Naamkaran 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil feels Avni’s presence

Naamkaran 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni saying I m with you Neil. Neil sleeps. She says sorry but I have to go, its because I end up hurting you always, I m taking away the pain with me. She leaves his hand and goes. Saisha sings Adha ishq…..KK says you are so talented, amazing…. He holds Saisha’s hand. Samrat looks on. Tara says we have to take Sunehri home. KK says I will get you all safely dropped after movie screening. Some men come to Sukoon house and say there is no one at home, we will ignite fire. Neil wakes up and looks around. He thinks where am I, I was at a party. He goes.

The power goes. Avni hears the men. She says what are they doing here, I don’t know what to do. Neil comes and asks who’s there. Avni says that’s Neil’s voice, I think he got conscious. Goons run. Neil sees

the place and says Sukoon house, how did I come here, anyone home? He goes out and sees Tara and Sitara getting Sunehri. Sunehri says did you two get back again. He asks who two. She says you are acting innocent. Tara asks is everything fine. He says yes, what are you guys doing here, why. She says we three run this orphanage Sukoon house.

He says I feel good to know your lives changed. Sunehri says the best thing is you both met again, a river meets ocean and here ocean has come itself. Avni looks on. Sunehri says see river has come to merge with ocean. Avni hides. Sunehri says river has gone again, she even hides face. Neil asks who. DD comes and says Sunehri had drink a special thandai in holi party. Sunehri says you came here looking for me, lets get married with this ocean as witness, fill my maang, marry me. Neil smiles.

Avni signs Tara and Sitara. DD says this is what I meant. Tara says Sunehri is not in senses, we will take her away. DD says Mitali was calling you. Neil says phone was off, don’t know how I came here. Avni hides. Neil says Sukoon ghar, my time was spent in peace, but I don’t remember anything, like some dream, there is something here, I like to come here again and again, it makes me feel like home. Tere dar par….plays….. Avni hugs his shirt and cries thinking of him. Neil goes. Mitali answers DD’s girl and says you got Neil, fine go to hotel, what’s happening, how did he go to Sukoon house. KK says I hope this lady cop likes the movie, what if she complains to dad, I have an idea. He says Saisha, your dad is a cop right, if I m in any problem, will he help. She says yes but… He says call your dad and tell him that your friend is in problem. Mitali says KK, nice film, congrats, I will drop kids. KK says its fine now. Saisha says I owe you a help. KK says stay beautiful, we shall meet again. Mitali asks Saisha to enjoy this feeling, she knows Saisha likes KK. Saisha says wow, you save people and give love advice too. Mitali says you can come to me for any help. They hug.

Sunehri says I didn’t know anything after having thandai, sorry. Avni says its okay, Neil can’t see me, we have to do something. She sees Neil’s shirt. She recalls him. She says I will return this to Neil. She stops. She says he was so close to me after ten years, he was looking at me like some dream. Neil closes eyes and recalls Avni. Tere dar par….plays…. He says ten years, I was looking for you, I never found you, when I risked life, you started meeting me, but today I didn’t do anything such, how come I have seen you, what’s so special in this place. Tara says if Neil finds out that you are alive. Avni says no, he thought I m his imagination, those hours will be like a dream for him, Neil shouldn’t know I m alive.

Neil goes live on his show. He says welcome to Raabta FM, lets talk of some moments that makes life worth living. Saisha sees the time and plays her fav show. Avni hears Neil on radio. Neil says I came close to my love today, I saw my love right in front of me. Sunehri and Avni see each other. Saisha says this guy is crazily in love, listen to his show, come. Neil says I saw her like a dream, I never told you that I stopped seeing her, but today I could even feel her near me, it seemed as if I m home, my home, I will not talk about my past, but present, if there is someone in your heart, present becomes even more beautiful. Avni goes. Sunehri goes to her and says Neil still loves you, he still thinks of you, he is living with your memories, he has come here thinking of you, you should be with him. Avni says I m Nilanjana, not Avni, Avni is dead. She cries.

Neil tells KK that he found perfect location for his romantic song, Sukoon house. The man says I have do your house’s reiki for KK’s movie shooting, his bodyguard Neil will also stay here. Avni gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sana.

    Once again avni left neil even after seeing his pain its not done. She knows very well neil wants to be with him and he demands nothing than this but even after knowing this why the hell she is doing like this. Saisha and kk scenes are annoying. Can’t tolerate this hit and miss track its becoming boring. I like dd and sunehri scenes as I get some relief. I will watch nk next week just to decide its worth to watch or not if they goes on showing this hit and miss track I will definitely stop watching nk and will return back only after avneil’s reunion bcz I fed up of it and have no patience left to watch this crap.

    1. Sana what happened to u girl.what are u so angry about, I know avni left Neil because she thinks that he has suffered a lot in life because of her what wrong in that, anyone who loves their family especially who has a husband like Neil will think the same way. nobody wants their loved ones to suffer becoz of them and after loosing one of them (that is neela maa).
      I know saisha and kk characters are annoying ?but we watch this serial not for them but for avni and Neil they are most important to us.
      And misses and hits track will be over in one or two weeks plz have some patience girl. tODay the way Neil is feeling the connection to sukoon house he will definitely will find out about avni aka jaan did in one or two weeks and think Neil came so close to avni now she can’t even hide from him.just that now Neil have to use that cop sense he used in start to find ananya Verma real identity, that cop sense he has to use now.and then he will definitely find avni and will end your annoyance too up to then, plz don’t say about quitting the show OK?.

      1. Sana.

        I will watch dear. This track is getting my nerves. I hope soon he will use his supercop brain and find her.. Don’t know what would be his reaction after seeing her? Whether he get angry or feel happy. I just hope he will understand her helpless situation and forgive her like she did in jail track.

      2. A BIG No, I want neil to stay angry with avni for sometime becoz if she has taken decision for him it’s not her choice to take a big decision to leave him and giving him so much pain.i f he forgive her now she will take rational decisions again.foe sometime neil should trouble avni for keeping him away the truth.neil is human he is not a god to forgive everyone especially avni so easily.
        According to logic neil should stay angry with avni after knowing her alive truth

  2. 5:30-10:20 Neil ,sunheri,tara sitara, DD and avni part is super funny and emotional
    15:25-16:48 Neil thinking about his dream part.
    17:30-20:00 Neil telling his listeners about his past and present and about his dream part is totally amazing.
    I totally loved these 3 part more in this episode.

  3. nice but now I can’t tolerate this separation anymore but just with the hope that they will meet soon I am watching it actually the truth is that if I want than also I can’t stop watching naamkaran because I can’t get over avniel or adiza but I miss those scenes which were before juhi and vidyut, s entry. Hope they will meet soon and naamkaran get back it’s old charm

    1. Pallavi relax girl.the truth of avni being alive will come out soon. Didn’t anyone is seeing this serial on TV because I am not getting why are u people writing this becoz it is clearly visible, neil is acting like a despo to find the truth.
      And separation track,misses and hits track will be over in one or two weeks plz have some patience girl. tODay the way Neil is feeling the connection to sukoon house he will definitely will find out about avni aka jaan did in one or two weeks and think Neil came so close to avni now she can’t even hide from him.just that now Neil have to use that cop sense he used in start to find ananya Verma real identity, that cop sense he has to use now.and then he will definitely find avni and will end your annoyance too up to then, plz don’t say about quitting the show OK?.

  4. ah!! I am new here.. but m watching naamkaran frm beginning.. I love the true love btwn avniel.. love yu both.. but saisha nd kk role, uff! irritating nowadays..

    1. Hi mahi welcome to this page.u been writing here recently or this is your first time.
      And I know if u don’t like them ignore like I do.i ignore most of saisha and kk together scenes on tv like they don’t exist.

      1. I m writing here for the first time.. that’s true hiroyi just ignoring saisha nd kk characters… uff..THANK YOU

      2. ah! so sorry.. it’s hiyori

    2. Sana.

      We welcome u mahi keep on watching nk on TV and commenting on this page. Luke u we also don’t like saisha and kk scenes just ignore them as hiyori said

  5. Today episode is great.
    Sunheri:nadi jaati hai samundhar Milne aur yahan khud samundhar aa gaya humhaare darpe. Super dialogue.but Neil ko samaj nahi aaya. when he found out what’s happening around him,what he been missing.why he feels some connection with that place and sukoon house. Then thats gonna be fun to watch.the way he was behaving today, I am damn sure he is becoming desperate to find the secret that been hidden from him. I think the time has come when Neil finds about avni and what happened in the precap Neil and kk will come live in that sukoon house. How will avni hide from Neil now, aur kitne din tak chupogi avni neil se. I am excited to see.three cheers for Neil go dude find out avni and bring her back in your life.
    Par logic ke hisaab se, Neil avni ko dekh kar khush hone ke saath gussa bhi hona chahiye.
    Will Neil will be mad at her for hidding the truth that she is alive. Don’t know unpredictable.

  6. naamkaran is nowadays becoming boring

    1. Pallavi, If it so boring then predict the upcoming story for us pallavi maybe that will be fun. Will avni and Neil will meet in the upcoming week, they said avni is letting kk neil stay in sukoon house for romantic song shoot.

    2. Pallavi u should say things are boring when u can predict them or when u already know what’s going to happen next.that time things get boring.

  7. neil doesn’t deserve avni she’s so so so so heartless…..instead of solving problems they just keep dragging them pointless show…..neil is a hero….in every sense…amazing acting looks everything and avni is so so poor as an actor and her character is the worst lead i have ever seen….she just keeps running actually she’s a dirty blood in d end…..can not respect relations

  8. Sana.

    Dear ssddd she respects her relation a lot and loves them that’s why she left them. She did it for their sake. I know running like a coward is not a brave thing but she has no way left to save themherhe wants neil to be happy. She considers herself a bad luck to him. Just think if she told the truth about neela’s murder would he bear that? She knew prakash killed her mom under the influence of drugs even though she thought about him and wanted to save him from blo*dy vidyut. Would prakash bear it? He won’t forgive himself. That’s why she left them. Her situation is worst and she didn’t want her family to suffer. If anyone is in her they would have done the same thing.

    1. Hi ssdd, I agree with Sana.she said Right.

  9. Hey people….remember me??????I hope u guys didn’t forget me…but however I’m going through my board exams so will be regular after 14th….and Sana I missed u…hiyori the way u r supporting is just awesome yaar…..I will join u guys after 14th then…..

    1. Hi khyati how can we forget you. I remember so will Sana, missed u after a long time u been here in this page and thank u for what u said for me.and don’t forget we have to stick together after all you love naamkaran as we do.
      All the best for your exams and hope you’re doing well.

    2. Sana.

      I too missed you a lot dear

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