talk as well.

  3. yes yamiyami I am totally agree with you. I want avneil together. Separation track makes the episodes less interesting. What does maker exactly wanted to do? Makers are not watching for trp. if this season continue trp will surely decrease. Avneil can make this serial more better by working together. I am supporting you yamiyami.

  4. Lillianalieben

    yami and barun i also want avneil together and yah u both said the truth that separation track are boring etc etc bt still i love the ongoing track…. don’t get me wrong but according to me i think if avneil’s love bond needs to get stronger by getting separated then i will be happeeii to watch it. let me know if u agree or not with me.

  5. this time this is serial is boring .. please go off air.. plese closed the serial with happy ending…

  6. I Really Love This Show, it’s Never boring Neither Confusing (Like Some People think). I don’t think Neel’s character changed, being careful and secretive is the best choice after what happenedwhen they went as social workers V’s men spotted Junior even though she was wearing a burka…
    As fans ofor the show we should have at least little faith and trust Neel (h’is always doing the right thing the right way or AVni’ s way.
    I know we all wanna see Avni and Neel to gather, but in fiction or in real life living happily ever after means to be happy aside from a few normal disagreements and misunderstandings…

  7. I think Avniel together rock so they will be soon united.

  8. I love AvNeil and I want them to be together.I agree with Yami.

  9. Avneil together is a must no one argue with that… but this track is good and pretty much logic to me, considering that it’s a continuity of the previous events (and not something just out of the blue). Just give it a thought, why Juhi never tried to escape, we’ve seen that sheet he hat plenty of opportunities to that when she was out with Ballu (rather being dead trying to escape than living in hell).
    In my POV, it a good track, especially for AvNeil, they get to do what they best : support each other no matter how or why. And don’t forget his a cop so (it’s just common sense to use that in the plot) it’s up to him to look for the little girl even if she’s not his own.

  10. Avneil Saath nahi hai isska yeh matlab nahi pyaar nahi hai. Dono anjaan hoke vidyut se bach sakte hai aur ek doosre ko bacha bhi sakte hai. Saving the little one is important whether the girl belongs to him or not. lovestorys and relationship should face ups and downs, through that one can see how strong their relationship is.
    U viewers want this serial to end without this kind of tracks. No one can make all people happy especially not all viewers happy .the track is going well. Keep watching maybe after seeing ur comment s the writer and director will come up with new track after the completion of this track.

  11. Sanyl

    Have faith and trust as Naamkaran always come up with a new idea and unique presentation…
    Way to tackle with emotions drama etc
    All in one package of love drama social issues family issues…? I think they cover everything
    Equal space to both actors & importance too…
    Not like other serial where female lead is sole detective, smart intelligent & tackle all problems.. I love Naamkaran & at any cost support Avneil for their continuing hard work to entertain us

    1. I agree with you, and Vidyut seems to be more that the born bad type of vilain, there is something off with him, and being around AVni may inveil what his true nature (I know his a very bad guy, a killer… but still there some hidden wounds I really want to know about.

  12. Angelk1

    What ever happen to avni chubby friend

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