Naamkaran 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Neil and Avni romance

Naamkaran 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni dumpsingthe food. Neil asks why did you dump custard, so that Juhi doesn’t feel bad. She says yes, I want them to come closer, I have to get away. He asks who told you, you accepted Mishti as she is my daughter. He says I want to get away from them. She goes. He says wifey looks much upset, I have to do something. Juhi dresses like Mishti and goes to her. Avni says she also likes chocolates like you. Mishti says angel is on my side. Juhi says this is not easy Avni. Avni asks her to have patience. She asks Mishti to play game with Juhi, she will make her win. Mishti agrees. They play the game. Mishti sleeps. Avni talks to Neil. He asks her to come out, he can’t say on phone. Neil takes her home. She smiles seeing the decorations. She sees the white gown. He says I know

you had a dream to marry in white wedding gown, your wish couldn’t get fulfilled, so I thought to plan something for you, you have to wear this, will you wear. She nods. Avni gets ready and looks for her. Police comes. She asks did you come to meet Neil. Inspector says no, he is called at police station, you are arrested, you come with us and talk there. They take Avni.

At police station, DD says there is theft blame on you. Avni asks are you in senses, what did I steal. Neil comes and says my heart, you are arrested, don’t try to move, you have done a serious crime, see the evidence. He plays pics. She smiles and recalls the moments. He says this crime started from here. Neil says maybe you decided to take this crime ahead, we were not aware of love, we had concern and affection, we didn’t realize our relation, then that holi, we had much bhaang unknowingly, then you did another crime, to be much beautiful, this was your crime story, you will be punished for stealing my heart. He gets on knees, you have to be in my heart jail forever. She smiles. He shows a ring and asks can I arrest you forever. She says I m your culprit ACP, you can give me any punishment you want, make me wear the handcuffs. He makes her wear the ring. Music plays…. Everyone claps. They hug.

They come back home. Neil says I thought to do something different and then this…. She smiles and holds him. She says you made me wear white gown and then arrested me, I liked this style a lot. They have a dance. Meri adhuri kahani…..plays….. Neil gets close. They romance. She gets shy and turns away. Neil stops her. He holds her to kiss. Door bell rings.

Neil sees landlord and says you here. The man says I called you many times. Neil says sorry, I was busy. The man says I sold the apartment, new house owner wanted to renew the lease. Neil asks how can you finalize the deal in one day, who is this new house owner. Vidyut comes and greets them. He looks around. He says your apartment is really good. The man tells Neil that he got more rate than market rate, Vidyut is a nice man, do you know each other. Vidyut says yes, we know each other well, I feel I took a villain’s entry in a romantic environment, that’s not good, I saw your wife in goa flight, she has worn white gown that time also, I think she likes it, maybe you didn’t go on honeymoon, you are always after solving cases, am I right.

He sees Avni’s pics and says beautiful, your wife is very photogenic, but your wife looks more beautiful in person, if I didn’t hate women, I would have….. Neil is very lucky. Neil says maybe your mum taught you to badly behave with women and kids. Vidyut shouts. Neil holds his hand.

Neil arrests Vidyut and Gurumaa, and says your bad time starts now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kabab mein phir se thaddi aagaya. Whole family didn’t have anyother job to do always comes as disturbances. Neil is too romantic today but vidyut has spoilt his mood very bad. I’m so much scared of latest promo and i won’t watch naamkaran for sure if they separate avneil instead of bringing the truth out.i just hate juhi a lot and thank God today her scenes are very less.if i saw her face my mood gets spoilt. Is this juhi’s gratitude that she shows towards agni for saving her from rang mahal and also saved her daughter from vidyut’s clutches.she must be thankful to avni because which wife helps her husband’s ex and saves her and allows her to stay with them and also accepts her daughter and loved her so much and also has caring for her but instead she is plotting against avni.what a woman she is? She is a blemish on woman. neil thought that mishti is his daughter and he had slept with juhi then won’t he remembers that or feeling guilty about that while he is romancing with avni.moreover neil is just a gentleman but this CVS has spoilt his character by this stupid juhi’s track she just sucking our blood for more than two months. Anyway neil you should romance with avni only after the truth gets revealed and you should not believe juhi at any cost but spoiler reveals that neil will get angry and scolds avni that too for that characterless juhi that shocks me a lot. Neil found ananya as avni by doing dna test na then why he didn’t do it now instead trust juhi this is really very bad and hurtful. Love you avneil and CVS please end this stupid juhi’s track.avneil please find out the truth soon and kick juhi out from your life as soon as possible as it is unbearable to see her ugly face anymore.

  2. There always disturbance during there romance something has to happen every time
    Guys latest news= juhi turned out to be a villain with visit they both joined Hands

    I had a suspect when I found out that mishti is viduts daughter
    What was that for

  3. Good good…thats how..a masala is added to today’s show..??

  4. amena didnt you start the episode little ealier and one more that car part is also not their.. it was a fabulous episode but at the end this vidhyut spoiled…. but i like karam as this character….love you team nk and best of luck for upcoming tracks..


    Hello everyone… I am back after a long break as I was busy…

    1. Neil love confession and proposal sooo unique and police type and cute and romantice ?????????

    2. Avni was looking better in her old marriage gown much better than today..

    3. Vidyut spoiled whole fun ??????.. this juhi and vidyut even not feel bad using their own child, misti to take revenge ????

    4. I hope avni find this truth soon, before show take different turn..

  6. Fatima Ansari

    today’s episode is soo good…..and yess!!!! Neil is soo romantic????

  7. Sana u r absolutely right. But if twists and turns won’t be there it won’t become interesting.and ha I agree to you if they drag this nk might lose its charm. Bcoz they already revealed truth to audience and CVS please reveal the truth in front of avneil and whole family.and I love naamkaran bcoz they won’t drag please end this track soon

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