Naamkaran – After Dayawanti Goes Jail ( Episode: 4 )

Hello everyone.. Last time you guys had asked me to publish next episode soon so I had posted this episode against my schedule just for my dearest readersreaders,please comoment , love you all…???

This is Naamkaran – After dayawanti goes jail ( Bonus Episode 4)

Scene 1: Avni signs divorce papers and say now I am not Neil’s wife so now I don’t have right to live this house..?
And says she’s going to pack her bags..Neil also goes behind her.
Avni is packing her bags then Neil says “If you want to stay here then you can’t stay as much as you want.. I gave divorce to you because I had promised you that I will break this marriage after Dayawanti goes jail.”
Avni replies “please Neil don’t say sorry…in fact its good that you gave me divorce.. Wase v kab tak hum ish jhooti Saadi may rehete..we have to move on na..its OK!!! And I don’t want to trouble Shweta aunty by living here meaning lessly…..”
Avni trun back and cries secretly.. And Neil too does same!!???
At Background “Mana ki him yaar phir tay hai ki payarrr nahi (Song of : Meri Pyari Bindu) ” plays…
Neil goes down then after sometimes Avni comes with her bags..while Avni was geting down from stair Bebe ask Neil to stop Avni..Whereas Avni tells in heart ,”please Neil stop me from going” .But Neil say to Bebe to let her go..Avni’s heart breaks and “do pal ki this kabo ki dasta air phir chaldeye tum kaha him kaha” song plays on background.. AvNeil remembers their cute flashbacks…

Scene 2: while crossing through door Bebe comes and tries to stop Avni by telling.. “please putter mat ja Hume or Neil ko chod k..please?? Are Neil Samjana apne biwiko”
Then in middle Avni says “Rehene dijiyeh Bebe ab na main Neil ki biwi hu nahi Neil ko mujeh rokne na haq hai..bye!!!?”
Then Avni leaves Neil’s house..
After sometime door bell rings on Neela’s house..Neela opens the door and gets shocked to see Avni crying with her bags..Neela asks Avni that what happened to her..why she is crying, where is Neil” then Avni sees Neela and says “Agar muje apna room bina much sawal jabav ki milsakta hair then..may I come in warna rehelugi footpark pe kahi?”
Neels says Avni not to tell like that and ask her to come in..Avni goes to her room and cries a lot…
At night Neela comes near Avni and concoles her.. Avni hugs her tightly and cries?? and says “Why mom..why?? Why did Neil came in my life..why???…Mom! Mom! Look na our mission to send Dayawanti is completed na..then why I am not feeling happy mom..why?? Why I am feeling so much pain..why mom??”
Neela replies ” because you love Neil love him more then yours love him more then yours mission.. Please my child accept this truth!! Please..”
Avni says “But mom he don’t love me..why does it matter I love him or not..he should too love me na..but he don’t mom! Don’t ?”
Neela interrupts and says “No my child..No! He loves you child.. He loves you and you know he loves you more then me, more then Aashish..more then everyone trust me..dear trust me!! ”

Scene 3: Neela hugs her and tries to make her sleep..she see Moon and says..” Why did you did this injustice to my child..why god?? Don’t she deserve love.. Don’t she deserve all good life, good family?? ”
Whereas Avni too see the moon and says “Does Mom told true..does really Neil loves me..?? Don’t know what’s truth, what’s right, what’s wrong” and cries..?
In another way Neil too sees moon and says ” what’s happening to me..why I am feeling so empty! empty! Why my heart beats Avni’s name..instead to beating heartbeat..why? Do I love Avni..No that can’t happen..Avni is just my friend, she wants to be far from me and that’s it..nothing is more then that!!” And goes to sleep..but he can’t get proper sleep and say irritatingly ” why??? Why do I see Avni’s face whenever.. I close my eyes..why?? Do I really love her..???”
Whereas Avni sleeps on bed and Neela covers he body with blanket.. And touches her head and says “Hope Neil realizes his love that my child can live happily with her family”..Meanwhile Neela remembers her and Aashish’s moment and also remembers that he is died and cries but she catches her mouth and runs away so that Avni won’t see her crying..
Neela goes in a corner and cries a lot by saying..” Why god? Why? You gave me so much pain and now you are doing same with my daughter.. Why?? Please god make her as Normal I can’t see her crying..I just want to die whenever she cries because I can’t see tears on her eyes..???”
Avni listens everything by hiding and cries and says ” I am sorry mom..I didn’t knew that you would be hurted so much by seeing me crying..( in brave Avni style) Now unwards I will forget every painful and sad moment and I will only concentration on my moms happiness.. Now no one is greater then my mom for me..nor my feelings too!!”
Next morning Neela wakes up and sees Avni serving breakfast on table..Neela gets shocked and calls Avni..Avni noticed Neela and says happily “Good Moooorning Mama..Look today I made breakfast? but tomorrow is yours turn OK” Neela ask Avni ” Avni! What is this yesterday…” Avni interruptes in middle and says “let’s for get yesterday’s talk let’s welcome today..and mom I don’t want any sady and emotional flashbacks now let’s start a new life..and enjoy it”
Neela gets happy to see Avni as Normal and both mom and daughter goes at table to have breakfast..Neela says “wow Sandwiches let me taste it….hummmm!! Its so yummy, wow Avni how did you knew to make it” Then Avni replies that she learned it from internet. Neela enjoys breakfast and Avni se her and it makes her to remembere that Neel too loves sandwiches very much..and thinks her AvNeil sandwich eating flashbacks deeply..Neela see it and says “Aaavniii..where are you the breakfast child!!!” the Avni smiles and eats where as Avni tells in heart ” Now i will not lost anywhere for my family is my everything not my feeling”.

Precape : Bebe comes to meet Avni at Neela’s home and they three talks with eachothers..meanwhile a door bell rings and Neela opens it and gets shocked by see Haytal (Rita’s Mom) in very bad conditions ( she was wearing a mental patient’s cloths ,her head was injured and it’s bleeding, she crying) Avni and Bebe too see Haytal and gets shocked!!!!!

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  1. Aasma

    Hey guys sorry for the I am correcting it..
    At Scene 1 6th line it’s –>Avni is packing her bags then Neil says “If you want to stay here then you can stay as much as you can”

    And the 2nd song is “doh pal ki thi khabo ki dasta aur phir chaldeye tum kaha hum kaha”

    And at Precape its Riya’s Mom not Rita’s Mom
    Sorry for the mistakes and troubling you guys..From next time i will make sure i will not repeate it next time??

  2. plz dont separate them… i am a silent reader from maldives….. hope u will update next episode tonight if possible……..

    1. Aasma

      Dear..I am too biggg fan of AvNeil but I also can’t do anything because we have to put logics too na while writing it..and don’t worry I will not dear..they will soon unite because story without hero heroin’s romance and tashan means like body without soul ? and will try my best to update next episode as soon as possible.. And also thanks for reading.. Love you Anaaya?❤

  3. but its a nice epi my dear…. it happens…

    1. Aasma

      Thanks dear.. And also please keep reading its new episodes too.. Love you❤?

  4. It is nice update.Loved it.Hi Aasma are u a student.I think u are a great writer and I appreciate u for it.??

    1. Aasma

      Ohhhhh..thankyou sooooo much happy u really made me very happy?
      And yes I am a student?
      And also keep reading its new episodes too you happy?

  5. wow great ….episode
    but please unite them
    and update next episode soon

    1. Aasma

      Sure dear.. They are made for each other..don’t worry they will unite?unite?
      And also thankyou so much..also please keep reading its new episodes too.. Love you Niks?

  6. Aastha_Reddy

    Yeah!! catch it now only after so many days. Well I feel like that. Nice update.

    1. Aasma

      Thank you So much Aastha.. means a lot to me..and I will try my best to entertain you guys with my story.. 🙂 please keep reading my new episodes too..??? love you?

  7. Fatimak18

    Awesome Asma ??❤️❤️❤️
    Loved it so much ❤️❤️❤️
    Songs were amazing ?
    Scene ke hisaab se the ???
    But it was so heart wrenching ????
    I cried while reading ????
    Why the hell neil can’t understand his feelings ???????…
    He is getting tough times ???
    Please please Neil realise soon ??
    Update soon Asma ❤️❤️
    So it’s me only fatima hope you don’t get confused ???….I’m already a registered member here ??…..

  8. Fatimak18

    Awesome Asma ??❤️❤️❤️
    Loved it so much ❤️❤️❤️????
    Songs were amazing ? ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Scene ke hisaab se the ???
    But it was so heart wrenching ????
    I cried while reading ????
    Why the hell neil can’t understand his feelings ???????…
    He is getting tough times ???
    Please please Neil realise soon ??
    Update soon Asma ❤️❤️
    So it’s me only fatima hope you don’t get confused ???….I’m already a registered member here ??…..

    1. Aasma

      Thanks a lot Fatimaaaa..?????❤❤❤ you are too good & yea I will update it soon..also please stay tuned every Saturday and Sunday because I will defiantly upload its new updates.. Love you dear???

  9. plzzz plzzz plzzz update d next part plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz

  10. Aasma di actually I don’t know that you have posted this page already I know that you are going to post it on Saturday so I am late to read this page but you write really well actually you say that you are a student then what type of student are you I mean that school student or college student well I am a school student.

    I say you r a good writer, I will surely read the next page

  11. Hi, I am from Fiji and also a big fan of naamkaran. I started reading your ff and loved it but please don’t let Avneil go away from each other…

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