Naamkaran 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Neela and Shweta plan a surprise

Naamkaran 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with DD saying pandit slipped in coma. Neil says no issues. He jokes on Avni’s friends and asks shall I arrest you all. Avni asks him to arrest her as well. Juhi recalls Gurumaa’s words. She wakes up and says where am I. She sees Neil and his family pics. She goes to talk to him. She hears Bebe and Prakash. Bebe asks why did they go to Aisha’s house. Prakash says Ali and DD are with them, don’t worry. Bebe says I won’t get sleep till they come. Avni cries and thinks of Neil’s words. Neil signs her to smile. She smiles.

Neil and Avni dance on Bol halke halke….Juhi comes there and looks on. She cries and leaves. They have an eyelock. They all dance. Neil asks Neela where did Avni go. Neela says you know there is just one place where she goes to share happiness

and sorrow. Juhi says it won’t be good to talk now. She hears a girl and turns. She sees a girl and goes to her. She asks where is your mum. The girl says at home, and gives her note. She runs away. Juhi reads what you are finding is with me. She sees the same stamp on the paper and asks who is there. She runs back to Aisha’s house and sees it locked.

Avni cries and talks to Aisha at her grave. She says I m tired of fighting all these years, I miss you, I wish you were here, I would have rested in your lap, when I saw Aman supporting Dayaben, I felt everything got ruined, but you know Aman supported us, he is not Amol now, he has become our Aman, he made you proud today, you will get peace. She cries. Neil comes and holds her. He says Aisha is always with you and shows locket. He says both your mums are happy. He hugs her. She takes the locket.

Its morning, Shweta says you would be thinking why I called you alone, I want to know what makes Avni happy. Neela says you suddenly… sorry I m surprised. Shweta says tell me if there is any incomplete dream or wish. Neela says she had no time to dream. Shweta says their first anniversary is coming, so I thought to give them a surprise, I have seen Avni’s love for Neil, I realized my mistake, I know there is no one better than her for Neil, Juhi should also understand she has no place in Neil’s life, I don’t want to hide truth now, Juhi will see the anniversary celebrations and understand. She asks Neela to say something. Neela tells about Avni. Shweta smiles.

Juhi cries. Neil comes to her. He asks how are you, we returned home at night and didn’t disturb you. She hides her tears. He asks what happened, did anyone say anything. He reads the note. Neela shows the dress to Shweta, Bebe and Prakash, and says Avni became a bride in fancy dress, she used to hate red bridal dress, as Aisha never became a bride, anyways she used to think she looks fairy in such white dress.

Shweta says I would have adorned my daughter, I will make Avni ready. They decide clothes for Neil and Avni. Neil asks what’s this, Ragini pandit is in coma, she can’t hurt you. Juhi cries. He asks her to say. Bebe asks Neela to become bridesmaid. Shweta says I will become maid of honor. Prakash says I will take bride to mandap. Bebe asks what shall I become, man of the match, I will get rings. Shweta says I will get flowers. Prakash says our childhood will return when Neil and Avni give a child in our lap. They all smile.

Juhi says Ragini pandit was saying about jaan that day, actually….. Neil gets shocked……She says I swear on you, I have said the truth, I need your help, please help me. Neil gets tearful eyes.

Avni asks Neil will he fulfill her happy family dream, will he accept her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wowwww after 9:30 justvviewing this show on naamkaran repeatedly 20 times :-* excited for tomorrow episode :-* love you Avneil

  2. Nice epi ??.Precap seems interesting. Can’t wait for the next epi

  3. priyasethuraman

    One year already? Totally unbelievable!!! How come Juhi knows Ayesha’s house address? Avneil parts were nice. From Neil’s reactions, it is clear that he is not the father. Neil caring kiss to Avni at grave was awesome.

  4. I loved this episode after so many days finally happiness in avneil life and emotional bond b/w them and shwetha neela whole family surprise party plan is awesome.

  5. I think juhi had said to neil that he is the father of juhi’s daughtr….omg wat wl happen to avni….???

  6. who’s child is that yaar? we want no more suspenses.i have one doubt who is the heroine juhi or avni.i watched naamkaran expecting that there will be more avneil scenes but only less alone.why cvs are giving these nany importance to juhi as if she is the heroine.why neil leaves avni just for juhi in his wedding with avni and tells juhi that he will be always with her in hospital.that is ridiculous.finally avni will take a good decision of parting away from neil.he will pay for a days interest has gone to watch naamkaran

  7. He visto unos imágenes en youtube y muestran como si Avni falleciera, no puedo creer que eso vaya a suceder…. Seria un final inexplicable, injusto y triste. ? ?

  8. I have seen some images on youtube and it seems that Avni dies. I do not understand that ending, it would be inexplicable, unjust and sad.?

  9. so neil knew juhi was preggies with his kid :/


    Show is getting so much happiness that show will spoil by sepearting neil and avni…
    Anyway grave secne was so much emotional

  11. Guyz avneil separtion track is going to begin according to spoilers when neil leaves avni in the mid wedding avni gats heartbroken and assumes that Neil still loves juhi so she writs a letter in which she shares her feelings and neil gets heartbroken but i had a confusion i saw some images of karwachauth on youtube i think that karwachauth event comes before separtion or agr separtion ky bd aya it means spoilers are wrong.

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