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Naamkaran 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aladin telling Avni that Dayaben loves you a lot and her bad sight catches you. Avni says it means financiers backed out. Asha asks what, when did this happen. Avni says it happened now. Aladin asks what did I do. Avni asks why did you tell Dayaben that we have financiers. Aladin says how stupid can I be. She says more than what you appear, Dayaben can create many hurdles, but we will be determined, will you two support me. Asha says yes. Avni asks Aladin will he support her. Aladin says yes, this film will be made. Avni says yes, we need script, I will start script, you arrange finance, leave everything on Lord. She prays before the script writing. Asha and Aladin also sit and pray. Avni takes Asha’s blessings. Asha says your Bappa will clear all the hurdles of your way. Aladin

says when one door shuts, other door opens.

Neela comes there. They see Neela. Neela hugs Asha and cries. Avni asks Aladin to come with her. They go. Neela says Ashish never loved me, he always loved you, I can’t understand why did he leave you and Avni, why did he cheat you. Asha says leave it. Neela asks how, I can’t leave it, what Ashish did with me, my heart broke by it, I got hurt, its imp for me to know your story, tell me please. She cries. Asha says I will get water for you.

Asha gets water. She says this story started 12 years ago. Aladin goes to window. Avni asks him not to listen to them. Aladin says I was seeing to get good scene for story. She says no need. Kids come. Aladin says genius is at work, she is writing story of film, Asha gave permission. Kia, Ali and Angie get glad. Angie says Neela has come. Aladin says wait, its imp discussion going on. He jokes. Avni asks them to sit quiet. Angie asks what work Neela has with Asha. Avni says Neela is marrying Ashish. Angie says I know, its nothing new, Neela loves Ashish since many years, why are you all seeing like this. Ali asks don’t you know, Ashish is Avni’s papa. Angie gets shocked.

Neela says I knew Dayaben’s thinking, that she does not ley Muslims come close, but I did not think she will ruin many lives, she played games with everyone, she cheated me and my dad, what about Ashish, I did not expect this from him, he loved you, he is father of your children, how did you leave you, he cheated you. Asha says he was helpless and cries. Asha says he was stuck between his mum and our love. Neela says he is a cheater, if he loved his mum, why did he ruin my and your life, and Avni… he did not think of Avni too, spineless man. Asha cries.

Neela says you still love Ashish. Asha says love never dies Neela, it becomes pain, when I think of him, I feel pain in heart. Neela says I felt none can love Ashish more than me, whenever I met Ashish, I used to tell him I love him, but he never said it, I can understand it why, because he did find me deserving of his truth, but we were friends, he could have told him truth, he broke my dreams, my heart. Dayaben’s family will not be forgiven by Lord. Asha says why are you cursing them, they are happy in their world, and we are happy in our world. Neela says so much happened, even then you have place for him in heart, it means if I don’t marry Ashish, if Dayaben’s hatred ends, Ashish agrees to marry, will you accept him.

Asha says Avni always wanted a normal family. Neela asks will you accept him and marry him. Asha says it was my dream, but now its not there. Neela says dreams never die. Asha says dreams shatter, when there is no hope, Avni and I moved on. Avni says I m feeling bad for Neela. Angie says she is very nice, she will never marry your Papa if she knows truth. Avni says Neela knows truth, Dayaben has hurt everyone. Aladin says this is right expression, sad song will go on it. He jokes. Ali, Kia and Angie leave. Avni says I will see Asha and come. They go to Asha and Neela. Neela says I will never forgive them for the cheat to me and my dad, I will teach them a lesson. Asha sees Aladin and Avni.

Aladin says I m going to make tea, will you have it. He goes. Neela tells Asha that we can’t leave them easily, will you support me. Asha says there is a saying, when you want revenge, then dig two graves, for enemy and yourself. Neela looks on. Avni says yes, Miss Mary says we have to become like enemy to take revenge from enemy, we get bitterness and we become like enemy. Asha says Avni and I don’t want to fight. Neela says I came to talk, I felt you will support me in my revenge, but you are right, why will you two become part of my hatred, its my fight, I will fight myself, thanks for hearing me out, I will leave.

Asha hugs her and cries. Aladin comes with tea. Neela asks Avni to call her if she needs any help, I will be there for you always. Avni thanks her and kisses her hands. Neela hugs her and leaves. Avni gets thinking while writing the script. Asha gets milk for Avni.

Avni asks how will we get actors. Aladin says don’t worry. She says we want such actors whom Dayaben does not buy, else film will shut.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The ladies should knw that how ashish was blackmailed by dayaben who said that she might get avni killed ? Poor asish!

  2. Same I agree with you but why doesn’t Ashish understand, his life isn’t filled with happiness anymore as his mum is ruling him, he is helpless

  3. He confronted his mom before and shouted at her going to Asha and Avni and now he isn’t going to them anymore and doesn’t tell them any truth anymore.

  4. If he understands that his mom is the hatred and the heavy storm in his life, then why doesn’t he remove it and prove Asha-Avni’s worth. He should confront his mom and make her learn that hatred is never the answer and he should anyway go and see asha and avni which he doesn’t and encourage Avni to do better and help Asha and speak a bit more so they can understand his pain. He needs to talk about Daya and needs to teach Daya a lesson. Neela’s acting was very good aswell but she needs to confront Daya so that she doesn’t cheat others.

  5. but ashish should have told neela when he met her becuse then neela understud and non of this happend but its also good then the drama has a twist like other drama

  6. They should highlight asish’s character more and show him more in the serial. Even if he is not being with asha and avni then the point that he is helpless should be featured in the serial!

  7. The fact that he is being repressed by his mothers ill thought of getting asha and avni killed should be featured in the serial. That is the reason why he is not being able to be with asha and avni sadly!

  8. I hope that the makers understand our point of view and go by our review!??

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