Naamkaran – After Dayawanti Goes Jail ( Episode: 3 )

Hello its Naamkaran – After Dayawanti goes jail (Episode 3)
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Scene 1: At morning Riya calls Neil and says that her house is no more because Dayawati sold the house before going jail. Neil becomes tensed and goes to Riya’s place (Ali’s Cafe) Avni listens their talks and gets jealous but ignores it. Neil reaches Riya’s place and ask her about the house. Riya tells that the owner of that house kicked her and Amol out. Neil goes to that house and ask the house owner about house papers. The owner gives papers and Neil reads it and says “This papers are original. How could Dayawanti do that. Such a cheap women. ”

Riya cries and says “now were do I and Amol go..we have no house to live”
Neil thinks that Avni loves Amol very much and can’t see him in trouble and If Neil keeps both Riya and Amol in his house then Avni may get chance to spend times with her brother. And says “Don’t worry Riya you can live in my house. I don’t mind and also Avni will be happy if you come there.” Riya gets happy. Neil tells Amol and Riya to get into the car.

Then they reach home. At home Shweta was scolding Avni for getting up late. Riya and Amol enters into AvNeil’s house. Shweta tells ” Oa you Humty Dumty. Why are you coming on my house with yours cloths and goods??” Neil says he brought them and he will not control his anger if anyone tries to insult them or tries to make them out of this house. Avni gets happy to see Amol and run to hug him and they hug each other. Shweta angrily tells “Make!!! Make, Make this house a hotel that every one comes and spoils the homely environment.. Huh! ” and goes from there. Avni Shows Riya and Amol their rooms and tells them to take a rest.

Scene 2: AvNeil are inside room. Avni thanks Neil to bring Riya and Amol in house. Neil says don’t tell thanks its my duty. Avni says “Duty? How? ” Neil replies “look you are my wifee and its a duty of every husband to make his wifee happy.Well you can give me a reward for that.”
Avni says “Reward? What reward? I mean what do you want as reward”
Neil replies “Ummmm..Poha! You make Poha for me.”

Avni smiles and tells ok. Whereas Neil ask her to make it soon so Avni leave towards kitchen to make Poha. After sometimes she brings Poha and give to Neil. But Neil says he will not it like that.Avni asks then how will he eat. The he replies that he will eat it only if she makes him eat by her hands. Avni smiles and start to feed Poha to Neil. At heart Neil says “Pata Nahi Kab phir tumhare haat ka yeah Poha kha pauga..Phir kab tumse mil pauga. Per yeah baat to conform hai ki tumhare saath bitaye har ek pal meri life ki best moments hai.And I won’t forget it till the end of my life ”

It’s Night now, Avni goes to sleep on bed and Neil goes to sleep on sofa but he doesn’t gets sleep beacause of tension of leaving Avni and ask Avni that did she slept. Avni was also asleep and says no. Then Neil wakes up and says “Ummmm… I have an idea that let’s do something until we feel sleeply”
Avni says “Let’s go to Ice cream parlour.. I want to eat ice-crem from morning ”

Neil like the idea and they both goes to Ice- cream parlour. Neil buys Ice-cream for Avni and gives it to her. Avni ask where is his ice cream but Neil say he don’t have mood to eat he just came here to get some fresh air. AvNeil walks on road..while eating ice cream some icecreams left on Avni’s lips. Neil says her about it by his expressions but she didn’t understand it so Neil removes it. While removing it they share a cut eye-lock and ADHM song plays on background….

They came back home after sometimes whereas Shweta wakes up to bring water and sees them and Scold Avni for going out at late night and also tells that she is making Neil discipline less like her &ask her to get out from their life..After listening that Avni gets sad thinks Shweta is telling I have to go out from Neil’s life. Seeing Avni sad Neil says in heart ” Don’t worry Avni I am making our divorce paper and after singing on it you will be free..I love you so much Avni..and for me your happiness and freedom is more important then anyone.. tomorrow however I will make divorce papers ready.

Scene 3: At morning Avni gets up early ,goes to bath and becomes ready. But till then also Neil didn’t woke up so Avni thinks to throw water in him but she didn’t found any jug or glass to collect water so she sprinkled water through her wet hair. Neil wakes up wereas Avni tries to run but Neil catches Avni’s hand and pulls her towards him and Avni falls on him. It as looking like they sleeping together in a sofa. AvNeil share an eye lock and ADHM song plays on background. But suddenly Riya comes and sees them together. Riya says “Oops! Sorry I think I disturbed you guys…Ammmm..You guys carry on! ” Neil says there is nothing like she thinks and ask why did she came in their room. Riya say Bebe came home back and wants to me Him and Avni so she came to call them. Neil says he will come in 5mins.
AvNeil comes down and meets Bebe and Neil ask Bebe about her health then Bebe says ” she us fine..there is noting to worry. She just got common cold ” Neil tells “Ohhh..well Bebe now let’s go for breakfast!!!!”

Bebe says “ are they (pointing Riya and Amol )? And what are they doing on our home??”
Neil says (Pointing Riya and Amol ) “He is Amol and he is Anannya’s brother and She is Riya Anannya’s cousin”
Bebe welcomes them. Whereas Neil thinks its right time to tell Bebe about Anannya. After breakfast Neil announce that he is doing divorce with Anannya and tells Avni to do her signature on the papers.

Precap : Avni packed her bag and tries to go out from house whereas Bebe ask Neil to stop her but in middle Shweta reveals Avni’s truth that she is not Anannya and Neil married her annoyingly thinking that its Riya. Bebe gets shocked!!!!!!

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  1. Nice. But more avneil scenes.?

    1. Aasma

      OK dear…thankyouyuuuu❤❤❤

  2. Nice 1. U can use one more song ‘sayad yehe hai pyaar’ It is also played.

    Well nice 1.precap is awesome, waiting to see what bebe will do.1more thing in scene2,last 5th line u have written singing instead of the signing ok well today’s episode was marvelous. Keep writing it is the first page which I am following ok

    1. Aasma

      Thanks you dear! Well in my mobile auto correction mode is on so sometimes it changes the words which is repeated most..and while checking didn’t found much difference so!!
      And i will upload next episode on next week..please read it every Saturday & Sunday 🙂
      And also I will use your song for the matching situations…? And An extra news for you and other AvNiel fans that at Naamkaran now Avni’s birthday track will come and Neil will give her supriese party..and also Neils Buwa will be kidnapped and Avni will save her..And at that time Neil feel proud of Avni 🙂 Today Naamkarann will come finnally after 2days gap feeling really excited.. And at YouTube Naamkaran new episode will upload on near 6:30pm so literally can’t waitttt…AvNile❤❤???

      1. Thanx yaar for informing about the news .
        Actually I knew that need is going to plan a surprise birthday party but I did not know that bebe is going to be kidnapped and such much will happen.
        Well,I came to know that the bebe’s daughter and granddaughter will be saved by Avni and but I did not know that
        Bebe will be saved by avni.

        Actually one more news I came to know that Ali will be joining the hands with sweta for separating Avnil.
        I liked your writing and I will surely go through it on next saturday and sunday.

      2. Aasma

        No alia..bebe is not going to be kidnapped I told Neil’s Buwa (Bebe’s daughter) … See the news again!!! And yeah Ali will now trun negative? he was the hero before and I like him too ..but!!!!!!!! And thankyou sooo much for liking my story..this means a lot for me? Inshory wanna tell u that the comments like this makes my day???

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    Tell me will they separate i your ff

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      Don’t know dear..I don’t think and write story.. Actually my hands had worked automatically while writing it so..let’s see what happenssss!! But please stay tuned every Saturday and Sunday?

  5. nice episode I love avneil thanks for updates pls update soon

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      Thankyou dear..yeah I will update it soon at next Sunday..stay tunedddd?

  6. Nice one aasma…
    I liked it???

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      Thankyou sooo much yammy❤❤?

  7. I am from tamilnadu.I am a huge fan of avneil.Thank you so muchhhhhh…..

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      Welcome preethi..and Also thanks for reading it..please read the new episodes every Saturday and Sunday.. Stay tuned love?

  8. Awesome
    Loved it so much ❤️❤️
    Update soon Asma ??
    Sorry for the late comment but I was busy ???!!….

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      Thankyou Fatima 🙂 and its OK you red and commented on it its biggest thing for you dear..the peoples like you are the the one who are my biggest you?? Also Please read the new episodes every Saturday and Sunday.. Stay tuned love?

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